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Hey all! So a while back I posed about Hallow Sins needing staff. Since then, my lovely girlfriend and I have completely overhauled the site to add more creative aspects, an absolutely awesome new questing system, and tons more! Everything about Hallow Sins has been updated and improved, and now we've finally got an opening date. On September 30th Hallow Sins will be open for joining with a sweet kick off event to get things going.

I'm so excited to bring this world we've created to the public, and I really, really would love to get two additional moderators for the site so that we have a cozy staff team. Moderating duties would include: accepting characters, crediting accounts with site currency, and responding to questions anyone may have. Nothing too strenuous, I promise! We'd leave all the big heavy lifting to administration until things really got rolling so any moderator could ease into the position. That being said, you don't have to have moderator experience, but it would surely be appreciated!

Those interested in applying can note me and will be given a special tour of what's to come upon opening to see if the job would be fitting for them. I'm only looking for two moderators, so if you aren't chosen, please don't be offended - I hope to see you all on the site either way! There's always an opportunity to advance to a staff position if we need some extra hands. 


Wed Aug 29, 2018, 6:18 PM
looking for anyone that may be interested in doing a couple pixel trades? i'm talking about 50x50s or small page dolls in the >200px range ;u; 

Taking Offers on Character Designs

Mon Jun 18, 2018, 12:42 AM

some are not for sale per family lines/rules 
please PM offers. some have additional art which I can provide links to should you have interest in a particular character design. 


Mon Jan 29, 2018, 10:50 AM
Going to be taking offers on a few old character designs, as well as entertaining offers on a very special character of mine. These are only for sale because I'm in a super hard place and I'm struggling to even keep my head above water. I'm not one to share a lot of personal information, but under this circumstance, I will. 

My father is under going a double total knee replacement surgery within the next year. Because of this, he is no longer able to work, and can no longer claim unemployment (he works for a contracting/construction company and this time of year is slow because of the Michigan winters), and thus, we have no income coming in. We've had to borrow money from relatives just to keep the house. While he has a strong disability case, the lawyer fees and time frame to get disability can extend to up to a year or longer. We were in honest jeopardy of losing a lot of things, including our house. I'm two and a half months away from graduation and will have $400-$500 to pay back in student loans each month, not including my bills already in place. 

I love each one of these characters dearly. They're all very special to me, but hard times and supporting my household and horses comes first. I've come to the very real realization that I may have to sell Zero, and that thought brings me to tears. My boys are so special to me. 

ALAS, me-drama aside, here are some of my personal babies to check out. These prices are set with previous art purchases in mind, and while I'm open to haggling a little, I won't accept low ball offers. I'd like to know if you resell them down the line, as I may want to purchase them back if I'm in a better spot. Their name/personality/ etc. must be changed unless stated otherwise.  


THE WIDOW KID - $40 of files including art by frankensteins, the-weathered-raven, and more


UNUSED DESIGN 2 - $30 of files including a double sided reference 

APPY - $12
Indian Appy by elegant--tragedy
originally designed by raygungraphics


I'll finish him your way, and you can decide what kind of hair style he has. Outfit option available for additional $

I'm VERY tentative to sell Bella. She's got a niche started on a site, and I don't want to give her up at all, but hard times are hard times. Bella comes with a wide array of images from some amazing artists, and was originally designed by alimarije. I'll be selling her character concept as well, which is very developed. Please PM any interested offers and I can send over her profile for further reading. 

ISO: RPG Moderator

Sat Jan 20, 2018, 8:18 PM
Hey friends! I'm looking for someone that may be interested in a moderator or assistant administrator position for an equine rpg. The position includes small sight incentives and would be for a site revamp. Looking for someone 18+ years old with RPG experience. Having moderator or admining experience would be neat, but is not required! If you'd like more information about the site and the position, please PM me! 


Sun Jan 7, 2018, 11:29 AM
Since my final semester is starting up soon and it's full of a single lecture class and 400 level portfolio classes that require I use work that's all completed, I've decided to look for an RPG to join with one or two characters. I'm looking for a laid back, easy to join location with zero petty drama. I just want to love on my characters and share them in some good threads and hearty rp. I'll be bringing along a friend, as well. 

So if you know of some places, please feel free to suggest with honest opinions of the environment, staff team, and overall community. Equine only at this time! 


Sat Nov 11, 2017, 10:44 AM
I wanted to thank each and every person that helped me reach the down payment for my tuition fee. I made enough to get the payment in and at least make my phone bill payment for the month, and I really cannot thank you and this community enough. 

You're all so wonderful and it brings me to tears to see the support I have as an artist. I love you all and it's just so incredibly meaningful to me to have such great friends and clients that love our little pony art as much as I do :heart: 

Tagging some of the wonderful that bought some ych and commissioned me otherwise! 

