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Deviation Actions

Story by Jedni

This is a short resume of the on going story in the ES universe. For texts in chronological order, visit the Canon reading list:

For millennia the shifters have lived in relative peace, hiding among the humans. That is something that is about to change as shifters with weird and dangerous powers are discovered. The members of the Council are nervous since they have gathered some alarming information about the group having plans of starting a revolution.

---ACT 1---

Farewells by YouAreNowIncognito

Delmar, an ice shifter outcast with psychic abilities, travels the wilderness to find undiscovered shifters he can fight and defeat to prove his worth. He have his eye on a young fire shifter, Ramsey, who lives in a wolf pack. The pack however will not let Ramsey get hurt and sends one of their own, Agni, to keep Delmar under surveillance.

Agni, being a very empathic person, tries to befriend Delmar, and she soon becomes a pillar of support for the mentally unstable ice shifter. When Radiation asks Delmar to help the council spy on a group of dangerous shifters called the Black shifters Agni helps to convince him.

Delmar venture into the mind of the Black shifters’ leader, he learns that he is called Wilfred and that he used to belong to the electric faction. When trying to dig deeper in Wilfred’s mind to find out more about his powers Delmar almost ends up trapped in there.

They check with Electrical and search all the archives, but find no trace of an electric agent called Wilfred. It is decided Delmar should try to find more useful information from Wilfred's mind. This time Delmar encounters an ominous dark shadow that violently expels him.

After this Delmar is allowed to go back to the forest with Agni while the council conducts further investigations. Life is good for Delmar for a time, until one day Agni suddenly leaves him. Enraged Delmar once again attacks the wolf-pack, kidnapping Ramsey's dad, trying to provoke Ramsey into a fight.

Ramsey however have already made contact with the shifter society on his own, and runs to get help from Reed, a fire shifter. Reed captures Delmar and throws him into the chemical factions holding cells.

---ACT 2---

Reed Can Show You The Wooorld by YouAreNowIncognito

Ramsey gets introduced to the shifter society. Reed lets Ramsey skip the basic education and tries to become the young shifters mentor directly. He ends up with sharing the responsibility with Shrapnel, the head librarian.

The council have gathered a team of shifters to investigate the black shifters. The meetings are lead by the wolf Terra, the chemical factions second in command. Shrapnel is a part of the team and he try to find out more about black holes by talking with a human astrophysicist called Dawson.

Dawson however fall in love with the shifter, and after Shrapnel try to cut him off Dawson blows his cover. Fearing what the electrical faction might do Shrapnel save Dawson by convincing Terra of the humans usefulness. They hide him as a fake shifter in the chemical factions archive. Dawson is struggling to adapt to his new life and encounter Life, a shifter with the power to manipulate DNA, who grows him a set of horns.

Meanwhile the leader of the black faction, Wilfred Mercier, is organizing his rebellion and recruiting members. He also start believing in the possibility of a white hole shifter, a shifter who could create any matter.

Radiation is searching for Delmar, not knowing he is suffering in chemicals prison. Two months after his disappearance Shrapnel realizes the connection between Delmar and Radiation and tells her about his location. Radiation bust him out of the prison in a thought of not letting the rest of the investigation team know he was imprisoned. She believes he was imprisoned by some low rank chemical soldier.

Radiation asks Terra to find Delmar a suitable team mate and supervisor. Terra unknowingly teams him up with Reed, the one who imprisoned Delmar in the first place. After Terra and Chemical realizes who Delmar is they refuse to change him, despite Delmar’s complaints.

---ACT 3--- 

Reed and Delmar - Cat and Dog by YouAreNowIncognito

Delmar's nightmares continues, both literally and figuratively, as he is forced to work with Reed, whom he loathes and hates. He meets Dawson, the human professor to discuss the black shifters powers. He also meets Shrapnel and attends Ramsay's training with Reed.

Gravity comes up with a theory that Wilfred might not be how he thing he is. He, Delmar, Reed, and Neutron travels to Norfolk in an attempt to find out more about the black shifters. After entering Antimatters mind and once again encountering the dark shadow figure Delmar comes to the conclusion it is somehow affecting the black shifters memories. They also learn more about their plans for the revolution.

