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Orgin by Jedni

At the beginning of time the gods created worlds. They created several worlds each made out of one element each. Solid rock planets, Lava planets, water planets, gas planets and burning stars. The worlds where however dull and boring after a while and the gods were running out of new ideas.

For their next world they wanted to spice the creation process up a bit. They created several element demons who were to battle each other on the new world. The demon's abilities were based on the four elements: Solid, liquid, gas and chemical reaction. The winning demon would settle the element for the world. The demons war raged on for centuries, the demons grew in numbers and evolved their abilities. What had started as four elements turned into several different elements.  

As the war raged on the world was filled with all kinds of elements. Soon life started to emerge from the chaos and started to inhabitant the world. The gods were amazed since nothing similar had ever happened on their previous worlds who had all been dead and lifeless. The gods were happy with the world but they were not as happy with the demons whose war never ended and constantly ruined and changed the world they had created. The gods were also getting nervous by the demons abilities to evolve their powers. They were starting to be able to control things the gods never thought they ever could control.

When the demons started to be able to mixture and control the different states of energy the gods had enough. Not only did they want to save the world from the never ending war but they also started to fear the demons as they soon started to become stronger than the gods themselves. The gods decided to exterminate all demons to let the world live in peace. The demons however didn’t want to die. They decided to put their differences behind them and start working together to escape the god’s wrath.

A group of demons came up with the idea to possess animals to hide among them in the world. All demons who refused to follow the example was brutally killed by the gods.

To hide their newborns they planted them directly into a surrogate mother of a fitting animal species. The new demons were therefore born into the worlds as animals. They still possessed the ability to shift into their demon forms but they had their own biological body unlike the older demons who had stolen and possessed their bodies.

The demons started to call themselves shifters by the ability to shift back and forth from their demon forms and animal form. They also developed the ability to shift into a human form as well since the humans were the dominant species of the world.

Since then they have been hiding among people and animals trying to fit in. Scared of the day the gods will return to find that they are still there.

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