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Randomness is what we make
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United States
Commission: Dont do commission (Not a paypal member by the way)
Request and Art Trade: It depends if I'm busy or not but ask me first either comment on my profile or note me.
I can RP, Note or comment anytime.

Using my character(s) in your artwork or someone else request, trade and/or commission by you.

I really don't mind to get a surprise artwork from you guys, but still you can note me to be in the save side. There some things I will and won't allow, I like my characters to stay the way they are, but if you gonna make some changes or just doing a random effect like inflation, macro/micro, etc. let me know.

If you doing my Elemental in random clothing, remember keep the color clothing meaning:
Gus(Wings) wears any shade of white
Razor(Stripes) wears any shade of green
Blaze(Inferno) wears any shade of red
Indigo(Skipper) wears any shade of blue
Skyler(Zypher) wears any shade of brown
Horton(Clay) wears any shade of brown
Pluto(Frosty) wears any shade of blue.
Rest of my characters could have any random color clothing.

I mostly won't allow my character(s) to be drawn in Adult/Mature rated and My Little Pony theme drawing.

Other Sites
Facebook: Ask me on Note
Youtube: Ask me on Note
Twitter: Ask me on Note

Favourite style of art: Anime/Cartoon
Favourite cartoon character: Alot that I know of
When is your Birthday? Comment Here (Watchers Only)
3DS/WiiU Wifi Game List
To you guys, what should Ted (Ursaring), Ark (Arcanine), and Colton (Chesnaught) attack moves be?

I mean Ted got attacked by a X-Scissor, and I thought Ark is a fast runner so I guess Extreme Speed counts on that

So without looking over those Attack Move Help Sites, give me 1 (Like TR Meowth badly knows Fury Swipe "1"), 2, 3 or 4 Attack Move(s) on 1, 2 or all 3 of my Pokesonas. Their Egg, TM/HM, Tutor Moves are optional counts.


That was.... amazing Steven Universe "Change Your Mind" episode... I was shocked and amazed, a bit sad too


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Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2019   Digital Artist
Hi :) Since you do large furry art, may i ask you something? (No, i'm not asking for a request or anything like that, i've just been trying to find something for a long time and you may be the right person to ask) 
ElementalFurries Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
What is it?
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019   Digital Artist
Would you know any really fat characters that are good guys? (I mean, like HUGE characters with extra-wide frames, massive torsos, big bellies and strong, muscular limbs) Most characters that fit that description are villains, and any heroic characters like that are usually fat joke characters or goofy in some way. 
ElementalFurries Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019
I get what you mean. I think there some good fat characters I like
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White-Wyvern-Realms Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Hey its been awhile
ElementalFurries Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
White-Wyvern-Realms Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I wanna say sorry.
Furrywolf79 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
have you search up Plump Productions? I watch her.
ElementalFurries Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018
I saw her.
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