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Faxanadu - Tower of Trunk Entrance - Photoshop Spe

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This is a remastered screenshot from the video game Faxanadu a game made for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. It is about a battle between Elves and Dwarves caused by an evil being that came to the land via a meteor. The entire game takes place inside a gigantic tree. This image depicts the root system of the tree which is dying from lack of water.

There are about 6 people in the entire world that remember this game. But it was one of my favorites. The game has a lot of room for enhancement, but the style overall I always thought was excellent in the original. The music was also one of the best for the NES. (If you're reading this and are musically inclined, please make remixes of this game!)

This scene is modified from the original game and displayed in widescreen instead of 4x3.

This image took a very long time to create (close to 50 hours).

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It is my favourite game from NES and the music is awesome, by the way,  it helped me to learn english by my own when I was a kid, spending hours with a dictionary, notebook and pen, writting phases and mantras and carrying those stuff even to the farm from my father, translating phrases to the candlelight in midnight coz some electrical storm put down the powersource, and in the next wet morning climb to the mango tree playing with my figures of He-Man but in the role of Faxanadu characters. I have no brothers, no sisters, so that was me, the farm, tree and the game. With the console in the city house and without the console in the farm. Today I found yor image searching for a map, cause my kids asking about Faxanadu start playing some NES games and them loves. And proudly I note that them have a goood criteria. They love your image too.
If i found some time i will try to make some modern mixes from this music with some melodic power metal. 
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Congratulations! Great game...
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Oh boy does this take me back! Faxanadu was maybe the 3rd or 4th RPG I ever played, and 15 years later it's still with me (yes I still have the cartridge). I'm thrilled there are still people who enjoy it, and even create awesome art! Thanks for sharing this blast from the past. :3
I am re-creating this game. I would like to insert a Photoshoped version of this into the background of the appropriate location on the map. Is that okay?
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This game was one of my all-time favourites when I was younger! This is a wonderful piece of art :D
So this is nothing more than a re-tooled screen shot? What would it take to upgrade the graphics and essentially remaster the game? I am seriously thinking about it. Could I use this image as a reference? How currently owns the rights to this game?
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Instead nintendo virtual console. should bring classic games in this way !! we play Wii u not NES .. we love classic games but we need to see them in a good graphics.  I hope Nintendo invite u to their company loooool I trust u to bring the past.
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This was, and still is, one of my favourite games!
omg ended up here nostalgic over this game talking with a buddy. i'm one of those 6 people too. i feel like im part of a cult now lol. anyway this is breathtaking and a nod to one of my favorite things about childhood. peace bro. 
Thanks for taking the time to create this artwork. It really brought me back some 25 years. I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of fans out there that would love to see a remake and would even be interested in helping fund it. What an incredible game Faxanadu was. It was dark, compelling, and challenging --- and the music was awesome. Basically, it pretty much had all the elements that are missing from its many modern equivalents.
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here is another one of the 6 people that remember it, great game. LOVE the pic
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If only Nintendo would make this! I remember playing the hell out of this when I was 7.
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This makes me wish someone loved it enough to remake it... :<
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Ive just beaten this game. Nice fan art! The real graphics were 'a little' more pixelated :D
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There are far more than six that have fond memories of this game.  And your doctored hd remake wet my appetite.  Every year I catch myself looking for some hd remake I can play.  No fair, but superb work.
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the colors are great
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I love this! It is awesome!
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Faxanadu is one of those over looked games that is by far one of the best for the nes! I really wish they would do a remake for it using these graphics! 
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I loved Faxanadu.  This not helping that old school game buzz in the back of my brain.
a fantastic game. just beat it recently for the first time so it's great even without nostalgia :)
this game needs a sequel or remake 
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Ты реальный Мастер!!
Абалденные арты!!!
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i love this - i remember this game, duh!
Don't have negative thoughts - Remember your mantra!!!
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