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Tablet Test - Lorem Ipsum

This is just a test run of my comic, the first one done all-digitally. I'm still getting the hang of using the tablet to draw my strip, and yeah it took forEVAR. But hopefully time spent now will make it easier to do the next ones.

Text is just standard lipsum, and it's not supposed to be funny. Just an exercise for me, I'll scrap it later.

EDIT: and goddamnit I drew my hand backwards in panel 2 and I JUST noticed. WTF.
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Hey, very clean, very polished. I like it. The priests of the temples of syrinx would be unpleased.

Rush references aside, I like it. Not that lipsum means anything to me.
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Having fun?

Make bigger! Cannot see!
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Fixed, sorry. :P I are teh suck.
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You are not teh suck. You gonna keep up the colored lines?
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Dunno. It took a while, but it looks kind of cool. I'll keep experimenting.