Back in new Devantos Life suddenly changes sides. She attacks Shrapnel, kidnaps Dawson and steals some high tech equipment. Shrapnel learns she is the one responsible for him being a scorpion. He wants to go after her and save Dawson, but Chemical does not think she is worth wasting time on.  

Dawson now spends his days locked up in a silo, being questioned by Wilfred and mentally tortured by Life.

---ACT 4--- 

Let's start a riot! by YouAreNowIncognito

Following a lead Delmar, Reed and Ramsey travels to a ghost town called Brenner only to discover the town is not abandoned. Gigantic robots roam the town and surrounding forest. While investigating the town the group runs into Edgar, one of the black shifters, who can turn himself invisible. Delmar is however still able to sense his location and fights him. Reed burns down the Edgar's factory and Edgar escapes wounded. The night after the fight Reed falls asleep and Delmar sees the opportunity to kill the fire shifter but hesitates. Edgar tells Wilfred about the fight with Delmar, and Wilfred decides to accelerate their plans by causing a riot in New Devantos.

Back in town Reed trains Delmar in fighting against Edgar by making him fight Ramsey while wearing a blindfold. Radiation walks in on them and is not pleased. Rebels is rioting on the streets and she needs Delmar to spy on Wilfred. While spying on Wilfred confronting Gravity Delmar spots Edgar and decides it is more important to go after him. Wilfred manage to kidnap Gravity by threatening to kill Neutron.

Meanwhile Life is playing around with Dawson's genetics.

When confronting Edgar the second time Delmar find someone has censored and changed Edgar's memories. He also encounter the strange shadow creature again. Delmar and Edgar fight, it ends with Delmar lying on the floor bleeding out while Edgar disappear yet again. Delmar wakes up in the hospital only to find Radiation furious with him, since he abandoned the task of spying on Wilfred. Reed on the other hand supports his decisions.

Wilfred put Gravity in the same prison-cell as Dawson. Wilfred and Gravity is playing a game of questions and answers while Dawson feels sad and gets one of his fingers chopped off.

---ACT 5--- 

Writing in ice by YouAreNowIncognito

When Gravity and Dawson is left alone Gravity tell him about the history of the shifters and about how an ancient alliance of Psychics called "The Others" once created the Energy shifters. Dawson sees several similarities between Gravity's story about the origin of the Energy shifters and the Black shifters. As Gravity discuss with Dawson more and more he realize the amount of information and knowledge the human posses. Gravity decides to save Dawson from this prison.

Back in the city the council decides Delmar can't handle field missions as he's too unpredictable. Instead they put him on interrogation duty, interrogating captured rebels with the help of his psychic powers.

Radiation blames Reed for Delmar leaving his task during the riot, she thinks he's encouraging Delmar to chase after Edgar. She tries to persuade Chemical to change Delmar's supervisor to someone else but Chemical promises her that Reed will get a punishment instead. Chemical then transfers Reeds mentorship of Ramsey to Maxine, Reed's old mentor whom he's been trying protecting Ramsey from.

As the council doesn't seem to do anything about the kidnapped Gravity, Neutron decides to rescue him himself. He seeks out the help of Shrapnel and together they set out on an adventure to find both Gravity and Dawson.

Interrogating rebels is something Delmar is very good at and find very fun. He and Reed find a lead on how to find Edgar. They also grow closer to each other and learns to co-operate. 

One day Wilfred has a strange idea; give Gravity a black hole to see if he can counteract the gravitational force of the black hole. That would prove Wilfred's theories of shrinking the planet to build a new world out of it. If Gravity fail he will die. None of the other Black shifters seems to question this strange and dangerous idea at all. Gravity manage to  counteract the force of the back hole and take the opportunity to help Dawson escape. Gravity gives Dawson a message for Electrical as he leaves.

Dawson manage to find his way back to New Devantos and deliver his message to Electrical. This seems to upset Electrical and she urges all the factions to prepare for war. She arrange for Dawson to work together with Delmar to study psychic powers, to find a way to restore the black shifters memories and to find out about their origin.

Delmar and Dawson both do their best to cooperate, Dawson let's Delmar read parts of Cain’s old writings and Delmar learns that the mind is built up out of a kind of glyph code. He starts to wonder what would happen if you change place of the glyphs, could you change a person?

I the meanwhile is reed leading a secret investigation to find Edgar. 

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