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Merida joins the Royal Court

Merida joins the Royal Court today hooray!

If some of you like my Disney work you may recognise this from here [link]

If you don't like it I'a truely sorry it's just they put the coronation in the worst time. They announced in a week and I had a lot to do in that week:
1. I've been booking reservations to go to my mum's favourite restaurant for Mother's Day
2.Had small arguements with my older sister because her Birthday was on Mother's Day and she couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to celebrate with us or her friends (she choose us and confirmed the number of people)
5. Planning both parties and buying presents
6. Oraganising and Photoshopping a deluxe ballgown for Merida since Disney hasn't done one yet

So under that week I couldn't think of an orginal design so I went for an old one

Since Merida isn't a ballgown girl I used her cape to make her look wider like the other princesses

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Please give credit to RionaFury who has given me permission to use the Disney Princesses in their Deluxe ballgowns (Except Merida' casue I made that NOT Disney)
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"I am strong, I am brave, I am Merida, I am a princess!!"
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I like your words!!!
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Merida (in her mind): Somebody shoot an arrow through me head now... -_-;
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Belle: You are now a part of our happy happy family

Cinderella: With wonderful brave characters

Aurora: And terrifying villainy

Ariel: Now all of us here princesses have happily agreed upon

All: The welcoming of Pixar Princess Merida of Dunbroch clan.

Merida: Well, thanks you guys, but I don’t really know how to be a Disney Princess.

All: We’ll teach you.

Aurora: A princess must be kind

Cinderella: A princess must be sweet

Belle: With elegance refined

Jasmine: You must refuse to ever eat

Pocahontas: Yes, watch how much you weight

Snow White: That way you will stay

Mulan : Small in every way

Rapunzel : Till you’re old and gray

Snow White: A princess must be good

Tiana: She must know right from wrong

Ariel: She does the things she should

Aurora: of course she does them in a song

Ariel: Singing is the key, do take it from me

Cinderella: Make sure you’re in key

All: Let your voice be free

Merida: I’ve been alone with parents for such a long time , oh how it’s nice to make new friends; now I’m in here I’m right where I belong right here proud and strong as I sing along!

All: Now that you’ve joined us we just have a question, how did you get your hair like that?

Belle: Dibs on the bear, I like hairy men

Jasmine: There she goes again

Merida : I’m so glad we’re friends!

Rapunzel: ( to a Will-o’-the-wisp) Hello little friend!

All: A princess must have class, a princess has good taste , she never lets the chance to be dramatic go to waste

Snow white: When you’re feeling blue, shed a tear or two

Aurora: That’s all you can do till your prince saves you

All: A princess must be good , She must know right from wrong , She does the things she should, of course she does them in a song, singing is the key , don’t we all agree, Make sure you’re in key , Let your voice be free

Ariel & Belle: Life as a princess isn’t always easy

Cinderella: Choosing which shoes to use is hard!

Merida: I’ve turned my mom into a bear

Aurora: Eww you little hoe!

Merida: What? I didn’t know!

Tiana: Fine we’ll let it go

Pocahontas: Sometimes a princess gets to be the hero

Mulan & Merida: She gets to fight and saves the day!

All: Now you are ready , you are one of us ,so welcome, Princess Merida!

With that music:

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Lol! I remember watching that Leia with the Disney Princesses video, I'm sorta glad that Disney hasn't done anything to Star Wars after they bought it, we'll yet anyway
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Eww God what did they do to Rapunzel?!!! Merida looks alright, but this picture specifically makes Punzie look REALLY different....
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Thanks a lot! I'm just hoping I made it look that it suited Merida
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uh too much sparkles for her
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Just let this one slide everyone is in their deluxe ballgown and if look more at her dress not the cape thier isn't that much glitter that and the other princesses have WAY more sparkles than her anyway (that and Merida isn't wearing a ballgown, well so is Mulan but you get the idea) :teddy:
Hippiechick144's avatar eyes....WHY DOES EVERYTHING SPARKEL???!?!?! :iconpukingrainbowsplz:
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Oh don't mind if Disney add sparkles on fanmade dresses like these the Deluxe Ballgown Edition (minus Merida cause I made it) but in the normal franchise with the original dresses they should only put sparkles and the dresses that have it e.g. Tiana and Cinderella
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You should check this out!!! I'm on a team that is creating an audio drama with people to voice the characters. This is a piece that they did in honor of Merida's coronation: [link]
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"Rapunzel! You traitor!"

"No! NO! I will not be man-handled by a bunch of girls in glitter!"

I was cracking up so much on those parts :XD:

What do you think of Merida's deluxe ballgown (even though it's not a ballgown)?

If Merida saw my design for her ballgown, will she like it since it's not really a ballgown and she gets to wear her cape that now has gold threads at the end and her dress doesn't have as much glitter on it like the others or freak I glitterized her cape.

If you saw this [link] maybe you could've made it Mulan and Tiana to grab her
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Haha :) I love your design
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great. it's about time too. she kicks ass just fine. unless there's a much more badass princess coming soon.
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Yay! This is awesome!

I agree Merida isn't a ballgown person but I wouldn't have said Pocahontas is either, but they put her in one... (idk, is she more like that in the sequel? I haven't seen the sequel...)

Either way, great stuff!
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No this ballgown is way, way, WAY better than the one in the sequel even though this is an altered version of it.

And so is her hair it looks better like this then it was in the sequel for the dress

And thank you so much
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Ahh. Phew. I haven't seen most of the sequels, not for Mulan, Aladdin, Pocahontas...Little Mermaid...I dunno, I've heard loads of reports of how they're unsatisfactory compared to the originals. Mm.

They changed her hair? Nooooo you've gotta have that impossibly untangled flowy hair! I love it @_@

No problem :D
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dont like it? THIS IS AMAZING!!! :omg:
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Thank you but I'm saying people may not like it because I did the exact same thing for Rapunzel's welcoming [link]
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really? nice! still i dont see how people wouldn't like it.
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