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The Legend of Zelda - Link Fights Ganon

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Thanks to many requests for a Zelda pic I decided to create a scene from the original game. As with my previous work, this image print resolution. Feel free to print it, use it as a background image, whatever you like.

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yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
I won't mind a re-imagining like this, it is one of my favorite things too do when I am bored. ^^;
leduc-gallery's avatar
Nintendo really needs to use your style.
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
They have enough artists but they could have more. 
ElCodeMonkey's avatar
Holy wow, dude. That's some freaking amazing graphical upgrade while still remaining so true to the original! I love it!!
Trebeck's avatar
rustedsoda's avatar
Master Sword??  In this game???
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
That would be the Magic Sword if it was booted up from this game. 
rustedsoda's avatar
I should hope so, because making it look like the Master Sword... ehh... 
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
It is interesting, I would love a secret in Breath of the Wild which you can get the Magic Sword by pushing the right Tomb Stone. 
rustedsoda's avatar
We need a cemetary first though. Not a one in the game. :(
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
There is unless I am mistaken for a different one. 
rustedsoda's avatar
really?? where???
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
don't know, it is a big game, I might be confused with the other games though. 
rustedsoda's avatar
I know there's a *very* non-western "sort of" one in Kakariko, but like... one with actual headstones and whatnot? 
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Laharl234's avatar
A good picture of one of the worst fights in the series.
Neelai's avatar
I've never seen that technique before but the result is amazing! You make it look so easy in your videos :-)
Yeah - this is what I think as well.. I have never seen this technique before and it looked so easy - even when he adjusted Link to look "real". Great work, really....
jerichofr's avatar
This is awesome. I would however, add one small critique...

The bottom door seals when you enter the room, so that would be closed, and not open as you have depicted it.

Other than that, this is beyond awesome.
renigade's avatar
Would it be possible to get a copy of the creation process, at normal speed? I would love to see how everything was done, in detail! 
FlamerXMagofire's avatar
Usagiman's avatar
i'm speechless.This is.. wow
Metroid21L's avatar
this is amazing, awesome job brother, respect
bulbousOrange's avatar
This style reminds me of Spelunky. Superb job!
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