CaballineCreations a GIANT thank you to you specifically for your big order. you made me really hopeful that I could actually do this in such a short amount of time, and I really cannot thank you enough :heart:

LexAngelPinkFlame renevene Ladyperfume  are-we-dancers  lovelyskylark SPACE1993 


Sun Aug 27, 2017, 4:37 PM
Hi guys! As promised, here's a little sale to celebrate summer (and not summer ending, because that's sad : ( ) with a limited number of available slots. Once these slots fill, I'll be coming commissions and getting caught up on the art I currently owe! Please read each option carefully! To claim a spot, please comment on this comment with the letter of the deal you'd like to purchase! Slots will be held for 24 hours only. 

A. $5 OFF A MANIPULATION for a total of $36.35 for any character! 
* limited to equine or wolf. Additions such as companions or extensive armor sets may
incur an additional fee! The complexity of the character's design, however, does not matter! 

B. BUY ONE FULLBODY DRAWING, GET ONE 1/2 OFF for a total of $39.44 for any character! 
That's a $13 saving! Fullbody drawings come with both a colored background upload to DA, and
a transparent you're welcome to use anywhere. 

C. CUSTOM CHARACTER PACKAGE Includes a custom design, a pixel, and a small
100x100 pixel page doll for a total of $31.20, which means you get the pixel free! 

D. DRAWN CHARACTER DESIGN for $20.91! Can be a pegasus, unicorn, or hippocampus, 
and will be featured on customized lines to fit your design. 

E. BUY TWO BUST DRAWINGS, GET ONE FREE for a total of $31.20! Again, any character
is welcomed, no matter the difficulty. 

F. BUY ONE MINI REFERENCE REDO, GET ONE HALF OFF for a total that will depend on the 
difficulties of the characters. The lesser value character will have the half off option applied. 

15 PIXEL SLOTS will remain open! Once these are filled, I'll close them for a bit to 
get all caught up! These slots are available for $5.46 and include animation if wanted! 
To claim a pixel slot, please just fill out this form and respond to the claiming comment! 
character name:
digital reference or detailed description: 
facing left or right:
headshot or fullbody:
paypal or points?:
1. Equestrian-Hunter
2. Equestrian-Hunter


Mon Jul 10, 2017, 6:40 AM

Photo Manipulations

WHAT'S THE TRUTH by elegant--tragedy WE AIN'T EVER GETTING OLDER by elegant--tragedy  WARRIOR IN WASTE by elegant--tragedy
A complex combination of stock images to best portray your character in the desired theme and scene. Alternate images available for off-site use and can be included in the order, free of charge. A full photo manipulation is usually composed of 2-4 blended background images, and 1-2 stock images. Average work time is 4-7 hours, but may be longer if the character is considered complex.
Price: $42 USD 
* additional fees may incur if:
                    - the main subject is highly complex
                    - an additional character is added to the composition 
                      - a companion or heavy armor set is requested

Custom Designs

Daharielmate by elegant--tragedyFavi by elegant--tragedy Tribs1a by elegant--tragedy
A custom design is a creation of a new character or a redesigned character that has little or no similar features to the original design. Customs are offered on my wide variety of templates, or, they can be created on a newly requested template for an additional fee. Each custom design is created with the commissioner's perfect idea in mind, and double checked to assure the final product is the best it can be. Custom creation can range from 1-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. Minor additives such as small jewelry, small bits of fur, horns, or leg adornments can be added free of charge. Extensive armor, outfits, or modifications will cost an extra sum of $5 USD. 
Price: $21 USD 

Reference Redos

Lb1 by elegant--tragedy Minx3 by elegant--tragedySuz2 by elegant--tragedy
A reference redo is classified as a re-application of an existing character onto one of my custom mini reference templates, or, if requested for an additional fee, applied on a new mini reference template. Redos are great for updating or giving a face lift to pre-existing designs that need minor fixes or brightening up with brand new art to bring the design back to life. Average work time is 1-3 hours. As with customs, application of outfits will incur additional fees. Reference redos will now be priced on a complexity scale. A simple bay with a wavy mane and tail is not on the same level as a rainbow pegasus with dreads and braids and three eyeballs, and will now be recognized! 
Price: as low as $8 USD, as high as $16 USD

Full Body Drawings

I CAN SEE FOREVER by elegant--tragedy GOOD DAY GONNA COME by elegant--tragedy MAYBE IN LIGHTS by elegant--tragedy
A full body drawing is a composition of your character and its desired extras in your desired pose. All drawings are drawn large scale (2000-3000px wide), then scaled down for a web-safe reduction. Average work time ranges from 2-6 hours. Additional fees may incur for extremely complex designs or the addition of highly complex additions/extras. 
Price: $27 USD

