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my contacts ^^
Email: nekojewels@gmail.com
Blog: "NekoJewels by Michela" on Blogspot ---> nekojewels.blogspot.com/
My :facebook: page: "NekoJewels by Michela" ---> it-it.facebook.com/pages/NekoJ…
NekoJewels on Etsy: ---> www.etsy.com/it/shop/NekoJewel…

Hi :D
Somethings about me? I love cats :heart: I like playing mmorpg (I was a proud furry-butt-tank-bear night elf for 7 years!now I left World of Warcraft because the game don't suit me anymore :( after that I found a nice place in SWToR where I run and heal with my sorcerer wearing my beautiful golden bikini ^^ lately I find new home at RIFT with a deadly dps cleric!) and rpg (from pc-game to board game and just a little card game too), dressing gothic style and made entirely handmade unique piece of jewelry with wire (copper, silver, Argentium) and gemstones.
My handmade jewels are for sale :) fo more information just email me for your custom order or check my Etsy shop ( www.etsy.com/it/shop/NekoJewel… )

Ciao a tutti ^^ due parole veloci su di me: adoro i gatti, i mmorpg (dopo 7 anni con la mia fedele druida/tank-orso su WoW sono passata ad una Sorcerer di SWTOR che cura in bikini dorato ed infine su RIFT con una simpatica chierica ), i giochi rpg in genere (per pc, ma anche da tavolo avendo iniziato con la mitica Scatola Rossa di D&D ed essendo passata per AD&D, D&D3rd, D&D3.5, D&D4th (infelicemente) e aspettando con moderata curiosità la 5th ... senza farmi mancare Vampire a altre varianti!) Appassionata di abiti stile dark-gothic e soprattutto bustini e corsetti *__* Conoscitrice di svariate lingue straniere, tra cui giapponese e coreano, avanzatempo dipingo, disegno, mi dedico al mojito e creo pezzi di gioielleria unici interamente fatti a mano in wire (rame, argento, Argentium, etc) e pietre dure ^^ il mio stile è attualmente in evoluzione tra il kawaii del polymer clay ed il più gothic/mistico del wire.
Le mie creazioni sono in vendita, per un ordinare il vostro pezzo unico personalizzato contattatemi via mail oppure date un'occhio a quello che c'è di subito disponibile così com'è sulla mia vetrina di Etsy ( www.etsy.com/it/shop/NekoJewel… )

"Oloth plynn dos"

ps: I'm a proud member of
:iconartisancraft: :icongothictemple: :iconbeauty-devine: :iconwhats-the-piont:

Favourite Visual Artist
this list would be infinite!!
Favourite Movies
Fantasy&SciFi (but also B-Movie and Z-Movie!!!)
Favourite TV Shows
BattleStar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter, and so on...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yael Naim, The Dresden Dolls, Anggun, Celtic Music, and so on...
Favourite Books
Drizzt's Books, AnitaBlack's Books, The Chtorr's Books, Discworld's Books, other fantasy-SciFi-Horror and Psicological/Philosophical books :D
Favourite Writers
R.A.Salvatore, Terry Prattchet, Laurell K. Hamilton, George R.R. Martin
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft, The Sims (all!), Fallout (all!!), Baldur's Gate and related D&Dgames, D&D table game (D&D1st, AD&D, D&D3rd, D&D3.5 and D&D4th edition :p)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
This is a very good question....
Other Interests
Drawing, Painting, Fimo/Cernit/Sculpey for miniatures and jewelry, Photoshop, Photo, RPG on PC and table, Snowboard, my Cats!!, Japan and japanese culture, improve my foreign language skills ^_^, travels, movies, pizza!!!, and so on ...


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commented on Flowers I by
Thank you!!Comments like this one really make my day and give me a strong boost to make even more and even better creations :love: :love:
Flowers I
Thanks again :D :D :tighthug:
The Eye of Lilith
Thanks for your critique! Your advise for the sewing ribbon is useful and valid. I'm not very good with needle and next time I'll try with a drop of hot transparent glue, but the idea of double fold the ribbon before it, it's really nice!I'll try it. And the idea about a dark red stone ... well ... it's perfect :D :D I love black&red (dark red is better) mix, as soon as I'll found a nice stone, I try to make a new version :D :D
Thanks again for your very useful critique :tighthug:
The Eye of Lilith
commented on Honey Tikka by
Thank you ^^ I'm speechless :D I really appreciate your words because it's as if some of the passion and love I put on making those creations was filtered to you :love: thanks again ^___^
Honey Tikka
commented on Honey Tikka by
Thanks for have given to me your opinion ^^ I really appreciate it :tighthug:
Honey Tikka