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Deviation Actions

Help by Jedni

Designing character
Acknowledge your character's feelings. You always have to know why your character feels a certain way, even if they don’t. In fact they shouldn't know why they feel things, it gives them motivation reflect on themselves to act simply on their feelings.
Give your character negative traits. This might sound weird but negative traits help people to identify with your character. It also gives you something interesting to create narrative and conflict around.
Don’t make your character a loner (unless you really want to and it’s the point of the character). Most interesting things happen in interaction with other characters.
Challenge your character. Give them something almost impossible to overcome and watch how they develop to surpass it.
Question yourself! Ask yourself why you designed the character the way you did. This will help you understand your own writing and making diverse characters in the future.

Gather inspiration. Look at characters you like, borrow and steel (not a complete design of course, but details), to develop your own skills. Use what you like when you create.
A good thing to remember to make your character easy to recognize is a good silhouette. If you immediately can see who it is based on the silhouette that's good! (Kinda like pokemon :P ) There are a lot of different body-types out there, find one that fits your character!
Give your character a trait you find ugly. No really, do it. This is actually super hard, so don’t worry about making it too ugly. It will add visual distinctiveness and make the character diverge from how you usually draw things.

For people who needs help with their element
You know what faction you want to belong to but have no idea what element fits there? Ask and we might have a suggestion.

For people who needs help finding their faction
Just leave a comment with your element and we will tell you want faction we think it fits in.

For people who needs help with picking a host animal
Have an idea for a character but a hard time finding a good animal, or do you want something different from a wolf or something other than the usual cats? Leave a comment and we will help you! Describe what kind of character you are making and what you would like from your animal.

We will give you three suggestions, a normal animal, something you probably have heard about before, an odd animal, that you might not know existed, and a different animal, a species you might not have considered.

A magnetic character that works as a human cop. I would like a big cat, I like lynxes but would like something different.

Longer tail and more spots, the bobcat is the perfect lynx wannabe!

This beautiful cat is like a lynx of the desert!

Arctic fox
All the fluff of a lynx but not a cat.

Starting to write
Having trouble finding a place to start? Try writing the everyday life of your character, that might give you some ideas on what might be interesting about it. A good place to start might also be to write how your character came into contact with the shifter society. Talk with other people, see if someone is willing to collaborate on interaction between your characters.

There are also missions you can partake in:

Need other help?
Just leave a comment or send a note!


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According to the strength sheet, any element that is made up of solid atoms is level 3 strength, but any element that is a very specific type of solid matter, made up of different molecules, is level 1. What would be the strength level of an element that is a specific type of solid matter made up of all one kind of atoms... like Diamond's element? (Diamonds are made up of only carbon atoms, but Diamond's element is diamonds in particular, not Carbon in general). What's Diamond's strength level?

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Does there happen to be a sheet about on how to design your character?
Like what to add and not to add to their forms, color acceptions, etc..
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Here are some of the resources;

Shifter creation
A shifter is an elemental demon possessing a biological body. They were originally created by the gods to fight in an epic war between elements. Now they hide among humans or animals. Shifters can change between four forms, animal, human, demon and titan form, hence their name.
Information about shifters:
Can I create my own shifter?
Can I create a energy shifter?
No there are only ten energy shifters. No more no less.
Can I create a black shifter?
No unfortunately not. They are closed due to their complexity.
Can I create a demon blood?
Well of course! (Though this guide focus on shifters)
What elements can you have?
Any atom or molecule is OK. You can also have power over something more general, like rock.
Organic matter
You can be organic matter, like cells, but not organs or organisms. Eg you can be liver cells or wood, but not liver or trees.
You ca
Element Shifters - The diffrent forms by YouAreNowIncognito Element shifter - Visual traits Sheet by YouAreNowIncognito Element shifter - Reference sheet template BIG by YouAreNowIncognito Reference sheet template - WrittenName
The [Element] Shifter

Preferred shape:
Lifestyle: (Civilized., feral or commute)
(Write here)
Additional information:
(Eyes, hair, etc)
(Size, shape, colours etc)


(Eyes, hair, etc)
(Size, shape, colours etc)
(Animal and Demon)

Demon form

Titan form
Weapon of choice:
Reference sheet template - GIMP by Jedni

In terms of colours it's pretty open, and you can add almost anything as long as it's not new limbs :P
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Hi, I am having trouble finding what element to use. It may seem mean but I want to make a shifter that doesn't fit in with any of the factions. Kinda like they could fit into thermal/mechanical, but their personality doesn't quite soot being in that function, so in the end they don't get to be in a function? I don't know if thermal/mechanical would deny a shifter the "right" to be in the function but that's what I was kinda hoping I guess?? XD
He is going to be a swift fox if that's ok.

