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Enter Shivers by elenehn Enter Shivers :iconelenehn:elenehn 0 0
Where I live
Starlight softens sunlight
high above watching eyes.
It nibbles the edges of day
My words are hushed, brushed with the reverent tone of vespers.
A sigh
A song.
My blood is a river, ceaseless and strong.
nourishing droughted eyes, and limbs.
And my mind, oh it lives in this time
when shade eats the edge of daylight,
when what Should Be couquers what Is.
In the moment when all is still,
Bouyed as I am by steady breath
my wings remember tension, cupping air
and though I can hear the humming
of the bones of earth
beneath my feet
I long to rise.
There is no time.
The sunlight is all swallowed
and the moment passes by.
Sunlight caresses moonight
high above watching eyes.
It nibbles the edges of dim.
My hands are still, sun-warmed, freckled
My blood is a rush, surging toward stars
but bound by fingernails.
And my mind, oh it lives in this time
when dawn eats the edge of midnight,
when what Must Be couquers what Seems.
In the moment when all is still,
Tethered a
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 2
Vespers sketch by elenehn Vespers sketch :iconelenehn:elenehn 0 0
By the well
Oh seven were the years said he
From summertime through Maying
Seven were the years while he
Beneath the well was laying.
And seven times the ghostly hounds
cried hunt into the morning.
Oh seven more the hours I fought
To help my love returning
When he awoke and kissed my hands
He whispered my name
And when I met his eyes again
There was no trace of shame
But as the sun came rising up
The wrinkles they grew clear
I could see his face grow colder
Amd mine no longer dear
It was years while I waited
And he lingered in their keeping.
It was years of empty dishes
Hollow beds and empty halls
Years without the sounds of children at play
While my breasts stayed high and empty
And I pined all for my only love
Who had touched me by the well.
There were those who called it madness then
That a maiden act as a widow
There were those that prattled their wisdom at me
Called me withered, blighted crone.
And the others spoke of witchcraft
of the bitter taint of faeries.
There was harshness in my laught
:iconelenehn:elenehn 1 0
Neuel - part 1
I really, really hate heights.
Neuen had enough time to think that entire thought at least three times before the sharp impact with the ground added its own, final exclamation point.  Then, the usual sound like “urk” and the flow of blood began, and time passed.
It was either moments, or precise days later when she opened her eyes, pushing herself up off the ground and stretching.  A soft groan punctuated the motions, and a questing examination of each limb, and each rib, and finally, the back she had landed on.  “That's going to be quite a bruise” she muttered, shifting off of the uneven stones pressing into the muscles there.  “Uenleh, do I need a bath.”  Muttering and grumbling she climbed to her feet and glanced up, and up at the cliff face.  “Days then” she said softly.  Her adversary was gone.
“Your bath is in the city, chosen.”
The voice came out of nowh
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 0
Melisonde - Part 1
When things grew still, she knew to look for trouble.  They were still now.
She had always been able to feel the spinning, when she closed her eyes.  It was like her heartbeat, subtle, but present.  When she sang, or spoke, or did anything the world might want to pay attention to it got stronger, so she had learned to do those with her eyes open.  The swaying would have given her away, and the last thing she wanted was to be shipped off to the cursed city to live in a temple.  It had happened to Rillian.  It would happen to her.
She crouched now behind the low wall, hands and forehead pressed tight against the uneven stones.  It was half lean, half clutch, and her eyes were closed.  She wished for the spinning to come back, but as always she refused to pray.  The trouble with praying was that things listened, and answered, and then you had to repay them, so she wished.  The trouble with
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 0
Soft sky disturbs the night.
You.'re all alone.
I'm by your side.
Sleep rides above the waves.
A slagle touch
would surely save me.
Sleep gently by his side. There's little time left for you to bide.
(repeat line)
Don't fret. I'm still here.
I guard you well.
The waves are clear.
Quiet, just like your breath.
How often do
you count its depth?
Don't ask me.what I'd do to become inseparable as breath from you.
(repeat llne)
It's cold and strong in my hand
And we're past the reach of land.
Steady forget your fears
The ocean has
no room for tears
Steady just keep your feet.
