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Engaging by Jedni

First of don't be an ass to anyone.

Can I use other people's characters in my stories?
Ask the owner of the character first! Public characters you can use however you like. You can also include the black shifters and Energy shifters in your stories but do remember to keep them to their character, especially if you want your story to be added to the canon.

Who are the public shifters and what do they look like?
Public shifters are characters belonging to different factions made to fill out the world and give people someone to interact with when needed without having to come up with a completely new shifter. They might not have a complete description like the ones required by new characters as their function is more like that of an NPC. They may contain a short description of human and feral form as well as a description of basic personality or just a name and a faction.

Public shifters are ok to use for everyone! (Don’t murder them please, someone else might have use of them.) If you include something interesting about a public shifter a work and it gets accepted as canon this will be added to that character's description.

A list of public characters are available here;

Can I make a public shifter?
Yes, just remember it will be used by others and may be influenced by the use. Write a short description and send it in and it might be accepted. Illustrations of the character is always appreciated but not a must.

Can I join the black shifter faction?
Yes you may, do remember that these are the bad guys. Either you are forced into their plans, or you have a wicked mind and willing to sacrifice everyone around you to create a new world where you're a god.

You can however not make a shifter that is a black shifter, you need some other element, and you will never be in the top of the faction.

Can my story be accepted as canon?
Yes of course. Send me your story and we will read it. If it keeps to the lore, universe and the other canon texts it may be accepted.
Canon reading list;

Who are the official curators of the world?
YouAreNowIncognito and Jedni

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