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Killerinstinct Halfresolution

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This is my attempt to take a low resolution video game screenshot and turn it into something much more detailed.

The arcade game Killer Instinct was displayed at an amazingly low resolution of 320x240 which was a common resolution of the time. Played on today's TVs, the game looks like a blurry mess. Rare made the game using mostly computer generated imagery which at the time looked amazing. By today's standards, not quite so much.

By using Photoshop I was able to remake a screenshot from the game the way my brain wanted to remember it.

I chose Sabrewulf because I thought it would be a good challenge to work with something that has lots of hair. I was planning on the 2nd character being Fulgore, but settled for Spinal since I couldn't find a Fulgore sprite. I think it turned out better with these two as it matches the theme better to have a skeleton instead of a robot in a setting like this.

The original image is 8000x6000 and stored in 3 different PSD files.

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the expressions on their faces are priceless :XD:
TheALVINtaker's avatar
I saw the timelapse video of this piece, and all I can say is AWESOME VICTORY!
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Spinal, my favorite!
duartediego's avatar
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Hell yeah!! Sabrewulf and Spinal!!! Yessss!!!! I love it!! Awesome job!! ♥♥♥
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Well done!!! Nice work man!!! 
wolodin's avatar
This really AWESOME!
Nice job on capturing the feel of the original game but with modern quality.
Daniel-Rocal's avatar
Wonderful work.
I saw the Doom one long time ago and I have to say that you're a Photoshop master
vitinhosnt's avatar
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!
I'm feeling crazy and nostalgic when i see this!
Wonderfull artwork!
KeIIion's avatar
wow so fantastic werewolf it would be so fantastic when u draw more of them 
Kathyg08's avatar
Awesome CO-CO-COMBO BREAKEEEEEER!! :) Loved it.
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Watched the video it was super amazing it would be great if you did The Legend of Zelda next maybe Ocarina of time or a Link to the Past.
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You sir have earned the title of God this is the best image of the Ki series I HAVE EVER SEEN D: oh my Im so happy I got to see this in youtube. theprocess was breathtaking and It turned out amazing !!
ImLo0u's avatar
OMG. Wonderful!
PsycoMasterKA's avatar
This is, without a doubt, one of the most epic things I've ever seen.

I'm not loving how everyone's calling the new KI horrible, though... Give it a chance.
mawpearl's avatar
Epic Art !!! fuck! the new KI  should be like this  :(
FlamerXMagofire's avatar
I just saw the speed art video of this on YouTube, and I HAD to fav it here =D
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GriMSlaYr's avatar
Beautiful work man you should do a a HD version of the original game so much love of this game pitty of the slaughter that did to it.
Any possible chance of seeing a Spinal flame swording and or flame shielding fight with Orchid :D
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