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Final Fantasy IV - Overworld

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Watch how this image was made here...…

This is the overworld map from Final Fantasy IV redone at a much higher resolution (although the image here is only 25% of the size of the original and compressed for this site). 

This project took approximately 150 hours to complete. I tried to make the image unique in all areas and not to copy and paste too much, but the size is so big there are elements that are used in multiple areas (although no 2 elements are identical). This was my first time doing something like this. The PSB file sizes were pretty crazy! Hope you like it.

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Woooooowww!!! you are amazing dude... just saw your video on YT... I'm a big fan of FF4 and this is stunning!!! I love it!!!
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This is amazing. I made this my background on one of my many monitors at work. :)
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[Texture request, you can avoid/delete this post if you are not ready to share them]

Firstly, sorry for my bad English (not my first language...).

I'm sometimes working on unpretentious Photoshop scripts... and, currently, I'm enjoying by making a flexible fantasy worldmap generator (using perlin noise and such).

This is a project that will never be for commercial purposes, I would just like to share a new tool for roleplay fans.
My issue concerns the textures... I can not find as pretty as those of your speedart.

Could you link me the textures and the several mountains, hills and the likes pictures, please? :3
Thanks a lot! o/

PS : Nice work!
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Amazing job , congratulations
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Amazing art as always! Wow!
It's beautiful.  Can you provide the uncompressed version?  I'd love to make a print of this.
this is fantastic work. I would be thrilled to see one o f these for FF6.
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You are too awesome for doing this.  Please know that.
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Stunning work as always!!
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Came here from the Kotaku post. Top tier work.
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This is incredible, and that video was incredible. Masterful photoshopping displayed there. And, of course, you have a wonderful talent for aesthetic.
My only (stupid) disappointment was that when I first saw the title, I confused it for FFVI, instead of FFIV, so I was really looking forward to that. But, hey, if you're taking suggestions... =D
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this is just phenomenal. all of your artwork is! i love this map especially. would love to see other sprite rpg maps done in this style.
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Awesome stuff right here.
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Incredible piece of art!
Amazing! May I request FFVI next!??!?
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I was really close to doing FF6 but 4 edged out :)
i second that. absolut amazing artwork!!  FFVI would be great.
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I'm all "OMG this is effin sweet!"
And then I look at who made it and I'm all "Oh yeah this guy. Well, that's to be expected."
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Beautifully done! 
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Now I want to play it again...
Pretty incredible. I watch the whole youtube video of the creation process and was in awe the entire time. Not only are you incredibly skilled with photoshop, but you've also got an amazing artistic mind to be capable of recreating the textures of the land and water as you did.

I tip my hat to you, sir.
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