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Quake - Battle Against the Two Fiends

By Elemental79
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Quake, developed in 1996, is the first true 3D FPS developed by id Software. I spent countless hours playing this game and really wanted to see it remastered. The screenshot seen is a composite of different level elements including 2 Fiends, the Nail Gun, and Quad Damage.

This piece took roughly 50 hours to complete. I worked at a resolution of 12800 x 7200.
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© 2016 - 2021 Elemental79
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Hello, I really enjoyed your artwork done for Quake 1.

Could you do some artwork reimagining what Quake's monsters would look like in the Quake Champions sets?

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Thank you for making also a video speedart, it is always a pleasure to see and review how this work of art took shape.

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Absolute perfection

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Two fiends in an area THAT cramped?

Good luck dead boy. 
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The fiends always freaked me out when I was playing Quake.  Just the way they jump out of nowhere and attack you.
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Those are some big-ass fiends.
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This is a fuckin' 10/10 picture.

Holy shit this is amazing.

I want to kill myself because of how goddamn good this is.
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How did you get the base screenshot so perfect? Was it staged?
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You can record your screen and then extract the proper frame from the playback.
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Just realized it looks like they added the fiends in later from other screenshots.
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Looks like a Quake Remake on Source 2
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If only the game looked like this... amazing job here!
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thanks to the magic of modern hacks and moding, it can. 
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I actually like the old blocky look better.  The monsters are scarier that way, because you can't see them that well and it kinda allows your imagination to run wild.
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If fact, the game could look like this nowadays. As long the keep the "blocky" looking on the scenaries and give the enemies a reasonable polycount they can make the textures and dynamic lights looks like this and make the game run 60fps.
But of course they won't do that, today developers always uses insane polycounts for every little detail that ends making the games go sluggish even in a small room with four enemies on screen.
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Yes, a strange design path, I know. Just give me the old-school, circlestrafing arena-type shooters anyday honestly. I hear Devil Daggers is pretty good at replicating that.
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What about MORTAL KOMBAT (1, 2 or 3) remake?
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This is SUPERB! You have excellent artistic quality and did a FANTASTIC job capturing Quake 1 :D
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