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2009 Wallpaper - flyer artwork

By ElenaSham
Ok so here's the artwork i did for a new year party flyer :) I thought i'd make a wallpaper out of it, this one is 800x600...
do u want other resolutions too guys? Let me know.


Fav's and comments are VERY appreciated :) please leave a comment if u download so that i know u enjoy my work :)

Download for different resolutions:
[link] or click download on your left hand side.

let me know if i missed some sizes :)

© 2008 - 2021 ElenaSham
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very cool pic......u the best
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me like it... cool... too damn cool.... sweet!
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WOW... awesomely beautiful
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Luv this so much !
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thaaaank you :) i should do more stuff with fonts :)
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This is the most appealing artwork i've seen where text is the vocal, I think this calls for a tutorial!!

Hope you have the time for that, :+fav: from me!
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hahhaa awwwwww thanx guys :) ill try to do a tut asap on something like that ) watch my website for all the tuts from me - [link]
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Yay thanks~

You make me go~
"Have I told you lately that I love you, have I told you there's no one above you.."
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hey nice work
(check mine if u like as well for the new year)

u missed
1920x1200 version for 24"monitors
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checked, left a comment :)
ah yeh, i did :/ oopsy
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Very very nice. I will use this as my wallpaper. Thank you for submitting.

I'd love to see a visual style out of this using the 2009 numbers as the start button, that would be really cool!
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yeah man actually that would be cool :)
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looks good. nice smooth look.
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This is awesome! Watch out for it to show up on cellphone sites like and it's happened to me three times already.
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yeah i've noticed it appearing all over web now, mostly on german websites 0.o :) but cool that they credit me back :)
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