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Deviation Actions

Info2 by Jedni

Co-founders word:

Oh, look an update!
Needless to say we have been rather busy lately, but that only means MOAR stuff in the update :D

What's happening in the world?

Wile the black faction grows stronger Reed and Delmar have travelled to a deserted town called Brenner, where they encounter Edgar, the dark matter shifter.

Art feature!

The light of my life + video by YouAreNowIncognitob l o o d + s u n s e t [OC-Art-Exchange] by 9sky-burial9
Another day to complain by Dezigre Anatomy study 3 by YouAreNowIncognito The council lies to us by YouAreNowIncognito Who are you calling a false god?! by SqueakyWolff Brenner - Concept/Speedpaint by YouAreNowIncognito Dark Matter/Edgar - Animal form by YouAreNowIncognito
 I'm just going to leave this here by YouAreNowIncognito

Interaction 13 by Jedni  Spoiler Warning - Dsl Part 36 - Comic page by YouAreNowIncognito Excerpt from Dsl Part 40 Page 1/4 Comic version by YouAreNowIncognito

Text feature!

Delmar's storyline part 39 - Invisible foe
Delmar’s eyes quickly adjusted to the dark light inside the factory, he came into a large hall where big robots stood parked. Some of them were covered under tarpaulins. The man's soul light flickered around the machines. He seemed confused by the fact Delmar seemed to be able to see him.
“You can't hide.” Delmar gnarled and shifted to his wolf form. He felt more threatening this way. “You think you're invisible like that. But you’re not. Not if you know what to look for.” A canine grin spread on his lips. Sure he couldn't attack the man while he was invisible but the man didn't seem to be able to attack him either. If Edgar wanted to attack him he had to appear. Delmar just had to read his mind and try to predict where he was going to appear. Fear, fear would probably make the black shifter make a couple of rushed mistakes. He sent of a couple of terrifying frightening feelings to Edgar’s mind. If he could just make the man appear again…
Wilfred - Messiah part 3Wilfred swore as he accidentally dropped the dismantled silver gun and all its pieces on the ground. It had been lying in his lap as he had been trying to screw it together again with only one hand. But it had been very hard to adjust his weapon, he felt crippled and cursed the fact he'd lost his left arm, especially since he was left-handed. He couldn't blame the red panda though, she had done as he had told her. Next time he would probably try to convince her to practice with a prisoner or something instead. Maybe start with a big object? Kaylin didn't want to kill anyone, even if it just would be a mistake. He had to teach her to do that as well, to kill people. She had been a part of the radiation faction after all. She still had a part of that “good guy radiation shifter" attitude left.
Wilfred was disturbed with his gun as well. Making modifications to it had been so much easier when he was younger, but he could simply not remember what he had done differently. And where ha
  Marsha May and the Missing AgentsMarsha May had never expected to loath a job she was good at. She took a deep breath and tried to find a clean spot, untainted by the suspicious puke smell and colored liquid smeared on the door, before she knocked.
A shifter, with a humanoid body but with large, bulging eyes and thin, humpy fingers opened the door, looked surprised and disgusted at the door. Marsha had expected the visit with Derek to be a onetime experience but she had not expected the higher ups to be impressed with her and asked her to continue the line of work.
“Hey Jareth, I am here to ask you a couple of questions.” She had been too good at her job, she had learned to her horror. “It is about when you lost your human license.”
“What about it?” the other asked in a sour voice. Nobody ever was happy to see her. Could she not be back in her quiet code cave and be alone. She had read up on him, he was a slow loris hence the eyes and fingers.
“Well, I am here to ask yo

Open missions

I haven't had time to write any new missions, but feel free to check out the old;
Quests are a great way to engage with the world, don’t hesitate to do one!
Some are related to the main narrative and some are not. If you have done a quest it have high probability to be accepted as canon. Currently available as well as finished quests can be found below.
If you have any idea for future quests you are welcome to make a suggestion!
Available quests
---Any time---
Suitable factions: Thermal/Mechanical
A normal day at the office
Which means finding new shifters and introducing them to society.
Strange killer
Suitable factions: Electrical or Magnetic
The humans are investigating a series of strange murders.
Some particulars about the murders have raised the suspicion that the killer might be a shifter. Your job is to find out if it’s a psy

New members

Big welcome!
:iconsqueakywolff:  :iconchampagnewii:  :iconrouvewild:

New characters

Rot - Reference by Jedni Salem the Fluorite Shifter ref by SqueakyWolff Rin The Mercury Shifter Ref by SqueakyWolff

The Black faction ringleaders;
ES 7 - Marsha's ReportTo Askr
Here are some shifters’ activities that I believe are of interest to look further at. While I do not believe everyone represented here are dangerous, it is good to look at examples who could be, or not be, in the risk of joining the rebels.

Diamond, Crystallized coal, Thermal/Mechanical faction.
Previously convicted for unlawful matter creation and taking advantage of powers among humans on several occasions.
The humans likes diamonds, a lot. There have been murders and wars and stuff, just because they like them so much. I see no harm in using my abilities to give the humans what they want. I could get whatever I wanted and the humans could get their diamonds.
But no… The nuclear faction gets to decide I can't make diamonds. You know what I think? I think they are just trying to control us. I’ve tried playing by their rules, I did. hey always treated me with suspicion, trying to control my every move. But now the situation is reversed, now it's

Fun fact:

In certain circles Neutron is known as the worst teacher ever. After being kicked out of electrical he spent time as a human society teacher in the T/M faction, a job he was extraordinarily bad at.


If your character is not included on the list of member shifters, please remind me to add them!
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