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Founders word:

Yooo guys long time no speak!

Why? Well…. Hehehhe I have been working and been busy with everything called life and game development. And then I simply forgot about it…. But hey, it’s better late than never?

Lots have happened since last time. Well I’ve realized I’m more of a world builder and a storyteller than a good DA group administrator ^^’ But right now are we four writers with active characters in this world and participating in the story arc. And we’ve planned out a couple of major events to write about in the future before this story comes to an end. Sometimes I’m playing with the thought of having it all printed into a book when were done.

I’ve also started to draw a comic of the whole chapter 1 ^^’ Something I’ve wanted to do for a really long while (ever since I first wrote it). It’s fun to look back at it and see how far the characters have come with their character development since I wrote it. Dunno if you know, but the backgrounds for the comic are completely made out of 3D in the game engine unity. It worked so well for me that I’ve actually started to research how to do other environments with the same technique. So I have started to buy assets to build a coulisse of New Devantos as well. So there might be a comic version of chapter two as well (fingers crossed). But thats going to depend on how much time I have in the future.   

Devantos background test by YouAreNowIncognito

What's happening in the world?

Well a lot has happened since last time I wrote here. (Well what did happen last time? Delmar and Reed met and fought the black shifter Edgar the first time and Dawson was kidnapped??)

Soooo… Since then.

Wilfred decided it was a good idea to start a riot turning the society against itself, to kidnap Gravity as well and imprison him together with Dawson where they have been sharing knowledge with each other and bits and pieces of the information with Wilfred. Dawson have been suffering as Life’s guinea pig for her wicked experiments with his DNA.

Shrapnel and Neutron have decided to team up to go rescuing both Dawson and Gravity from the black shifters.

Delmar and Reed have come to an agreement of killing Edgar without the approval of the council. they have run into him two more times since they first met. They are right now training to find a way of killing him as well as they're interrogating captured rebels. They are growing closer and are actually starting to appreciate each other.

Ramsey have gotten Maxine as mentor since Chemical wanted to punish Reed for not following orders during the riot. We haven't heard from Ramsey since ;__;

Fe the show fighter have been forced back into her old job as an Electrical agent.

Marsha May have been questioning potential rebels as well as trying to figure out where the Silver Shifter Ludvig has disappeared to.

Cameron have together with the rebels set up an Rebel base at the old Confessuss sanctuary called Black town.

Winter is also turning into spring last rain drop 

Art feature!

Ramsey Wreath by SkullKatKreationsRemedy by YouAreNowIncognito
Feral Adruki Headshot- Xeshaire by SkullKatKreationsCrazier than crazy + Timelaps by YouAreNowIncognito
Let's start a riot! by YouAreNowIncognito

Text feature!

Fe - Meeting Dawson

Delmar - Riot / Wilfred - Messiah part 5
Dawson - Genesis
Wilfred - Twenty Questions
Dawson - Workings of the mind
Wilfred - The time for questions are over

Delmar - Remedy
Cain and Hope- Life Choices
Chemical and Cain - The Others

Open missions

I haven't had time to write any new missions, but feel free to check out the old;
Quests are a great way to engage with the world, don’t hesitate to do one!
Some are related to the main narrative and some are not. If you have done a quest it have high probability to be accepted as canon. Currently available as well as finished quests can be found below.
If you have any idea for future quests you are welcome to make a suggestion!
Available quests
---Any time---
Suitable factions: Thermal/Mechanical
A normal day at the office
Which means finding new shifters and introducing them to society.
Strange killer
Suitable factions: Electrical or Magnetic
The humans are investigating a series of strange murders.
Some particulars about the murders have raised the suspicion that the killer might be a shifter. Your job is to find out if it’s a psy

New members
Welcome!!!! :D (Big Grin) Hi! :bouncyhai: furious wave Wave :wave: :wave: 

:iconwylfen: :iconcyrilwolfgirl: :iconrouvewild: :iconchampagnewii:

New characters

Gary the Gharial ShifterName: Gary.
Age:  700 years old. Looks around 30 years old in human years.
Gender: Male.
Faction: Thermal but he is trying to join the black shifters.
Current living place: New Devantos, Centrum.
Job: Modelling in shifter society for a fashion magazine. Trying to sell the positive in aspects shifter society and life.
Hobby: Origami. Gary finds it to be a very relaxing hobby to keep his mind out of things.
Personality: Puts of a very sweet and likeable persona when modelling. Doubtful of how the shifter community is run but is too in low in power and rank to make any real difference. Can be bitter and spiteful but will not try to cross those who had done him good or show this side of himself around others.
Element power: Jade with a very weak power level.
Animal Form: Gharial. Green eyes without pupils. Long, black human-looking hair atop of the head. A lot of green spikes on the back. 6 meters long in this form but that is a pretty regular size for the animal otherwi

Fun fact:

The current Chemical is not the first Chemical. All previous Chemicals have been killed by Gravity by one or the other way. Most recently four thousand years ago, when a conflict about the fate of the human race raged. For obvious reasons is the current Chemical is cautious around Gravity.

Maybe we should have an Holiday event? Or a new years thing? Like what does your main character have as a new year promise? I'm open for suggestions!!
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Welcome, New members. As for the holiday event, I reckon it's a great idea.
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Hmmm I wonder why this did't find its way into my inbox? :|
Maybe it's a little bit to late now? ;_;
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There's always the next holidays
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I should make my own Element Shifter too!
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Do it. It's always good seeing new Element Shifters
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Yes you should!! :D (Big Grin)
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