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Pony Chess

Sketch by Qdwach on r/MLP. Please critique, this is most definitely a work in progress.

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My Little Pony needs more chess related art. And I don't know a thing about chess myself. But I love Twilight and Fluttershy.

So that helps.
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I kno how 2 play chess, but I NEVER won :(
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I haven't played chess in forever, and I'm trying to convince my dad to get me a set.
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You need is a 8x8 area/board, and use objects as chess pieces
Fluttershy: Checkmate...
Twilight: Wait, what?
Fluttershy: Um, don't be mad...
Twilight: I'm not mad, just surprised...  How did...?
Fluttershy: You were trying to use the Peruvian Gambit, it's a good tactic but largely useless against experienced players...
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"HA!You're cuteness has no effect on me Fluttershy.You forget ,I raised Spike from a cute baby".-Twilight
"Darn it".-Fluttershy
Heyo, that's a really cute little picture you got there, one that just suits my needs. You see, I'm writing a story that can be found here: [link] and I'd like to know if I could have your permission to use this as cover art when I submit to EqD. I'll be sure to credit you and all that jazz.
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Sure, go for it! Give Qdwatch a nod, too - I don't have their devart, though, unfortunately.
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D'awwwww. Is fluttershy sick? D:
D'aww. This is the most adorable thing.
i stared at that bored a little to long
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You can tell Twilight just spotted a winning move.
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Confession: I know nothing about chess so I don't even know if this is a legal board setup. It's a modified endgame puzzle I found online - modified because overlapping pieces blend into each other and it looked messy.

I had a friend of mine go through and teach me how pieces move and what castling is, but I've never actually played a game. I am a 26-year-old computer science graduate student. Don't tell my advisor, I think they'd kick me out of the PhD program.
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If it helps at all, it's Fluttershy's move. Not many people probably care, but, you know, whatever you wanna do is fine... :iconfoalfluttershyplz
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Fluttershy's in check from Twi's queen.
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Number of games of chess I have ever played in my life: 0
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It's fine, dude. Don't worry. Nobody cares whose turn it is, you do amazing work. I'm a chess nerd.
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It's just an excuse, which really isn't an excuse. I'm a sufficient geek that I really *should* be a chess nerd too, but it just never happened for a plethora of reasons.

Thanks though ^^
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I can never get the icons right.
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This is the greatest thing i have ever seen!

Thanks for brightening my day.
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