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Trinity Library

The library at Trinity university in Dublin.
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DeviantArt isn't displaying this image... possibly file corruption on the server? :(

Maybe you can reupload the image.
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Beautiful perspective . . . ! Clap 
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That is an awesome library!
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I would very much like to live there, if it's okay.
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Must. See. Books. Up. Close!
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I really hope the folks at Dublin appreciate this collection of books
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This is in Dublin? Damn! I missed the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place of peace and knowlegde!? When I visit Ireland next time, I'll make sure to visit this University... if there is public success to it that is
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You could NEVER get me out of there....
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This library is full of antique medical volumes, all of which are off limits to the public. I went there on a tour of the Book of Kells exhibit, and the shelves you see are all blocked off by ropes.
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:ninja: They wouldn't stop me...
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Wow, that stair in the second floor looks very, very dangerous to use...
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Libraries are a place for escape into the world of books! I would love to be there and get lost in all those books.
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There aren't enough pictures of this place online. I honesty want to set up a cot and live there.
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All those books are for display, they don't let people actually read them. I think only historical society workers get to actually read from them.
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Oh sweet Jesus... give me that room for the rest of my life, and I'd be happy 'till the day I died.
i think i would pee my pants if I had to climb to the top of that ladder
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God! That would be my dream library~ :heart: So many books :love: Love the composition and the lighting here! :la:
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; A ; oh my god. so many books to read.
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Hi, you had been featured here [link] <3
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:wave: You have been featured in my journal: Books and Libraries
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I've been there!!! I love it!!!!
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