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Chaos and Order

Someone was asking me aout the symbols you see in the background of the images and whether they correspond with story and if I had created them myself.

Yes they do. Infact they are the primordial sigils to the story AND yes, I made em' all from scratch. (and there are many more symbols and markings I need to finalize.) These two however I made them as a Photoshop brush now so I don't to KEEP redrawing them! YAY! :la:

(And yes, they would make excellent tattoos)

If anyone is familar with Tarot, pagan and alchemic symbols, both of these symbols reside from one single universal symbol: Wheel of Fortune, Sabbats and Solistice Wheel, and the World.

And "World" is the primary focus. Conveniently, the world is split into 8 halfs. ( 8 elements?)

So from Left to Right;

Chaos: Obviously what it is. Represents death really... Its the sigil for the Order of Chaos ( as Silver says: "Pfft? Order of Chaos, really? Isn't that an oxy-moron?) Its a tattoo, on flags, armor and after a brutal killing or massacre, it's painted on the walls in the victims blood as a calling card. With the symbol of 'the world' in the center, its 8 channels are chaotic, instead of balance, shaping in what appears to be a 'goat' head (inverted pentacle as the sign of satan) or demon head really. The EYE in the center ( Like the EYE of Sauron :P) represents, one eye on their world, thus stating one god- Which is Chaos. Chaos is a demon god that can basically purge (burn) all of humanity from their world just upon sight.( The Order of Chaos refers to this power to "the Eye of Purifcation" ) Although his interpretations on what he appears like is never solid. The order of Chaos main objective is wipe out humanity and take the world as their own- BUT humanity's life source has been spread to many other worlds and dimensions: the nether realms, outer realms, inner realms, and finally the center realm; one primary center that holds the core of humanity. The core the elements were created to protect. Our humble planet Earth.

Which leads us to the next sigil:

ORDER: The symbol of balance. The gods of fate have this symbol tattooed to their bodies. They are soldiers of protecting the peace and withholding the power of the creation of life, the end of life and the path they take. (what the Greek gods of fate basically do) The soul protectors of the eight gods of creation: The Orsian gods ( Orsa in latin= beginning). This symbol also represents the elements, and the eight balanced channels they possess from the Orsian Gods. THE MAIN purpose of this symbol is actually an atlas to the other realms. And the 8 worlds contained in each realm space.
The largest ring (outside) represents the Netherworlds- where the Orsian gods had first banished all the demons upon the first uprising against humanity in the prophecy.
The second largest ring is the Outer Realms : Worlds that protect the barrier to the center Realm (Inner realms). In each of the 8 worlds in the Outer realm there is a Obelisk (usually within the grounds of the Temple of Fortuna) placed by the gods that prevents a passageway to the inner realms. In the introduction to the comic: Prelude to War you actually witness an Outer realm world being destroyed, which is Eros's world.
To the outside of the main center is the Inner Realms : Second barrier to the core. Although it's barrier isn't as strong as the first, each of this realm's worlds are protected my a fate or a guardian (characters that come in later in the comic) If all fates/gaurdian are destroyed then the doorway to the Center Realm is wide open.
and at last, Center Realm: Earth, the core of humanity.

Now some demons can get passageway through the gates to each realm by the rituals, higher powers and stupid humans who invoke demons, but if all all barriers fall Chaos is born.

Moira summons a lesser demon from the Netherworlds in Chapter 4 of the comic "Balor of the Evil Eye" with a invoking amulet (Amulet of Charybdis) that is one of the many peices and vessels that contain the soul of Chaos.... more information that needs to be explained in the comic :P

Also I have rankings for each classification for demons from A-G This is what the demons hunters use so they know what their up against... or could take Cerridwen's approach:

"Does it matter? If it's a demon, I'll burn them all to hell anyway."


All story, concepts and characters of 'the Elements' Copyright of me.
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Nice design for chaos and order especially how the pattern for order connects symmetrically whereas as chaos is all over the place you have them both down in a nutshell :)
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I really like image of Chaos star.
I'd like use it as base for tattoo, of course if you permit it.
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I was wondering if you take commissions like this? I've been looking for artists to do symbol and glyphs like this for weeks now.
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For a symbol like this? Yeah no problem. Send me a message at and we can go over the details. :)
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Hey, sorry again I just sent another email. I know it has been a while. Reasonings are described in my email.

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Sent an email from
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Heya, sorry it has taken so long. A email has been sent to you.
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A few of my girls have symbols, so I guess making their symbols a brush might not be a bad idea! :D

These would look in a game, the Agents of Chaos against the Order of... Order?
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Lol. It's just Order and Chaos. The demons that run the rebellion have the "Order of Chaos" (An oxy-moron that the Element's pun about several times in battle.) And those who lead within the "Order of Chaos" are the Agents of Chaos- Since Chaos is the ONE god they follow.

