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Dozing lynx

By Elemnar
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**Fullview** - for detail :)

Dozing lynx, and other creatures (bird - far in the distance, snail, moth, ladybird and caterpillars).
This picture was a lesson in patience as much as anything else.
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I thougt this was in my favorites but I couldnt find it so I added it and it took it off. Readded though so maybe now I can see it :P
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Da has weird glitches :shrug:
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Beautiful ^__^ As HHB-BookMaster said, the objects blend together a bit too much in the picture, and maybe because of that, it kinda looks like there's a gigantic lynx and really small mountains and such. Awesome job though ^__^
Elemnar's avatar
Eheh, yeah I'm going to work into this pic some more to try to sort out the whole blending thing ^^; Thank you for your comment, fav and watch! :hug:
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*squeels!* that's so friggen cute! I love it's face! And the way it's eyes aren't...q uite... squinched shut. It's like they're closed, but the markings around them make them look kind of like he's squeezing his eyes and resisting waking up. Very adorable.
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Thank you very much for your comment :D

I really like the shadow gradient on the leaves.
Elemnar's avatar
Thank you ^_^
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Aww, cute! Again, amazing job using strokes to creates texture. I just love the shading of the mountains.

The composition is nice, though it may be a little too horizontally balanced; the features seem to be arranged in rows that dissect the piece (mountain row, lynx row, grass row, plant+bug row). A little variation would make the composition more interesting to the eye. The vertical arrangement is good because it's balanced by the diverse arrangement of features. For example: the Lynx's head, the largest plant (with the caterpillar), and the blank space of sky between the mountains create an uneven artistic triangle (uneven artistic triangles are a powerful tool in composition because they keep the eye bouncing around within the walls of the artwork rather than leading the eye right off the edge).

There's not much hue difference between the darker strokes, lighter strokes, and light spaces, which kinda makes all the features in the drawing blend into each other. The eye doesn't pick out the detail on its own--you have to search for it. But it does create a fuzzy, dreamy tone, which works for a piece featuring a sleeping creature.

Yup, that'd take patience, alright. Not my strong point at all. I have dozens of unfinished drawings that my attention span has forgotten.
Elemnar's avatar
Thank you ^_^ and thanks for all that info on composition too - it's all new to me, I'll have to remember it for other drawings :D
If my patience and attention span had been longer, I would have worked into it to darken areas ...but they gave in about then. It's not a good excuse I know ^^;

Your webcomic rules btw, great characters and drawing and the story's not one I've seen before :)
Greykitty's avatar
Amazing detail work! The only thing I'd suggest is maybe darkening the shading a bit. +fav
Elemnar's avatar
Thank you again :D
To add in all the darker shades after drawing this much would have taken me a longer time than I had the patience for :blush: I'll try to remember that for next time though. ^^;
Greykitty's avatar
Yeah I run out of patience on detailed drawings a lot too. XP
koalaby's avatar
:O amazing .. and funny that i'm currently working on a lynx drawing but stopped at the eye thus far lol
Elemnar's avatar
Thanks :) And it'll be cool to see a lynx in your style :) Felines rule! =P
forestcat's avatar
I love how the lynx kinda blends with the grass. Super awesome :D Very cute ^^
shrela's avatar
Dear girl Im in love with this. I like lynxs anyways!! But oh you did awesome and my favorite part is the cute sleeping face lol
Will you paint it now??
Elemnar's avatar
XD I doubt I'll paint it ever ^^;
Thank you! ^_^ :hug:
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Wow, incredible job! I always thought that you were an amazing nature artist using traditional media. I really love the job you did with the details and the relaxing shading, not to mention the realistic texture in not only the grads and the lynx, but the bugs as well. The mountain background was also beautifully done; this was certainly worth your time. Did you have a photo reference for this or any component of it, or did it all come from your mind? Either way, it's amazing.
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Thank you! :D :hug:
I used a lot of photo references, most of them about the same size as the thumbnail, in general, but I didn't copy any of them exactly (e.g I had one pic of a lynx which I used as an idea of the pose, and then another pic for markings, and I foudn a handful of cat pictures which helped with the fur). So it didn't come completely from my mind, but none of it's an exact copy of anything either.
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Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Definitely added to my favourites!
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