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Desktop October 10th, 2012 by Eleima Desktop October 10th, 2012 :iconeleima:Eleima 1 0
Remain Mortal
"The time that was mentioned has come, godchild. There is a choice before you… you have prevailed against all that have assailed you, and now you must decide your fate."
Anomen watched, his stomach in ropes as his beloved Gwen took a single step forward and resolutely asked the Solar:
"What are my options ?"
The knight didn't hear the answer as he drank every detail in. This was the moment he had been dreading for weeks now, he was going to lose it all.
He never would've imagined how important this woman would become to him when they first met that fateful evening in the Copper Coronet. She had been no more than the means to an end, the opportunity to gain more fame and fortune on the path to knighthood.
But living, traveling, fighting, bleeding with someone can change a person.
And he'd certainly changed. He barely recognized that pompous, arrogant fool she'd met in the Copper Coronet. That young woman had been – was – wise beyond her years and he still was unsure if it
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Desktop July 7th, 2012 by Eleima Desktop July 7th, 2012 :iconeleima:Eleima 0 0
I Could Use You
She faced the window which overlooked the Presidium, her blue gaze all steel and ice. Alexandra Shepard had been waiting for hours, it seemed. As she paced back and forth in Huerta Memorial Hospital's main hall, the same thoughts born of impatience and frustration churned in her head. The well-kept, peaceful Presidium grounds, in sharp contrast, felt… wrong. It didn't seem right, what with everything the Spectre had seen in the last forty-eight hours.
It had been just another day under house arrest in the Alliance's Vancouver headquarters, or so it had seemed. But before she knew it, Vega had come in, the Brass wanted to see her, and then, the Reapers arrived. Death and destruction had rained from the skies into the harbor's crystal waters. The cries of the injured and dying had been absolutely deafening, the acrid smell of burning flesh had made her gag. Alexandra had seen action before, but this… Never like this.
And then Anderson had returned her dog tags, reinstated her a
:iconeleima:Eleima 4 3
All That Remains
Anders stood before the door to Hawke's bedchamber, hesitating. She had sought refuge there upon their return from that cave below Lowtown, hurriedly discarding pack and staff in the main hall before clambering up the stairs and slamming the door shut behind her. He still wasn't sure if the gesture meant she didn't want to be disturbed or if it had only been a product of the unbearable grief she must be experiencing.
Well, worst case is she'll just kick me out. The thought wasn't appealing. Still, he turned the knob and entered.
Hawke had hastily discarded her robes which lay before the great bed, a sight which normally would have set him aflame. Focus, Anders. He was, after all, just a man.
At first, she was nowhere to be found, but then he spotted a head of jet black hair. She was sitting on the floor, propped up against the bed and staring into the fireplace. Without a word, he rounded the bed's corner and sat gingerly beside her. When she still didn't speak, motio
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Desktop Febuary 7th, 2011 by Eleima Desktop Febuary 7th, 2011 :iconeleima:Eleima 0 7 Desktop August 24th, 2010 by Eleima Desktop August 24th, 2010 :iconeleima:Eleima 1 4 Desktop July 10th, 2010 by Eleima Desktop July 10th, 2010 :iconeleima:Eleima 1 2
Conflicts and Amends - Ch. 7
Chapter 7 - Best-Laid Plans
A whimper escaped Melwiliel's lips as she emerged from the depths of a restless sleep, her eyes thick with slumber, barely registering her surroundings. Thicks wooden beams supporting a ceiling finally came into focus, and she realized with a start that she was wearing nothing but her shift underneath thick woolen blankets. Waves of heat emanating from a stone fireplace made the warmth almost uncomfortable. Besides the blaze, a dark haired woman was sitting with her back to Mel, grinding herbs with her mortar and pestle.
The rustle of wool against linen sheets must have given the elf away as the woman straightened from her work, turning to face the mage before crossing to the other side of the room. She studied her intensely with glittering yellow eyes, her gaze sharp and almost predatory. Melwiliel suddenly felt uneasy.
"Ah, your eyes finally open." said the golden-eyed woman. "Mother shall be pleased." With no further information forthcoming, Mel fo
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Desktop May 14th, 2010 by Eleima Desktop May 14th, 2010 :iconeleima:Eleima 1 0
Re: About Horizon...
