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Hello everypony,everybrony,and everybody.WELCOME to
the Elements of Awesomeness.Feel free to join and submit
great art here!
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Hello fellow pony,brony,human :iconhappylyraplz:
If you are new to this group feel free to join as members
We would fell much apperciated if you spread the word about the


Okay so lets talk about group info.

Only My little pony art in Faves.Feature,and the whole gallery.

You are free to submit your art in any folder now.But you have to be member sorry it's the rules :P.

Gallery Folders

Camila Cabello Pony by AldoBronyJDC
Fluttershy Vector 36 - Wind by CyanLightning
Sweet but Psycho by AldoBronyJDC
Coco Pommel Vector 16 - The Coco in the Dress by CyanLightning
Art of the month
Banner by Zevhara
Draw This Again - Sunrise by Zevhara
Moonlit Battle by Zevhara
Lunar by Zevhara
Mane Six and Spike
MLP:EG Rainbow Dash Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
MLP:EG Fluttershy Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
MLP:EG Applejack Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
MLP: EG Pinkie Pie Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
Equestria Royalty and Villains
Tempest by Lux-The-Pegasus
Luna in cute mod by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Darktia by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Celestia hugs confused Luna by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Royal staff
I never loved you by FcoMk513-DA
Flurry -Profile- by The-Butcher-X
You Think This Is A JOKE? by MissiTofu
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Sweetie Belle x Scootaloo by eagc7
Sweetie Belle Vector 24 - Cupcakes and Milkshakes by CyanLightning
CMC - Having a Lunch by CyanLightning
Sweetie Belle Vector 23 - Reading Book by CyanLightning
Dark Mind by saber360
Momo the Momonga by saber360
Gathering pollen by Pony-from-Everfree
Does This Look Like The Face Of Mercy by TobiIsABunny
Equestria Girls
Twilight Sparkle Dragon Ball Z Style V3 by gonzalossj3
Serenity - Sunrise version ~ Commission by PonyEcho
Serenity - Midnight version ~ Commission by PonyEcho
Reborn anew by PrismaGalaxy514
Background Ponies
Derpy Vector 06 - Muffin Time by CyanLightning
Barley Barrel and Pickle Barrel - Lakitu by CyanLightning
Coco Marble and Ocellus - Rock Dressing by CyanLightning
Rumble and Thunderlane Vector - Brother's Hug by CyanLightning
Sci Twilight Sparkle Caramelldansen (ANIMATION) by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Rainbow Dash Caramelldansen (ANIMATION) by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
MLP: Hard to say anything (Deleted Scene) by ToxicAlien2014
Flurry Heart Gif - 01 by CyanLightning
Sorting Folder
[ArtFight] Spunky Dart by Zevhara
Pony OC's
Doja Cat Pony: Hot Pink by AldoBronyJDC
MLP and TMNT - Past Friends, Future Enemies by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Double Standards by Pony4Koma
Sunset Shimmer *Vase* by The1King
Mature work

Mature Content

MLP NSFW Fluttershy stockings bunny by FluttershyFanN80085
Pony ships
Why does Time go by so Fast when we are Together? by Pony4Koma
MLP Vector Statue 02 by Mr-Spider-The-Bug
Misc other
:COMM: First date dinner by YeyeiAlba
commisions prices
Commissions Sheet by AldoBronyJDC
RainbowDash Christmas by MarmeladePro
SFM Ponies
In the Fire of the Nightmare {Timelapse] by Lux-The-Pegasus
Commisions drawings
.:Elvira equestria girlfied Commision:. by xwerewolfprincessx
Adoptable Auction Leafy Bloom (OPEN) by xwerewolfprincessx




Pinkie pie's wedding attendance 05 by unicornsmile Pinkie pie's wedding attendance 05 :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 24 0 Exposed Gladmane by unicornsmile Exposed Gladmane :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 19 18 Applejack's wedding attendance gown 04 by unicornsmile Applejack's wedding attendance gown 04 :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 17 0 Applejack's wedding gown 10 by unicornsmile Applejack's wedding gown 10 :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 37 3
Mature content
My Friend Tenty :icondragorguy:Dragorguy 4 10
Again, I need help :( plz
Remember a while ago, when I wrote this journal about how I lost a lot of my fimo material and a lot of money along with it?
In case you don't here's a reminder: 
I hoped by then things would change, that I'd be able to get back the money without losing any... It would seem that I'm wrong as usual...
I've been participating to cons for almost a year now and, though I've not earned much, I gained some sort of a good reputation and friends call me to participate to 'cons and events. I had expenses but I also had some entries... 'Til now.
A friend said we'd be participating the 11th of July to an event close to my house where I would've been able to sell my stuff as well as organize the area and the people in it. I was thrilled, truly, I was so happy and I didn't even know where to start.
Yesterday we had a reunion with the people who own the place and who decided to make the event and what do we discover? That none of the people who'll be there, myself inclu
:iconreddish-muse:REDDISH-MUSE 0 33
Princess Sofia Mermaid Maker by unicornsmile Princess Sofia Mermaid Maker :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 59 4 Applebloom mermaid maker by unicornsmile Applebloom mermaid maker :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 19 3 Shhh by Ponycide Shhh :iconponycide:Ponycide 8 2 Twilight as clover the clever by unicornsmile Twilight as clover the clever :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 7 4 Trinity Sparkle OC Update :D by trinitysparkle1 Trinity Sparkle OC Update :D :icontrinitysparkle1:trinitysparkle1 5 15 Princess Luna (Humanized) by riotfaerie Princess Luna (Humanized) :iconriotfaerie:riotfaerie 741 69 Chrysalis by Silverfox057 Chrysalis :iconsilverfox057:Silverfox057 86 3 ZAP! by KP-ShadowSquirrel ZAP! :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 1,289 59 ...Mafia Wakes! by MonotoneInkwell ...Mafia Wakes! :iconmonotoneinkwell:MonotoneInkwell 133 0 Scarlet Velvet!!!! by LilTavi Scarlet Velvet!!!! :iconliltavi:LilTavi 5 0
Hey guys so I made another pony group called :iconadventureponiescraft:
A group for people who love

Adventure time

My Little pony


So please join today if you like any of those thanks <3
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