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10 Official Disney Princesses

Rapunzel's coronation as an offical Disney Princess was on today in England and it was amazing.

Welcome Rapunzel to the Royal Court

Please give credit to RionaFury who has given me permission to use the Disney Princesses in their Deluxe ballgowns

Also please give credit to alafastanzio for Mulan to Ariel in the small line-up on the bottom of the image.

And last please give credit to ElafTalebHEJ in fanpop for Jasmine which I really liked and gave me permission to use.
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Beautiful group!
I`m not sure if its ok when I laugh about when aurora was pricking herself on the spindle of the spinning wheel
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TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :wow::squee::wow: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: :love:
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I'm glad you really seem to love this
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can i use this pic for a project?
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Only if you credit me as it is my artwork
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of course!!! thank you so much!!!
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And also when your project is finished may I have a look at it?
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my english final is a website, its not finished yet but heres the link of what i have so far:

it will definatly b done by next week ( if i wanna get a good grade) btw again thx so much!!!
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Is there a version of this gorgeous image with the individual princesses shown in full? I'd love to see more of these ladies in their amazing gowns!
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If you go to the Deviantartist RionaFury she has all the Disney Princesses in individual images in thier deluxe ballgowns

All though
Cinderella's white gold dress, Pocahontas reder skin, Aurora' platinum blond hair, Snow White's fairer skin and Rapunzel's left eye and tiara were my edits
I did that because I wanted them to match their look in their Original movies
HOW IN THE WORLD IS MULAN A PRINCESS?! she is not by marriage or birth. she is a heroine, yes, but not a princess!
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Ask Disney. They put Mulan in the Disney Princess Franchise because she's an inspiring female for little girls and Disney is trying to make the Princesses welcoming for all cultures and backgrounds
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:O! finally a rapunzel. the poor forgotten princess almost went extinct! :O
shes almost never in any of the princess "group" pics
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She's fairly new, in time Disney will make more group shots of the princesses.

but hopefully one day I can work for Disney an d they'll use this in the DP franchise (with the addition of Merida)
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yh i guess shes new to disney, but rapunzels a supppperr old story/character :( too bad disney took so long to make a cartoon for her. :O i would have loved to see rapunzel in the same style as sleeping beauty/snow white.

:O if thats what your aspiring for! I WISH YOU LOTS OF LUCK!
whos merida? lols
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Merida is an upcoming Scottish character from the movie "Brave". Its a Disney/Pixar film. It will be Pixar's first fairytale movie, Merida is Pixar's 1st female to be the main character in Pixar movies and hopefully Merida will be the 1st Disney Princess that came from Pixar

Brave will hit the cinemas around June
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Hmm, idk :'( im not really feeling it. or the way it looks </3
& if shes a pixar creation she's never really going to a Disney princess like the good old princesses lols.

i cant help but compare it with tangled, seems kinda like a mulan thing going on too.

BUT i guess i'll just have to watch its. here's hoping it goes down a storm :P
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Adorable! Even though Mulan isn't technically a princess
Glad Punzie got into the group! :aww:
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