"Plot a course for the Omega Nebula, Joker."
"Sure thing, Commander."
Alexandra Shepard stood on the bridge of the SR-2 Normandy, looking over the shoulder of her pilot, former Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau, watching his deft fingers fly over the ship's holo-controls.  She soon lost herself in the mesmerizing dance of flickering lights, and... other things.
"Uh... you okay, Commander?"
The red-haired, newly reinstated Spectre shook her head in a vain attempt to disperse the burdening thoughts that clung to her.  There were some that weren't so easily dispelled.
"It's nothing, Joker, I'm fine.  Just... thinking." she lied.
"Anything to do with the fact that we're about to hit the Omega 4 relay?  Or maybe because I just lost the entire crew?"  The bitterness in his tone was almost palpable, as Shepard patted his shoulder.
"Hey...  It wasn't your fault, none of us saw that coming.  Please...  try not to beat
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Desktop April 12th, 2010 by Eleima Desktop April 12th, 2010 :iconeleima:Eleima 4 0
Conflicts and Amends - Ch. 6
Chapter 6 – A New Dawn
The ground was a cold, hard, unforgiving place to lie upon, even in the summer, and as that stark thought occurred to her, Melwiliel realized that she was still alive.  And trembling from head to toe as well, she noticed as she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the aftershocks of the searing pain to run their course through her.
"I think she's coming around, Duncan."
Walling off the outside world, the mage attempted to center herself while she rode out the waves of agony that struck her, waiting for them to subside.  Although she had initially compared the Joining to the Harrowing, the two rituals' differences now stood out in sharp contrast.  At least she had had some measure of control in the battle of wills that had been the Harrowing; all she could now do was hold on for dear life as the poison that was darkspawn blood battered her.  Time stretched out, endlessly, and she felt trapped in the moment.
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Desktop Mar. 12th, 2010 by Eleima Desktop Mar. 12th, 2010 :iconeleima:Eleima 1 0
Conflicts and Amends - Ch. 5
Chapter 5 – A Joint Endeavor
Before too long, the mage and the templar found themselves in front of Duncan's tent, and before them stood the man himself, arms crossed and looking decidedly incensed.
"Ah, you found each other, at least. Good. Alistair, what were you thinking, riling up the mage that way?"
Immediately chastened, Alistair threw Melwiliel a sidelong glance, and seemed about to ask which one Duncan was referring to. He opted for an apology instead.
"I'm sorry, Duncan, but I..."
"And carrying messages for the Revered Mother? I know I said we had to avoid antagonizing anyone, but really, you could have politely refused, suggesting an affirmed be charged with the task instead."
Deep down, she knew it to be a sin, but Melwiliel couldn't suppress a perverse pleasure in seeing the young man receiving such an upbraiding. She was lapping it up like a cat would a saucer full of milk.
"I know, Duncan, but she ambushed me. The way she wields guilt they should stick her in
:iconeleima:Eleima 1 9
Conflicts and Amends - Ch. 4
Chapter 4 – The Bustling Military Camp
People. People everywhere. People running, people standing guard, people milling about, people carrying weapons. Mostly men, some women, the vast majority of them humans, with a few elves scurrying along, clearly servants sent on some errand or the like.
Melwiliel stood in the midst of this flurry of activity, at the entrance of the King's camp in the Tevinter ruins of Ostagar, on the threshold of a maelstrom of movement, color, noise and smell. Even the mess hall at the Tower had never been this noisy nor this busy, and it had certainly smelled a lot better. The mix of leather, sweat and the acrid stench wafting over from the latrines was certainly overwhelming, but she tried to remember that this was not the Circle, but a sprawling camp, with an army of perhaps hundreds of thousands of souls. As if she could ever forget.
Regretfully shoving away daydreams revolving around a "mass cleansing" spell, the mage attempted to find her beari
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I was swinging back here to check some of the artists I'm watching (you simply have to see Epantiras' new comic, Mess Perfect, a comic parodying Mass Effect), and saw that my last entry in this journal came out back in December.  Just in case anyone checks this, I'm still working on Conflicts and Amends, bear with me, but there's a lot going on on my end, and a big move coming up in the next couple of weeks, so progress has unfortunately slowed down a bit.  Thanks to all who've shown interest!! =)
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