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Snape-Lucius:Morning newspaper

By ElenaTria
From my "Pure Blood" fanfic (written in Greek and waiting for some Greek-speaking volunteer to translate it in English).

"I'm trying to read this, Lucius!..."
"First things first..."

Lucius and Snape (c) J.K. Rowling

fan art
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© 2007 - 2021 ElenaTria
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noway243's avatar
* nosebleed*
ElenaTria's avatar
Hhahahahah nosebleeds for Snape are just inevitable. =P
noway243's avatar
its to goddamn true!Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]
snape:Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] deal with it.
ElenaTria's avatar
Hhahahaha deal with it!!! I bet he'd say that. :XD:
Kimi-Parks's avatar
ElenaTria's avatar
Kimi-Parks's avatar
oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EmpressBrennan's avatar
*jaw drop* My gods, I do believe you're trying to do me in with all this Snucius hotness! Brilliant!
ElenaTria's avatar
Hahhahhaha!!! Snucius fanart is NEVER enough, never hot enough, didn't you know???
EmpressBrennan's avatar
I hope it's never enough....drool:
EmpressBrennan's avatar
I'll second that: :drool:
Madame-MalfoyBA-hons's avatar
do i need my eyes testing or has snape got a nipple piercing?
ElenaTria's avatar
Hhahahahah no I just suck at drawing nipples with a pen and a brush. =P
Rockchick19's avatar
OMG!! THAT IS SO HOT! You don't find much snape/lucius (is that spelt right?) art but when you do it's great pieces like this that make all the interent trowling worth it! great work man!
ElenaTria's avatar
Yeap, Snape/Lucius is the word :D (orrr... Snucius if you prefer =P )
God, THANK you for your comment, it's always great to get to hear that.. I can't believe there's not much Lucius/Snape art out there, I mean why, how come! :ohnoes: They're so hot together, they're MEANT to be together! Wake up peopleeeeeeee...
Rockchick19's avatar
I know! Why can't they open there eyes and see there MADE for each other man!
Comitas's avatar
This is so beautiful - and a "bang" for my phantasy... Thank you for it! It´s perfect! (Unfortunatly I don`t know your fanfic, but in my eyes... Lucius seems to adore him very much...!!)
ElenaTria's avatar
Glad to be able to depict your fantasies!! :D It seems we have the same hahaha! You're very welcome... :hug:
Yeah, if only I could translate that damn story, it's good.. :( He does adore Snape, only he doesn't say so. :giggle: At first it's a love/hate relationship, and they're having lotsa hatesex 'cause Snape despises Lucius 'cause he's rich and arrogant and can have anything he desires (but still can't help lusting after him). And Lucius DOES use him (for sex =P) without considering his feelings.. But then, slowly, after arguing so much, Lucius admits that he can't live without Snape. :iconawwplz: He's just too used to him.
JaneBlue's avatar
You´re great! I love your pictures and your way to use the ink (is it ink?)

I´m also a great fan of fanfictions, especially those with the older and darker characters as Lucius and Severus. (*yummy*)
So sad that you haven´t found a translator yet. Have you?
Unfortunately, I´m not able to speak Greek (Not only a single word.)
Do you´ve tips or own English fanfictions anyway, you could advice me?
Would be happy!!

ElenaTria's avatar
Thank you so so so much!... :hug: Thanks for your support, I'm in a *real* foul mood these days and comments like yours kinda lift my mood. :)
I used ink for all the outlines (the thin lines, the facial features etc) but also watered down acrylics to fill big spaces (for instance all my grays and blues are acrylics).
I love fanfics tooooooo :eager: but no, I haven't found a translator.. :( There was a fellow deviant 2 years ago who offered, I sent him the Greek text but never heard of him ever since. :( I wish I could pay but... I can't, ahhaha!
I loooove older men with a bit of darkness in them... :drool:
You're German?? :D
Oh yes, sure I could give you advice, what do you want to know?
JaneBlue's avatar
Hi ElenaTria!

I would be very happy, if I could make you drawing more of these fantastic pics! I adore you´re style: So detailed but still so full of ambiance. [link]
I like ink, but I never used acrylics...should give it a try.
It´s sooo sad that you haven´t found a translator. The only greek speaking people I know are learning this acient stuff in school...It isn´t the same, right?[link]
I began to read german fanfictions ( and I try to write some stuff for myself). But (and I can´t undersatnd, why) noone seems to be interested in Slash about the older ones, especially no Lucius/severus.
So I started to read them in English.
I don´t know what´s so interesting about Harry/Ginny-fics...[link]

Ah, yes, I´m German. Did you know that Hermione has a different name in the German books. ^^
Advices? Ah, I meant English Fanfictions.
But also art: do you use a quill or a brush for the ink?

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