Don't llsten for
the second beat.
No voice to pray or plead. It must be done in silence and in speed.
It's cold and strong in my hand
And we're past the reach of land.
Courage presses deep
You sing her name
euen ia sleep
Sun touch taints the sky
what klnd of breath
is so despised
I know now how to be
More than the foam cresting the sea
So I choos not to be
More than the foam cresting the sea
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 0
Between Us
The night is passing, and I'm alone with you.
I drink down my courage and my calm.
We talk and laugh together, touch like we always do,
while I wipe the sweat off from my palms.
Two poets fumbling glasses, mumbling all our words,
smiling into eyes that echo our own fears.
The silence between sentences grows long, longer and deep
while we talk abstractions, watching the right moment disappear.
Oh hold on, and don't let go.
Oh hold onto me.  Please don't let go,
or all the words I need to say will be erased
and be lost in the space between us.
Tomorrow morning I'll untangle from your hair.
Go somewhere alone to pull on my jeans.
And anything that passed between us will disappear.
Back to life as usual, wondering what it means
that your breath is in my music, your toungue touches my words.
I shiver every time you say my name.
Why can I sing in every lovesick cliche I've heard
while the words "I love you" won't come out the same?
Oh hold on, and don't let go.
Oh hold onto me.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 3
God of wander, blacktop river
Hunger, harsh and endless, see
his heralds in the highway signs
his hounds, the broken, cracking curbs.
Tracks of shattered sacrifices;
blackened clawmarks of dead tires
clinging to salvation's edges,
shards of riased and rankest rubber.
Dilligence and care the virtues
saving many from his hound teeth.
Confidence and nearly slumber
whet his need for blood and metal.
Feed him on your hopes and hurry,
Sate him, tales of destinations.
Passing safely, praise and tribute.
Cup in hand, salute the fallen.
Asphalt, give us storm and mercy.
Hear the hymn of engine humming,
shuddering from roof to tire.
This, our prayer for safe arrival.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 2 1
Two words made us
Two words made us laugh, made us
kiss, made us climb with fingers
stretching to heaven,
mouths open in praise,
in sighing songs.
I sang of shivering hands, of fear
of me, of you, until falling still.
and quieting the riot
of my fearful breath,
one hand stretched.
Your song was longing, whispered
promises, robed in goading,
and teasing thoughts.
It drew me kneeling,
spiraling into...
And my heartbeat quick, and quicker
rose in fear, trapped as the coils
tight around, bound me inside.
Then, it rose in boldness,
you beneath me.
Then dawn rose, tangled us in sheets
in hair and legs and twisting thoughts
that weren't yours or mine.
We pulled our bodies apart
And slept together.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 3
Salted Sky
I have walked the edge of sand and shore alone
And I've known that I belonged within the sea.
The whispered rush, the roar that shook my bones,
And the moan that rose unbidden out of me.
If she calls me I will answer
If it takes all of my breath,
I will stumble if I must to reach the tide.
If I fall into the water
She'll catch me without effort
And as humble as the seafoam I will ride.
Oh hold me... hold onto me tonight
Cover me with water kisses underneath the rising light
Each wave a breath, and every breath a sigh
Living memory and longing every time I taste the salted sky
Caresses harsh and gentle moved in waves
Washed the pavement and the city from my skin.
And wordless breath purred, deftly misbehaving,
Brought me raving to my knees and drew me in.
Like a stone beneath the stillness
And the movement of the deep
She was shaping my breath and bones and flesh.
Oh she made me her creation
As I bowed beneath her whispers
Lifted, drifting where our hands tangled and meshed.
Oh hold me.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 1
Soft wind
I bend, circle,
shiver under
Your breath.
Lift leaves
to drink the clouds,
give thanks
for their coming.
I bow, silent
mockery of strength,
expectations of
your hand.
Shudder under
covering roots
but willow strong
await the end
when you pass
straight again.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 2
Before sunrise came
The salted air swept over her, a brush
to purge the thought that trembled, made her shy.
Crowded by the murmur, water's rush,
each wave a breath, and every breath a sigh.
Hands clutched at clothing, eager to deny
the voice that pounded out its calm decree.
