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Tutorial: How to make light-weight wings (Kamael)

By ElenaLeetah
I've been asked many times how we made our kamael wings. I really didn't plan to write a tutorial EVER, but after 50th questions I gave up.
That’s not the only or best way to make wings, but there were demands, so I comply :)

Wings made by Desler (ErikDesler) and me (ElenaLeetah).
Tutorial made by me :)


Those are our kamaels, thanks to those costumes this tutorial was created:

LAII: Love and hate of evil creatures by ElenaLeetah LineAge II: Mutual threat by ElenaLeetah LAII: kamael in wilderness by ElenaLeetah LAII: Kamaels waiting for the prey by ElenaLeetah LineAge II on-stage by Hide-Out: kamaels' stroll by ElenaLeetah LAII: Kamaels by ElenaLeetah LAII: Kamael - Ready? by ElenaLeetah LAII kamaels: bow during festival Toguchi 2012 by ElenaLeetah 
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I really want to cosplay Crowley from Good Omens (complete with wings), and I want to make some really lightweight wings, as I don’t have the balance nor joints to be able to support anything too heavy (not to mention pretty much all the conventions I go to are in London, meaning public transport is the only real option to get there). Most tutorials require things like heat guns and thermoplastics, which I don’t really want to get, so this is a godsend for me. Can I just ask how you made the harness to attach them? Because instructions for that would be a great help.

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I am in love with this design. There's a mccall cosplay pattern for wings that I've been playing with but the structure is just horrible and your wing structure, as well as your companion's harness...are just WAY better. I'm cosplay Sephiroth for a convention and have been struggling with the wing. Your design has given me the right direction to go. Any chance you can tell me the guage of the wire you used? Regardless, amazing designed wings and equally amazing cosplay!
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This looks amazing! Since you cut the tops of the foam layers that were underneath, did you only use 1 piece of fabric? If so, what shape was that fabric?
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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing!
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First of all and simply put: wow! This is something i'll definitely have a try on :-)

If it is okay, i have 2 questions i'd like to ask :

how many parts does the wireframe consist of? at some point it looks, as if you are preparing foam-layers for a wing seperated in two parts, but that may be just my bad eye ;-)

Is there one layer of fabric, where all the foam is glued to - or did you glue every Foam piece on fabric and glued/sewed this onto the fabric? There is this part in the tutorial, where you say that one needs many fabric inlays for the glue - i guess this refers to "not cutting the top of each foam-layer" - am i right? :-)

Last but not least: this looks really awesome! I've been looking for Angelwings for quite a good time, and... one possibility is, to spend hundreds of €s for feathers and build something like they do at victorias secret - or to buy something really cheap for cheap money at amazon. Have been looking quite a while for someone using a cheap material combined with work for a great effect - congratulations on your effort, the results are looking stunning and really great! :-) Sorry for Wall of Text :-D
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Thanx :) 

There is 1 wireframe for each wing :) So yeah, we had 2 identical wires. 
And 1 layer of fabric, everything is simple :) Every foam piece is glued to the fabric, only the topmost layer is sewn onto the frame and fabric. 
If you won;t be cutting each layer - then yes, you'll need more fabric or glue foam layers directly together. 
Thank you for the compliments for our first (and last, as it stands) wings :)))) 
Sorry for the late answer! I haven't visited DA in a long time :(
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Do you think Modge Podge would work instead of hot glue? That way you could glue the foam layers directly together? I still think a nice layering of fabric on top of the topmost layer would look cool and give the 'fluff' effect you see near the base of wings, but would modge podge be a possible solution the mysterious answer to the hot glue problem? I'm not very experienced with cosplay so I don't know how it would hold up on a large scale.
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question as I never used Modge Poodge and thus don't know it's properties :( 
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Question! What would be the best way to paint this foam? I really love the tutorial and it would be great for my next cosplay, but the wings are dark red and the foam I've found comes in white and grey.

Edit - I just now saw the comment about spray paint.  Would the foam not be eaten away by it? Most foam I've worked with requires priming before being painted otherwise the aerosol would disintegrate the foam.
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This was standart acrilic aerosol paint, the only problem with foam we had was that paint keep flaking off the foam in time.
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So, did you just cut the bottoms of the layers of foam into the feather shapes then? And how did you attach the wings to the base?
ElenaLeetah's avatar
yeah. With thereads and hotglue :)
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Awesome! The wings are so beautiful!!! Will they hold spray paint? Or airbrushing?
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Spray paint :) Thank you!
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Spray paint :) Thanks!
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Those wings are amazing! They look so nice! I've got a question to ask if you'd be willing to answer it. I was just wondering, if you remember, do you know how much foam you needed for both wings? I know you says lots of foam in the tutorial but did you know roughly how many yards/feet of foam it was?  
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Sadly, I don't actually remember, we had a whole roll of it, so... 10 meters, maybe?.. or smth.
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Cosplayers as talented as you never fail to astound me with your creativity. ^_^
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Thank you for the praise! :)
XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
You're very welcome! n_n
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These are great! Would this work on Dark Mousy's wings though?…
ElenaLeetah's avatar
Sure, for his wing it'll suit just fine.
SavSavvy's avatar
Awesome. Thanks. owo
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