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Battle Poses- Ass Kicking

Action packed comic/anime/manga artists will appreciate this. Crazy ass battle poses to give that drawing a certain 'impact' to their work.

It's actually me; bored and moody out of my skull, watching TONS of voilent, action packed, fighting shows online and doodling the fighting techniques. It started off just a way to pass time until I managed to do over 107 of them.

So here are the best ones. Page 3 of 3

Most of theses came from just imagination after getting the ball on the roll. For those who know my characters from my comic book could actually pick out, who's pose belonged with whom.

Want more Poses? Check em out here:
More Ass Kick-age
Dodge and Pwned
Kick and Punch
Meteor Hammer
Fire Dancer
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thanks man...just the stuff i needed to help me get better
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Definitely going to use these poses some day! I'll credit you when I do, and until then, thanks for giving us these poses!
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Hi! Just letting you know I used one of the poses here.…
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Excellent stuff! Will credit you if I use a pose from here. =D
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Sure will help me. Thanks :)
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Bottom-right pose altered:… Thanks for the helpful poses!
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Hahaha is the top left pose a Lucy Kick?
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hey, that`s great!
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That's what I'm talking' about! ;)
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YES! I totally needed this! :la: Thank you!
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I used one, thanks for making all these. They're really great. X3
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Clap nice.,., XD
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Thank you so much for sharing this! 
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love it *3*
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Holy **** you have a dirty mind
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This is really useful! Thanks a bunch! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
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Thanks for making these references. It'll help to expand my drawing abilities toward fight scenes and poses. This is a good variety. These will certainly be inspiring.
:D Guitar Player You rock
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This will be so handy for me – thanks bunches for sharing:D
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I do not tolerate strong language (I'm really sorry for saying that^^;), but these poses are great. I hope these will help, too.
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