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As If She Hung The Stars In The Sky

By Elentori
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© 2017 - 2021 Elentori
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Earth, small planet. every human has the future in his hands, let's respect our forests our seas. there are no small gestures let's all become respectful. the future is in your hands

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Whoa! This is so amazing! I love the color palette
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Gorgeous work! I love the composition and the bold colors!
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Your art is absolutely stunning- honestly it takes me quite a while of just staring at your pieces to fully appreciate all of the lovely details and your color composition is simply to die for
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almost like a secret project
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The colors! And subject matter! And pose! And effects! And everything!
I am amazed by what you do.
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It's kind of bizarre how similar this is to a piece of art I did.  (Totally not accusing you or anything, I'm just intrigued.)
The Moon by bubbybubbles12
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i love the colors Steven Emoticon 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
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