What I got for his personality is:
-Not talkative
-Emotional (but doesn't show it cause they is scared to be made fun of)
-Active (run, hike, hunt, etc. but only when they are alone)
-Is ok with being around about three people at most. Crowds are a no.
-They is kind, but they has to push/encourage themselves to do anything around people (mainly strangers)
-Likes to read fiction books (when they learn to read)
-Not stubborn but not a pushover
I might think of more when I actually make them
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All shifters gets asigned to a faction based on their element with no regard taken to their personality. This means a lot of shifters end up in factions that don't suit them and either decide to live a feral life, gets a human identity or find another job inside the society that isn't covered by any of the factions responsibilities. 

Factions is usualy decided by faction representatives after basic training (kinda like shifter school :p). Thermal/mechanical is the most open of the factions and allow any kind of shifter to join, but it's also seen as a low status faction by many. Chemical is the faction most likely to not let shifters in, due to them not being strong enough. 

It basicly comes down to what faction you want your character to not fit into (; Do you have a plan for what things you want to do with him?

(Swift fox is an awsome animal choise!)
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oh ok, I thought there were certain retirements for all factions, thanks for clearing my confusion.
As for a plan, not really going to look around and roleplay a bit. He will probably want to learn about what he needs to know then go feral, but check in two-four times a week. Basically keep to himself as much as possible.?? Still working on him XD

For factions:


Black (by force possibly)

(and Thank You!)
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Ok, what we like to call a commute then (:

The most iconic Electrical member is of course an agent, but there are several other jobs one could have in this faction such as anti shifter tools engineer or internet monitor. For your character I'd think some sort of field agent that checks that feral shifters don't bother smaller human settlements, a role that somewhat have gone out of fashion since all the humans started moving in to the bigger cities. 
Possible elements; Conductive metals like copper, silver or gold, an electrolytes like phosphate, or if you want something strong a plasma or lightning

Magnetic mainly works with humans and have little to no use to a shifter who don't want to work in the human sphere. This is a great choice if you what the character to feel alienated by the faction.
Possible elements: Metals affected by magnetic forces like iron, cobalt and lodestone, and magnetized versions thereof, or just have magnetism as element.

Is a fun faction that invents and creates things for other factions. It's a very free and open factions that let's shifters work with the things they like
Possible elements: Rubber in all forms, elastic polymers and other elastic things

You cant be in gravity sorry /:

No one will force you to join the revolution XD But if you aim for this faction the element dosn't matter that much.

Which one do you feel fits best?
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Electrical or magnetic... I think I'll go with Electrical. Maybe gold as his element so it kinda blends in with his animal form, but still can be seen.
The job you suggested would fit him to a point that he wouldn't mind doing it. I'll have to look into that.
Thank you for the help!

I didn't see the trivia on Gravity XP
It said the black faction "recruit all kinds of shifters, either by force or promise of a utopia for all shifters" so that's were I got that idea from.
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Gold fox! :3 Looking forward to learn about him! Don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else you need help with.
MonsterRife's avatar
Will do! Thank you for the help!
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hi! I was wandering what faction and host animal my character should be the element they have is fluorite.
YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
Since Fluorite can be florescent I would say that you may choose between Thermal/Mechanical and Radiation. :)

As for what host animal: you can choose whatever you like as long as it has 4 limbs and is bigger or the same size as a Rat. ^^ (Choosing an animal that's don't have 4 limbs will give your Elementshifter pain and problems when it comes to changing shape. It's not impossible to have such a host animal but the Society have rules against creating such children.)
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ok i think i got my host animal now.
but i just wanted to know if any elemental shifter can be born with deformities or being deaf/mute or blind?
YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
Okay we had to think about this one a little bit. Your character can be born blind if the surrogate mother carries a gene for blindness, however when they grow up they will eventually get their eyesight. UNLESS they really want to stay blind. as they control their their own appearance unconsciously they can refuse to get the eyesight back if they really believe they will never be able to see.

same thing goes for other deformities and being deaf/mute.
SqueakyWolff's avatar
ah ok thank you
sorry for asking a lot of questionsSweating a little... 
Jedni's avatar
Asking questions is what the help document is for (: You are welcome with more anytime!
YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
don't worry! I love to answer any questions!! ^^
SqueakyWolff's avatar
hi again! just wanted to know if rhinestones count as an artificial element?
YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
Okay I've spent the day thinking about this. :) I would say no. As rhinestones are glass or plastic combined with a colored metal surface I would consider it to be an invention or an artifact rather than a substance. colored glass can be an element, colored metal as well but not the two of them combined into something so specific as a rhinestone. ^^'
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Sorry to bother again! I filling out the application when I was confused by one of the stat bars.

It says "Physique" and I wasn't sure if you meant "physical" as in how physical strong the character is?
YouAreNowIncognito's avatar
It's strength  and toughness combined :)
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Hello! I love your group and have a ton of ideas for characters! 
I was wondering how many characters a member can have at once? 
Jedni's avatar
You can have any number, there is no limit (:
KazzMcSass's avatar
Alright, thank you for telling me!
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