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Lucy Swimsuit

By eleleoke
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Rendered in Carrara 8 Pro

Lucy Swimsuit:
Available at DAZ3D :)
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Sexy pose and swimsuit
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She is so good looking...wow!
Plus, I really like the swimsuit. Her hairstyle is just the perfect fit for her face and structure. I rate 11/10.

This could make me from going bisexual to full on lesbian. XD
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Thanks :D

Most of it is available in the DAZ store. (Hair:Venus, Skin: Maya elite, face morph: a little love)
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Covers her navel = No good! ;-)
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After seeing your account, I understand :)
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Hey Ele,

Looks good. The hair is A+, truly excellent as only Carrara can make it.

The skin still has that touch of artificial, metallic, look to it tho. The pose/hands/face needs some work aswell to look natural. Take the right hand as an example - if you stand like that yourself you will notice your hand will be posed different. Nitpicking, I know - cause this image is easily within the top 10% of 3D stuff on DA.
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Yeah I love the dynamic hair in Carrara :). Its also easy to brush for little fixes here and there. Thats got to be one of my favorite features of carrara.
Unfortunately skin is a little more difficult :(. There arent even many "good" skin renders in can find that were made in carrara. I think a major drawback is the crappy subsurface scattering. I didnt even bother putting it on. I might do the render again with SSS and see if I cant merge it in photoshop. Do you use a lot of SSS in your renders?
So I tried to go with a more "harsh" look. But I'm not giving up, there are nice soft skin carrara renders and I want to make one damnit! :D
The hand bothers me as well, but I got tired messing with it :). I might give it another go, I'm planning to do a couple more renders in this style. Might upload a few to the DAZ galleries to promote my swimsuit :D

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad I made it to the nitpicking :)
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