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Hey guys! 

So I know I've been incredibly inactive, and I really apologize for that, especially to my commissioners who are waiting on their pieces. I started this year off with the hope to reduce all wait times to two weeks maximum, and while it started off that way, once I got up the courage to dive in completely full time into my business around February, my time for anything but graphic design went completely out the window. I am sincerely apologetic for the wait times of these commissions. I never like making anyone wait on art, ever. So, once this round of commissions are complete (including pixels, manipulations, drawings, a custom design, and a reference redo), I think I'll be stepping back from DA commissions save for manipulations. I really adore all of you and have made so many wonderful connections through this site, but since the closing of Sovereign I have been struggling to attach myself here simply because I don't quite feel like I belong anymore. 

I have ONE more stallion ad that goes off to the client today, then I'll be burying myself into getting DA commissions done. I won't be taking on any more ad, logo, or photo orders during that time to ensure that I get things completed. 

I still have a LOT of character designs for sale, and I will also be offering my mini templates for use for a $50 flat fee. I have over 30 templates that will be made available, and each template has a winged version.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to get a status update on your work, or to even just say hi. My discord is elegant#1016. I get quite lonely sometimes, so feel free to drop me a message :heart:

If you have a super, super good offer on the ones that have NFS next to their names, feel free to PM it to me. 
Estimated completion date: March 1st

These are limited spots that may reopen depending on how quickly I complete the pieces. To claim a commission slot, please comment on the designated featured comment for each commission option. I will confirm with an order form sent via note, and once you respond I'll send over a confirmed total with a paypal link attached. 

Please only claim a slot if you really intend to commission me. Payment will be due within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon, or else your slot will be forfeit to the next interested party. 


- $50 ONE SLOT Open For Claim
- pegasus and kirkins are an additional $5
-  equine, canine, or feline subjects only 
- will include add ons if they fit within a realm of relatively easy addition. extensive armors or outfits will incur additional charges 


- $26 ONE SLOT Open For Claim
- a portrait-style manipulation
-  equine or canine subjects only
- will include simple add ons 


- $26 TWO SLOTS Open For Claim
- equine characters only 
- pegasus or hippocampus characters may incur an additional fee 


- $45 ONE SLOT Open For Claim
- will be completed on custom lines 
- addition of a basic outfit included in pricing


- $16 TWO SLOTS Open For Claim
- equine characters only 
- will include extras! 


- $21 TWO SLOTS Open For Claim
- will require description or moodboard 
- new template options!!


- $11 FIVE SLOTS Open For Claim
- must have digital reference 
- NO ADD ONS (horns, wings, or spikes is totally fine)! I've had too many people request a ton of add ons at this price. A simple set of jewelry is fine, but if the character has a full shaw, armor, or the like, you must also pay an outfit charge! ($5) 


- $10 TWO SLOTS Open For Claim
- 200 x 200 give or take 
- will be a fullbody drawing 
- they'll be pretty darn cute 


- $9 THREE SLOTS Open For Claim
- chalk-like style 
- roughly 300 x 300
- super duper cute 
- examples ->  LIL BABIES by elegant--tragedy 



Mon Jan 29, 2018, 10:50 AM
Going to be taking offers on a few old character designs, as well as entertaining offers on a very special character of mine. These are only for sale because I'm in a super hard place and I'm struggling to even keep my head above water. I'm not one to share a lot of personal information, but under this circumstance, I will. 

My father is under going a double total knee replacement surgery within the next year. Because of this, he is no longer able to work, and can no longer claim unemployment (he works for a contracting/construction company and this time of year is slow because of the Michigan winters), and thus, we have no income coming in. We've had to borrow money from relatives just to keep the house. While he has a strong disability case, the lawyer fees and time frame to get disability can extend to up to a year or longer. We were in honest jeopardy of losing a lot of things, including our house. I'm two and a half months away from graduation and will have $400-$500 to pay back in student loans each month, not including my bills already in place. 

I love each one of these characters dearly. They're all very special to me, but hard times and supporting my household and horses comes first. I've come to the very real realization that I may have to sell Zero, and that thought brings me to tears. My boys are so special to me. 

ALAS, me-drama aside, here are some of my personal babies to check out. These prices are set with previous art purchases in mind, and while I'm open to haggling a little, I won't accept low ball offers. I'd like to know if you resell them down the line, as I may want to purchase them back if I'm in a better spot. Their name/personality/ etc. must be changed unless stated otherwise.  


THE WIDOW KID - $40 of files including art by frankensteins, the-weathered-raven, and more


UNUSED DESIGN 2 - $30 of files including a double sided reference 

APPY - $12
Indian Appy by elegant--tragedy
originally designed by raygungraphics


I'll finish him your way, and you can decide what kind of hair style he has. Outfit option available for additional $

I'm VERY tentative to sell Bella. She's got a niche started on a site, and I don't want to give her up at all, but hard times are hard times. Bella comes with a wide array of images from some amazing artists, and was originally designed by alimarije. I'll be selling her character concept as well, which is very developed. Please PM any interested offers and I can send over her profile for further reading. 


