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Deviation Actions

Missions by Jedni

Quests are a great way to engage with the world, don’t hesitate to do one!
Some are related to the main narrative and some are not. If you have done a quest it have high probability to be accepted as canon. Currently available as well as finished quests can be found below.
If you have any idea for future quests you are welcome to make a suggestion!

Available quests

---Any time---
Suitable factions: Thermal/Mechanical
A normal day at the office
Which means finding new shifters and introducing them to society.

Strange killer
Suitable factions: Electrical or Magnetic
The humans are investigating a series of strange murders.
Some particulars about the murders have raised the suspicion that the killer might be a shifter. Your job is to find out if it’s a psychopathic human or a shifter who enjoys hurting humans.

---ACT 2---
The revolutionary
Suitable factions: Radiation, Electrical or Chemical
Files with questionable content have been found
A radiation shifter by the name Marshmallow stole files from a computer belonging to one Derek Dorian. The files in Dorian’s computer contains material with critique against the council and suggestions on how to make a new shifter society. Is it just talk or do he plan a revolution?

---ACT 3---
Prison architect
Suitable factions: Chemical
Someone exploded the holding cells
For some reason you have been tasked with figuring out how it could happen and what we can do to prevent it from happening again.

Infiltrate the black faction
Suitable factions: Any
The black faction is planning a revolution, and you are sent to spy
You job is to join the black faction in order to find out how big they are, how they are organized and where they are hiding.

Join the black faction
Suitable factions: Any
The black faction is planning a revolution, and you want in
They speak with passion about a better world for all shifters. One where everyone is equal and no one have to live in fear of being discovered.

The terrorist attack
Suitable factions: Electrical or Magnetic
You've been assigned to the clean-up crew
Electrical blew up a train and a metro station. You are tasked with the responsibility to clean up the mess.

Custom Quests:
If you want a custom made quest for your character send a note to Jedni with your character and what kind of quest you like.

Finished quests

---ACT 2---
A new job
(This was the quest pilot.)
You got a quest from Askr, the radiation factions second in command!
It's a bit weird you got this quest since it's not within your normal duties. But everyone in the radiation faction seems rather busy at the time.
Done by: Natt-Katt

The call
(Shut down an investigation)
A job found its way to your desk
A human astrophysicist by the name James Dawson have gone missing. Doesn't seem like a big deal but you've been ordered to shut down the human investigation in the matter.
Done by: Natt-Katt

Marsha May and the Missing Agents
Missing agents
From high up comes a task
You been assigned with two old missions, one from two years back, and one from three years back. Both regard missing electrical agents. The disappearances seem to have nothing to do with each other, except that the two agents were work partners. Why have higher ups dug up this old case?
Done by: Natt-Katt 

Quest formula

All quests follow this format to make them easy to make and understand. Please ask if you have questions.

The name of the quest
Suitable factions: Not all quests are suited for shifters from anny faction, this is the recommended factions for the quest. If you feel your character fits the quest anyway and know how to spin the story to receive that mission, go right ahead

A short introduction, the same used to present the quest in this document.

Your quest:
What you will do.

Optional tracks:
These are suggestion or ideas on things that might be useful for the quest. They are not requirements but meant as inspiration.

Optional questing:

Sometimes there might be other thing going on besides the main quest. Including these things are optional.

Places of interest:
Places relevant to the quest.

Obligatory characters:
Characters that should be included.

Optional Characters:
Other characters related to the quest.

Character reactions:

If some character have a specific reaction to any event in the quest.


If there is any specific results you should get.

Related texts:

Text related to the quest. You don’t have to read these, but they might help you get a better understanding on what is going on.


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Is it necessary to ask to do a quest?
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No, but it's nice if you tell us so we know, just to prevent people from working on the same stuff (: