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Locations by Jedni

New Devantos

New Devantos by YouAreNowIncognito
The largest human city on the planet. This is also where the shifters have their headquarters. The city is old with a lot of bright neon signs and advertising screens covering the aged architecture. There is a lot of forgotten temples and churches, hardly visited anymore, crammed in between newer buildings.

New Devantos is located in a valley. The centre of the city and the exclusive parts are down at the river side. The suburbs are located up the hills with a view down at the centrum. The shifter districts are located in the suburbs on the northern hill, this is also the only part of the city connected to the forest. South of the city lies the endless farmlands. There is also a big river running through the city supplying it with water.

The city have an extensive underground transportation network for the robots that support the city. Gigantic haulers bring in food from the farms. Garbage and sewer robots also have their own tunnels. This underground robot world is a maze for anyone not familiar with it’s design and layout.

Locations inside New Devantos

The shifter district

This is the parts of the town where the shifter society have their headquarters. It’s located in the north suburban and have direct contact with the northern forest. It’s known as a highly criminal and dangerous part of town to the humans, so no humans go there. The electrical faction have also made sure all gps routes will lead the humans around the quarters and they have removed all checkpoints in there for all AR games. The district is surrounded with a wall of houses. There is only a few passages into the district.

Faction buildings
Each faction have their own separate buildings.

Not everyone have an apartment of their own. Most new shifters, students and scouts who don’t spend so much time in the city have a room in the sleeping dorms. In the rooms they have only a bed. They have access to a shared kitchen but most shifters eats in the cafeteria instead.

The cafeteria

The cafeteria serves new food four times a day. It’s open the whole day. Here you can eat for free. The food isn’t fantastic though.

The Gardens
Inside the shifter districts there's a pretty astonishing park run by the biological plantea shifters from the chemical faction.


The heart of new Devantos and it’s oldest part. It’s located in the valley by the river. In the middle of it all a giant old cathedral lies. It a very exclusive and romantic part of the town. Several restaurants and nightclubs inhabits the streets.


Once the main mode of transportation in the city the metro stretches beneath most of the city. Now a days those who can afford favours the elevated train, so the poorly maintained metro trained is filled by students and low income workers.


Big city located by the sea in a more temperate climate, best known for its famous university. It is not uncommon for a high rankers in chemical faction to have done their studies in Yhoctin. There is a small shifter branch here, it's run by chemical but always holds at least two electric agents. Rules are not as strictly enforced here as in the City and many young shifter have played “harmless ” pranks on the inhabitants, though you still don’t want to attract the attention of electrical. As the city lie further south than New Devatos the climate is more temperate.

The Endless Farmlands

Endless Farmlands Concept/speedpaint by YouAreNowIncognito
Human food production is mainly taken care of by gigantic autonomous robots. The robot creates oceans of farmlands where they sow and harvest all by themselves. The monotone landscape is sometimes interrupted by small ghost towns were farmers once lived before all humans moved into the big cities.

The Wilderness

Around the City the climate resembles that of northern Europe and have similar fauna. There are however all kinds of environments all over the globe.

The Northern forest and mountains

Not a part of your society by YouAreNowIncognito

North of Devantos lies a giant protected wilderness area. The shifter community have been working hard to keep it as a sanctuary from the humans impact. This is also where Norfolk is located. In the northern parts of the wilderness a great mountain chain starts.


Norfolk is one of several shifter communities hidden away in the wilderness by the Radiation Faction. Norfolk is located in the northern wilderness on an island in a lake. Trough Askrs light trickery the village remains hidden. Communities like this is often inhabited by weaker shifters that prefer civilized life but are too weak to properly hide among humans.

To Norfolk you can get either by travelling through the wilderness and then take a boat over the lake or by a secret underground train leaving from what looks like a factory in a small human village called Torenya, a place predicted to become a ghost town in a few decades.

Deserted villages

When most production was taken over by robots many smaller villages became obsolete and human started moving to the cities. This trend have been going on for a long time and there are a lot of abandoned human villages around. You rarely see humans here, and if you do they are old, lunatics, hermits, or a bit of all three.


Brenner - Concept/Speedpaint by YouAreNowIncognito
Brenner is an abandoned industrial town in the forests north of New Devantos. Until 50 years ago it supplied the humans with paper and wood, but as more things became digital demand for the goods decreased and Brenner became a ghost town. In the deforested areas around Brenner new young pineforests have formed from the trees humans planted but never harvested. All houses and factories in Brenner has all been overgrown by moss and ivy.


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