Shirt lay on sand, she stood up to the thigh
within the silken darkness of the sea.
Around her rose the waters, cool and luch,
to coil close her hair and dim her eyes.
Caressing, salted hands brought forth her blush,
each wave a breath, and every breath a sigh.
Above, a blanket spun from stars and sky
made warmth from water, soothing until she;
made drunk on night became content to lie
within the silken darkness of the sea.
Lights on eastern waves arose to crush
the lazy peace she breathed into the sky.
She rose up singing, shattering the hush.
Each wave a breath, and every breath a sigh
to chastise footsteps leading her to dry
and loveless land, where only memory
will bring her where this love could satisfy;
within the silken darkne
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 11
The torn edge of the sea
Upon the sand, upon the stoney shore
a woman stands alone before the tide
Each dawn she sings the same song as before,
to leave in silence when the day has died.
Each crashing wave is echoed by a cry
for her lost lover, gone to sea to die.
Before her, she who will not make ammends
and sees a thousand lovers to their ends.
They wait together, neither can be free.
So while her song with wave crash rythm blends,
she walks upon the torn edge of the sea
Her words ring out, the same words every morn.
\"I care not for your power or your pride.
So many years you\'ve heard my words with scorn
since first you made a widow of a bride.
But I will call him from your sunken deep
and wake him from the sailor\'s final sleep.
Oh we will walk together on this sand
and laughing stay in spite of your command.
His fingers laced in mine, our own decree.\"
So confident, her weary footsteps land.
She walks upon the torn edge of the sea.
Before her, every wave a reaching arm
flings words and laughing music, h
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 1
My feet weep, seep into the street
where dim, safe glimmer catches
the edges. The lining of cracks
shining. A sign, \"turn back\".
Shuddering, sinking, drink to escape
thinking. Remember love took gloves
off for you. So shove away the
gray. Buy clarity for one more day.
Spin to dig in further. Wrap up sin
and fervor both around until
bound by both stand rooted by commands
ill suited but to keep you at hand.
Spill over, writhe and wriggle filled
with giggle sense and nothing tense.
The crack is near, its shining lacks
the warning\'s fear. Gray comes, relax.
:iconelenehn:elenehn 0 2
The Coming
Swift and merciless it travelled
Coiling gray across sky water
Making bones from all the rivers
Thieving life from each in passing.
Darkening the bright horizin
Then it drove the sun to hiding
Leaving us to stare in wonder
As the end came ever closer.
Swifter still was each man herded
Bolting, sealing doors and windows
Gathering the last of harvest
Keep a wary eye for stragglers.
Slowly, how our air was taken
Tainted by the moving poison
Driving strongest men to kneeling
Gasping, begging, but no mercy.
Silent, stone encased remaining
We with family and with prisoners
Taken during war, remember
We were fighting still at sunrise?
Now our enemy among us
Saves the last of our well\'s water
Saves it for us and drinks lightly
That we all can wait the sky out.
Patiently the sky still waited
Lurking close outside each window.
Thirty men in one small building
Silent, watching tis, the ending.
Patience ended for the people
Only one day after sky clear
So we rushed to open windows
Rushed to breat
:iconelenehn:elenehn 1 1



Tracie Callahan
United States
Current Residence: US
Favourite genre of music: umm.... yes?
Even when I first started posting here, and writing poetry on purpose years ago, it was as a songwriter trying to play with words in new and different ways.  Both halves of my writing have changed a lot over time, but one thing that hasn't, is that it's very rare for me that poetry and song mix.  I write words as they happen, sometimes with the intent of making a song, and sometimes with just the intent to make a thought whole.  There are thoughts that I've written, especially ones that came a year or so ago, that just won't let themselves be mashed into something musical.  Their cadence isn't something I want to sing.  I could change them, take bits and snatches of words and make something of a song from them, but... some of them are too whole for that to feel right.

It's been quite a while since I posted much.  I think it's time to dig out last winter's writing book and see what's in there.
  • Listening to: birds on the lake, and rain
  • Reading: the words I'm typing
  • Eating: waffles
  • Drinking: coffee


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