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The Monster Called Pain part 2
           The Monster Called Pain          
     The three of them were crying as they went running as fast as they could to Natalyia’s house but were stopped by the three guys. Mercer was on the ground pavement all bloodied, the third guy stood in front of the girls and the other two guys stood behind them.
    “N-n-no. P-ple-a-se.” said Mercer in a soft, quiet weakened tone
    “What’s the matter now?” said the first guy
    “Did we make you cry.” said the second guy teasingly
    “No, please leave us alone.” said Natalyia still shedding tears
    “Why are you doing this.” said Ariana still crying
    “Get over here.” said the third guy
    Then each of the gu
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The Monster Called Pain part 1
The Monster Called Pain
    There once was a boy, he was quiet, he barely spoke. He only spoke to the teachers when he was told to and he also spoke to his close friends, friends he really trusts. He was not popular but he was known but at times his classmates ignored him, as if he was a ghost. He barely had friends in his classes so that is why he always worked alone, even when others offered to work with him. No one messed with him and he didn’t mess around with anyone. He was a smart creative boy with big plans for his future, he wouldn’t give up and he worked his way around things. He is a 18 year old boy with short black flipped hair and brown eyes with light brown skin, he was of Mexican background and he was creative but he didn’t notice much of it.
    Three years later at the first day of school in his last year he was wearing a bright blue polo shirt with black shorts that went down past his knees and black and white skating sho
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The lockbox
The lock box
   It was four of us, we were all trying to out win each other and we ended up doing dumb things. How we often have nostalgic times like those almost every day, which I will never forget. There was this one time we were playing hide and seek tag and we got bored of our usual playing area so we took it up a notch. There was this one abandoned house very close to our neighborhood and it only took like 10 minutes to get there. We all got side tracked and decided to search the place for anything that seemed interesting to us.
   The exterior was in very good shape but the inside was crumbling, it had two stories with a set of broken stairs and wooden debris everywhere. We were looking around for a bit but then we started hearing things dragging and other noises that would suggest the house breaking down even more. Quite a few times things began to break down like falling floors, wooden debris, and the such. But luckily none of us got hurt and with the falle
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This feeling
What is this?
Is it depression?
I really don't know anymore
It eats at you
It hurts you
I hate feeling sad
I hate feeling that something is missing
Some excitement perhaps?
And worst of all I hate feeling down for no fucking reason
Enough already!
Get me out! Now!
There are many things to cure certain problems but
Anything you do won't last forever with this disease
It keeps coming back
All we can do is only hope
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Human nature
The world itself is not messed up
It is the humans who inhabit it
In which they destroy everything they touch
Prized possessions
Loved ones
Even their own kind
They have no limits
They are unpredictable
They are their own destructive force
That sometimes end themselves
Their reasons are unknown
Some do it for power
For money
For fame
For popularity
But some times they do it for their own sick pleasure
Nothing is off limits to them
And will stop at nothing to get what they want
Once their doom and wipes them out will peace finally be achieved
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The father
In the end no one came to his funeral
His death was the best thing that happened to his family
But the only good thing he has done in his life was have a very short talk with his son saying
"Son do not become like me"
Before claiming his own life
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My days
I wake up to silence
My thoughts open up to many opportunities
In which I next think about my day and what I might do
The thought of what will happen throughout my day scares me
Many times I am to myself thinking the good that might happen to me
The next I am scared about my future
Do you know what is the best part of my life right now? Do you?!
I get to wait through five to six long boring days of me being a failure
Then happiness comes but it quickly gets boring again and it leaves
At times an exciting event comes up and leaves me in temporary happiness
But nothing lasts forever
Everything has an end to it
There has to be because it's an illusion if it does lasts longer than planned
But sometimes I really really wish it could last forever
But I am left in sorrow thinking about it
And it's getting hard to put my life together
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The foreigners
   It starts out with my brother and I going to a foreign country for a relaxing vacation. After we settled in for an hour some guards found us saying that they messed up on something. We went with them but we got knocked out, when we woke up there were dark rags on our heads. After some minutes we got out of the vehicle the rags on our heads got lifted, we saw a military prison of some sort. I asked where we were and a guard got a map and pointed to what I thought was the outskirts of North Korea.