Mon Jul 10, 2017, 6:40 AM

Photo Manipulations

WHAT'S THE TRUTH by elegant--tragedy WE AIN'T EVER GETTING OLDER by elegant--tragedy  WARRIOR IN WASTE by elegant--tragedy
A complex combination of stock images to best portray your character in the desired theme and scene. Alternate images available for off-site use and can be included in the order, free of charge. A full photo manipulation is usually composed of 2-4 blended background images, and 1-2 stock images. Average work time is 4-7 hours, but may be longer if the character is considered complex.
Price: $42 USD 
* additional fees may incur if:
                    - the main subject is highly complex
                    - an additional character is added to the composition 
                      - a companion or heavy armor set is requested

Custom Designs

Daharielmate by elegant--tragedyFavi by elegant--tragedy Tribs1a by elegant--tragedy
A custom design is a creation of a new character or a redesigned character that has little or no similar features to the original design. Customs are offered on my wide variety of templates, or, they can be created on a newly requested template for an additional fee. Each custom design is created with the commissioner's perfect idea in mind, and double checked to assure the final product is the best it can be. Custom creation can range from 1-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. Minor additives such as small jewelry, small bits of fur, horns, or leg adornments can be added free of charge. Extensive armor, outfits, or modifications will cost an extra sum of $5 USD. 
Price: $21 USD 

Reference Redos

Lb1 by elegant--tragedy Minx3 by elegant--tragedySuz2 by elegant--tragedy
A reference redo is classified as a re-application of an existing character onto one of my custom mini reference templates, or, if requested for an additional fee, applied on a new mini reference template. Redos are great for updating or giving a face lift to pre-existing designs that need minor fixes or brightening up with brand new art to bring the design back to life. Average work time is 1-3 hours. As with customs, application of outfits will incur additional fees. Reference redos will now be priced on a complexity scale. A simple bay with a wavy mane and tail is not on the same level as a rainbow pegasus with dreads and braids and three eyeballs, and will now be recognized! 
Price: as low as $8 USD, as high as $16 USD

Full Body Drawings

I CAN SEE FOREVER by elegant--tragedy GOOD DAY GONNA COME by elegant--tragedy MAYBE IN LIGHTS by elegant--tragedy
A full body drawing is a composition of your character and its desired extras in your desired pose. All drawings are drawn large scale (2000-3000px wide), then scaled down for a web-safe reduction. Average work time ranges from 2-6 hours. Additional fees may incur for extremely complex designs or the addition of highly complex additions/extras. 
Price: $27 USD

Bust Drawings

I WISH THAT I COULD BE LIKE THE COOL KIDS by elegant--tragedy  LET'S COME TOGETHER by elegant--tragedy  HER HEAVEN WILL BE A LOVE WITHOUT BETRAYAL by elegant--tragedy
A bust drawing is a nicely sized composition of your character from the shoulders up. All drawings are done at large scale, then scaled down for web-friendly viewing. No additional fees will incur for extras. Average work time ranges from 1-4 hours. 
Price: $16 USD 

Chibi and Page Dolls

Untitled-2 by elegant--tragedy
A chibi or pagedoll commission will be small in size and range from 100x100 to 500x500 pixels. These are done in a quick, sketchy style and have have uncrisp lines. These are done relatively quickly, and should be completed in 1-2 hours. 
Price: $11 USD

Outfit Design

Eagles by elegant--tragedy Forest Prince by elegant--tragedy Ali1 by elegant--tragedy
Outfit designs usually include extras that overtake 50% or more of the design. These designs may include a hairstyle change, or a color change of the original design. Average outfit design work time ranges from 1-2 hours. Outfits can only be applied on my mini references, and can be added to any regular reference redo or custom order.
Price: $12 USD, or an additional $5 on your total, per outfit, when ordering a reference redo or custom design


A pixel is a 50x50 image with animation of your choice. Pixels can be headshot images, or full body images, and can include extras if you wish. Average work time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour. 
Price: $5.49 USD

Commission Rules

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission without explanation. 
- Additional art will likely be provided for extensively long wait times, but please understand I am working hard to get your your art, and believe me, I stress myself out when I take too long. I try to make sure everything has an efficient turn around time, but health and real life tamper with my schedule often. Manipulation orders take the longest, and an approximate time will be given upon ordering.
- Refunds are not available for work that has been started or completed. I try to offer WIP status on each lengthy commission I receive. 
- Join.Me is my streaming tool of choice. If you cannot watch your stream, a PSD will be saved of your artwork until you approve the final piece.
- Slots will open and close relatively quickly providing I can turnaround art quickly. If you'd like to be placed on the wait list if my commissions are closed, send me a note! 
- Rush slots are available in rarity and will incur a large additional fee. Patience is important in designing! 
- Any commissions placed prior to this journal will be accepted at their previously discussed price, don't worry! 
- If you have any questions, please just ask ;u; 


Wed May 13, 2015, 10:56 PM
eeep I'm looking to do some art trades. I have a ton of characters that are in desperate need of art! 80% of them require recoloring, so I'm looking to do some trades with artists that have experience with that c: 

- mini references 
- doodles 
- character sheets
- full manipulations (limited!)

- full manipulations 
- doodles/drawings 
- character sheets
- quality pixels!

note me if you're interested!