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Mega Man X - Sting Chameleon's Stage

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This is a remastered composite screenshot from the game Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo. The screenshot features the enemies Amenhopper, Armor Soldier with Ride Armor, Axe Man and Jamminger.

This piece took roughly 70 hours to complete.

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I want to play this game!

DaIx-the-Dark-Fear's avatar
It looks pretty cool, though X looks awful happy when he's been one of the more emo heroes of this franchise :P But that's a minor nitpick if anything. Your page is great for these kinds of recreations.
samusmmx's avatar
A very nicely detailed image. :)
Robot-Palace's avatar
Why did you stop!!!

Now I can't get the music outta my head...
Robot-Palace's avatar
Just imagine if the real game had this aesthetic! Great job!
Juanimator's avatar
One of your best. I love it!
mrlafle's avatar
I'm dying to pick up the controller, and unpause it!!!
DefenderOfTheFlowers's avatar
Damn, that is fucking awesome.
Techno-the-cyborg's avatar
the megaman  franchise has always been my favorite. I  love this. The X series has been on of my favorites!
SIADmander's avatar
Spectacular. Looks like a fully-rendered, 3D remake.
AnimeCitizen's avatar
Thanks, I knew I forgot to play something!
CharizardZer0's avatar
Sonic-Factory's avatar
I am very curious to see what this man would do to a sonic cd stage...
CharizardZer0's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!
Sonic-Factory's avatar

I mean look how detailed they are in the past and present. But its really detailed in the futures. It would be incredible!
CharizardZer0's avatar
This feels like a cooler version of Collision Chaos Past, or as I like to call it: Vertigo Jungle.
WynterLegend's avatar
Sweet merciful occipital lobe! 

This is a triumph, man. I can't imagine how much it would cost to get one of these done...

Though, could I get a ballpark figure?
MegatronDX's avatar
This looks well made!:iconwowplz:
MegaVX's avatar
HOLY WOW!!!!!11One
MegaVX's avatar
THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! ALL TIME FAVE!!! brilliant mate :D 
Aniki-kun's avatar
FarBeyondStrange's avatar
I would love an HD Mega Man X remake for console.
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