   Within the prison we were taken to section for kids and teens of all sorts with different backgrounds. The officials there interrogated my brother and I using as little violence as possible which was a surprise to me considering we were in North Korea. After they were done with us they contacted the leader of the section we were currently in and we were to follow him. We were taken to a torture asylum room where all our stuff was taken away and we had to wear dirty rag
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   Towards the end of World War 2 the Germans wanted to make better soldiers, to strengthen them so they can win the war. A laid back female journalist wanted to get the biggest scoop of her career and it all changed when she heard about a certain place. She secretly and discretely gathered information about the place that almost cost her her life. In the information she gathered it told of a way to maximize a soldier's strength to where they are unstoppable. With many hardships and troubles she located a secret underground base where all war experiments occurred.
   It was like any other base with information, projects, training of soldiers, etc. and she managed to secretly get into the medical wing undetected. She was observing how the doctors did it but was very horrified by her sights. German doctors were operating on dead and live soldiers, the live soldiers were not given anesthetics. They felt everything that was being conducted on them and the horror house d
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(Insert your title here)
My tears blend in with the rain
I try to scream but I can't
I walk aimlessly trying to find something
An answer perhaps?
But I am left with sadness and a bit of anger
That soon leaves me hurt in pain again
That will soon break my body down
Until I am forgotten about
Vanished as if I never existed
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Child of a prodigy
    My father, a widely known man for his skills. Some say he is the fastest and most dedicated man that people have met. I started seeing my father as an idol, he was always successful and solved his problems in the most calm but achievable manner. Those around him would praise him for his work and the good he has done to those close to him. But as time kept moving forward, I changed on how I see him bit by bit. I started questioning his actions and I started hating him.
    It started when I turned 18 years old and since my father has a big business he wanted me to inherit it so he took me there to know the place and has offered me to work there a bit. He took me there to what it was like and so I can learn his ways, he told me everything I needed to learn and it was calm and simple at first but that changed within a few weeks. He started getting disappointed and kept saying to try my best or don't worry about it in a friendly manner but I knew deep insi
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The sun may feel harmless
It may seem harmless
But that is not always the case
The sun scorches my skin
Turning it into a darker color
Like the color of falling autumn leafs
The sun and its heat almost pins me down
Down to the ground where I can't move anymore
It burns you little by little
Almost giving off an invisible aurora
The sweat turns into a paradise
With the winds blowing
Almost if you were in a suit that covers you in water
You get tired easily
But nothing will bring you down
Because there are still some protecting
The slightest of shade cools you off even more
If you lose to the sun and its light
You are already scorched
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They say she is a creature like no other
Her sparkling snow white skin shines bright as the sun
Her movement in indescribable, almost as if she floats
Her words are those of angels that sing high above the heavens
Her eyes are like diamond stars that glow at night
Some say she is an angel others say she is a goddess
Her body is of a humanoid feline but described as the most beautiful thing in the world
Her wings are those of feathers that other creatures give
She has some strange markings that daze the viewer in awe
Her jewelry is of an unknown material that makes part of who she is
Some say she is a rare sight, very few get to see her
Some say it's a blessing when her soft hands touch theirs
Some even wait for the day she arrives
Her being is immortal but peace follows her everywhere
She brings prosperity and wellness to all animals that she encounters
She is one of the mysterious creatures that dwell within earth and appear as they please
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The Organization: case file 0200
The Organization: case file 0200
    David is one of those loyal friends, he cared so much about those close to him. He is willing to do anything to help them in any way that he can, he isn't much of a fighter but would resort to it if necessary. But lately he keeps blaming himself for the death of a fellow friend named Eric. David couldn't stop Eric from killing himself due to the harassing and bullying from a certain trio. David knew he wasn't helping Eric every time he tried fighting the guys responsible for his death.
    Every time he got beat but his urge to finish off the trio and wipe them out grew stronger every day. He wouldn't give up because Eric was one of his best friends, one that he got close to while growing up. So of course he took Eric's death the most difficult, he would visit his grave every time. He would lay Eric's favorite comics nest to hid headstone and he would cry every time. David too planned for the deaths of the scumbag trio
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Black Rock Shooter Strength by ElementGuns12 Black Rock Shooter Strength :iconelementguns12:ElementGuns12 3 6
I live home alone and I was about to make diner when Inside my deep dark basement I heard a young girl's crying voice that said: "Something is in here with us." in a shocked scared tone. Then I hear something whispering in my ear: "And it's me." in a hushed disturbingly distorted way behind me.
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