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Contra - Energy Zone Boss

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For this project I decided to start with the 8-bit Nintendo game Contra and up the resolution to 9600x5400 pixels.

The Nintendo game Contra was one of the more popular NES games about some guys who looked like Rambo trying to defeat some aliens on an island. Or at least that is what I think it was about.

I tried to match the style of the game as close as possible, but took some creative liberties where I thought it really needed it.

I figured the Level 6 boss, who I think is a robot, would be the coolest looking boss. The last boss is a giant heart and that seems too easy. The other bosses are not really characters.

The project took 25 hours to complete over the course of 6 days.

The original image is 9600x5400 pixels and stored in 3 PSD files.

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Super well detailed. :o

I wonder how the last level looks like in your remaster design. :o
ernioporto's avatar
Love that Bill Rizer looks like Arnie! Great job.
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Excelente trabajo, muy detallado, está genial :happybounce: 
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This asshole was so hard to beat even with shoutgun equipped!!! It took me man attempts until I found his attack patron
Good work with this piece man.
Razor3982's avatar
nice.. i love this game.. the classic... actually where did the concept of ALIENS came from? the enemies here in CONTRA are pretty much the same. I think ALIENS copied it...
PS4 comming soon
This is really awesome! I just have one minor critique: the spread should have 5 projectiles per shot, not 4. Other than that, fantastic job! My inner child thanks you. :)
angus-beer's avatar
Just watched the video again- dude you rock!
Feels like a high definition version of Contra, you did one very good job on this =)
sladex23's avatar
Amazinga man!!!
Orindoomhammer's avatar
the games were pixelated and bland compared to todays games but when i played them this is pretty much how i saw them back in the day awesome job on all your art
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So this is what people can do with Photoshop.
kulcik's avatar
you should make remake!
VICTOX's avatar
Это просто ВВВВВААААААААУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:headbang: 
Jurticee's avatar
one day even this art will bring konami to make the remake of contra ,very imperesive pic dude.guess it take more than an hour right?
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Mindblowing dude!
jlsgraphics's avatar
Holy crap, totally amazing! I would love to see Bubble Bobble or Donkey Kong Country (which is already pretty awesome, graphically speaking :) Great work!
stako's avatar
Awesome! I wish there was a real remake that looked like this!
mallo15's avatar
Woah... Very cool! I still don't know what the purple thing is... very well!
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