Order is not really a god, unless you count all god's as one. It's just a symbol of Balance and those who serve it are the Fates. It has a multitude of meanings that keep being brought up within the story. I guess the REAL name for it would be "The symbol of ORIGIN"

ALSO the CHAOS symbol's design is like a fracked up version of Order. The demon's symbol of propaganda against Order.
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So you think Chaos is evil and Order is good? Is your story about Order and Chaos part of some fantasy role play game or something or your personal philosophy? ...Because what you wrote has nothing to do with Chaosmagick or the meaning of the Chaosstar. People who use this symbol mean something totally else with Chaos and if people want to whipe out humanity or reduce population by wars, its more those who talk about a New World Order and not about Chaos. Chaos is nothing else than the Unmanifest Potential of all possible orders...
nice artwork, though ;)
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Not necessarily. Without giving away certain plots, Chaos and Order start as one force of power. It is balance to everyone and everything- the wheel---Light and Dark, life and death ect- and every living entity is composed of this power. Some more chaotic, some not.- But a certain event breaks this 'wheel'  and in a desperate action to keep the 'wheel' whole it formed a new power.-Which is what the the elemental gods are the foundation for- That symbol of Chaos is more of the first power's symbol of representation and their propagation for war.  While story gives off a good vs evil formula at first, its quickly transitions to the 'shades of grey' formula as it progresses.

That's really all i can say without giving away pivotal plots lol
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Ok, to me it looks like a variation of the 8 ray chaosstar, which does not mean propagation of war or any kind of violence at all. This Symbol as it is used in modern Chaosmagick, is taken from the fantasy books of Michael Moorcock by Peter Carroll and combined with ideas of Fantasy Author Terry Pratchett. It can also be taken as a multidimensional coordinate system, also known as chaossphere. It can also be associated with the "undirected gropefigure" in the archetypical drawing developement of children (often misinterpretated as "sun" by adults) and shows parallels to the 8 of wands in the crowley/harris tarot deck.

"their propagation for war"  - who exactely do you mean with "their"? Who is the "First Power"? Wikipedia only knows a horror movie with that title...
The problem on earth is nothing personal, it is structural.
I hope you don´t believe in a little group of chaos-lovers who inscenate all wars on earth. In the end a view like that is also called structural antisemitism, almost every dualistic conspiracy theory ends up with a pointed finger on "them", what are the jews, in most of the cases...but:
"The witch always sits at the end of the pointed finger"
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It's a fascinating symbol the 8 pointed wheel or '8 pointed star' has shown up in hundreds of cultures all over the world.
To Buddhism/Hinduism as such it's seen as the 'Dharmachakara" teaching us the path to Nirvana
In Pagan/Celts/Nordic/Icelandic cultures its a symbol for the seasons, moon phases, sabbats. "Sun Wheel"
The Aztec/Mayans have it in their calendar.
Christianity see it as sign of rebirth.
St.Peter's Square in Rome is literally lined out as the 8-pointed star!
In Tarots card ects.

The origin  of where this symbol comes from is still unknown.  It's been around before Christ.
An Italian nobleman named Pietro della Valle discovered the use of an eight-point star as a seal in the ruins of the ancient city of Ur (~2000BC), Tell al Muqayyar, in the mid-seventeenth century. He wrote “I found on the ground some pieces of black Marble…which seem to be a kind of Seal like what the Orientals use at this day: for their Seals are only letters or written words…Amongst the other letters I discovered in a short time was…a star of eight points…”

The Sumerians used an arrangement of lines as a symbol for both star and God. The linear eight-point star represented the goddess Inanna, Sumerian queen of the heavens and Ishtar (Astarte), the Babylonian goddess known as “The Lightbringer.” An eight-point star enclosed within a circle was the symbol for the sun god. The “Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of subsequent astrology.”
For centuries, the Greeks believed that the morning and evening star we different entities. The Greeks recognized Venus as the morning and evening star is 400 BC, 1,500 years after Sumerians.
I mention the Sumerian history to show the earliest origins of the eight-point star as a reflection of astronomical observations from one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Summer is located in an era of the world where several civilizations, such as Babylonian, Arkadian (Semetic), Elam (proto Indo-Iranian), Egyptian, and Greek expanded and retracted.

However it is never seen as symbol of a form of evil- EXCEPT ONLY in Chaos Magick. But if you notice the points in this symbol are almost always in arrows, or spears. Which is why I was careful to design the comic's chaos symbol with arrows and the wheel symbol, order- with either moons/suns.

Time. Destiny. End to beginning. TO ME It's a symbol of constant equilibrium. So that's why  in 'the Elements' it represents not only the 8 elemental forces but represents "Order" and the gods that rule over this power are gods of "Orsa" (Latin for Beginning)

The Chaos symbol, is 8-pointed star as well but the flow of energy is no long staying on its path. Instead the energy seems to come from one source, the center. 

So what is this symbol? Good? Evil? Both? Who knows?

That's what makes it unbelievably remarkable
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So it's pretty much Moira(sp?) against the Fates?
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Indeed. Of course there is much thicker story behind them, but I don't want to give you juicy spoilers :P
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I'll wait for it to be finished. Are you going to publish the comic or post it up somewhere so we can read it?
ElementJax's avatar
Eventually. I think I'm gonna do a online comic to build a kick-ass fan-base first ^^
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Count me as a fan! :iconmegustaplz:
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Excellent. Finally my plans for world domination is in motion---*COUGH*-- I mean- YAY! :P
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its hard to deside which one
So absolutely awesome!
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