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Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon's Stage

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This is a remastered composite screenshot from the game Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo. The screenshot features the enemies Amenhopper, Armor Soldier with Ride Armor, Axe Man and Jamminger.

This piece took roughly 70 hours to complete.

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Check it. ITs magical. The way this was done , the style of it, the lighting and detail. It preserves the nostalgia and even reminds me somehow of crisp games back in the day like MDK2. It feels oddly familiar but new. What I love most is that this art style isnt taking away from the original designs only adding to it. ITs absolutely stunning. Probably the best this game could ever hope to be remaseterd and no one is going to do it. THis one sole picture, representing a masterpiece in design, wont ever get to flow in animation or in a real game. ITs a bit cruel what you have done. You show me whats possible and how Capcom keep cheaping out and pouring little to NOTHING into the ROCKMAN series.

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this is beautiful! I love it!!!

blueblue0093's avatar

I want to play this game!

DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
It looks pretty cool, though X looks awful happy when he's been one of the more emo heroes of this franchise :P But that's a minor nitpick if anything. Your page is great for these kinds of recreations.
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A very nicely detailed image. :)
Robot-Palace's avatar
Why did you stop!!!

Now I can't get the music outta my head...
Robot-Palace's avatar
Just imagine if the real game had this aesthetic! Great job!
Juanimator's avatar
One of your best. I love it!
mrlafle's avatar
I'm dying to pick up the controller, and unpause it!!!
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
Damn, that is fucking awesome.
Techno-the-cyborg's avatar
the megaman  franchise has always been my favorite. I  love this. The X series has been on of my favorites!
SIADmander's avatar
Spectacular. Looks like a fully-rendered, 3D remake.
AnimeCitizen's avatar
Thanks, I knew I forgot to play something!
CharizardZer0's avatar
Sonic-Factory's avatar
I am very curious to see what this man would do to a sonic cd stage...
CharizardZer0's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!
Sonic-Factory's avatar

I mean look how detailed they are in the past and present. But its really detailed in the futures. It would be incredible!
CharizardZer0's avatar
This feels like a cooler version of Collision Chaos Past, or as I like to call it: Vertigo Jungle.
WynterLegend's avatar
Sweet merciful occipital lobe! 

This is a triumph, man. I can't imagine how much it would cost to get one of these done...

Though, could I get a ballpark figure?
MegatronDX's avatar
This looks well made!:iconwowplz:
MegaVX's avatar
HOLY WOW!!!!!11One
MegaVX's avatar
THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! ALL TIME FAVE!!! brilliant mate :D 
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