Bust Drawings

I WISH THAT I COULD BE LIKE THE COOL KIDS by elegant--tragedy  LET'S COME TOGETHER by elegant--tragedy  HER HEAVEN WILL BE A LOVE WITHOUT BETRAYAL by elegant--tragedy
A bust drawing is a nicely sized composition of your character from the shoulders up. All drawings are done at large scale, then scaled down for web-friendly viewing. No additional fees will incur for extras. Average work time ranges from 1-4 hours. 
Price: $16 USD 

Chibi and Page Dolls

Untitled-2 by elegant--tragedy
A chibi or pagedoll commission will be small in size and range from 100x100 to 500x500 pixels. These are done in a quick, sketchy style and have have uncrisp lines. These are done relatively quickly, and should be completed in 1-2 hours. 
Price: $11 USD

Outfit Design

Eagles by elegant--tragedy Forest Prince by elegant--tragedy Ali1 by elegant--tragedy
Outfit designs usually include extras that overtake 50% or more of the design. These designs may include a hairstyle change, or a color change of the original design. Average outfit design work time ranges from 1-2 hours. Outfits can only be applied on my mini references, and can be added to any regular reference redo or custom order.
Price: $12 USD, or an additional $5 on your total, per outfit, when ordering a reference redo or custom design


A pixel is a 50x50 image with animation of your choice. Pixels can be headshot images, or full body images, and can include extras if you wish. Average work time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour. 
Price: $5.49 USD

Commission Rules

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission without explanation. 
- Additional art will likely be provided for extensively long wait times, but please understand I am working hard to get your your art, and believe me, I stress myself out when I take too long. I try to make sure everything has an efficient turn around time, but health and real life tamper with my schedule often. Manipulation orders take the longest, and an approximate time will be given upon ordering.
- Refunds are not available for work that has been started or completed. I try to offer WIP status on each lengthy commission I receive. 
- Join.Me is my streaming tool of choice. If you cannot watch your stream, a PSD will be saved of your artwork until you approve the final piece.
- Slots will open and close relatively quickly providing I can turnaround art quickly. If you'd like to be placed on the wait list if my commissions are closed, send me a note! 
- Rush slots are available in rarity and will incur a large additional fee. Patience is important in designing! 
- Any commissions placed prior to this journal will be accepted at their previously discussed price, don't worry! 
- If you have any questions, please just ask ;u; 

I was tagged by the lovely owlunai and the prettiest alimarije to do this eight facts about my characters thing sooo here we go! 


this is how an angel dies. i blame it on my own supply.



 Opium was originally designed by the super great nymmers way back in 2012! He got some recent updates from me, and will be getting more here soon. He's still one of my most near and dear characters today, and probably my most developed character that I've ever had in all my years of rping. 


 Opium was born to the ghost of Amour Tragedy, the founder of my Tragedy line, and previous king over on Cimoron Island. With his father idolized as a near-god in Opium's mind, he molded himself as a child into the young stallion that he thought his father would want him to be. He was a fan of his heritage without really having a first-hand experience with any of them. He was raised outside of the kingdom and kept away from what he thought was his birthright, and for that, he resented his mother and her attempt to make him "wholesome". 

 Once he was old enough to recognize how handsome he was, Opium's ego was fit for the king he knew he'd be. He was extremely charming when he was younger (he still is, though it's redirected) and had a habit of getting himself into trouble. As a closeted homosexual, he feared that his sexual orientation would tarnish his claim to the throne. That was until he met Lancenzio. Opium was quick to fall head over heels for the little shy thing that completely stole his heart, but being the snobbish fake-prince he thought he was, he treated Lance less than stellar and had the hardest time coming to terms with his feelings.

 Opium finally did become king after a double duel against the previous Dark rulers with Lancenzio as his battle-mate. He settled as king just as easily as one's head would hit a pillow after a long day's work. Opium quickly worked to build his empire, and he erected himself as a strong king with a plethora of ideas to unify his kingdom. His work was undermined by love, though, and being a good king took its tole on his relationship. He lost Lance in the process, and after the two of them split, Opium quickly realized that his fate hadn't been to be king, but to have the truest love, and having lost that, he gave up the throne and recessed into seclusion. 
 An excerpt from the post-breakup thread, when it was really over:

O: And there it was. The flash of ruby, ruby red. 

And there was that feeling.

That feeling that made his heart screech, that made his spine age and caused his brain to short circuit. He contemplated the idea of fleeing, but he was no coward, nor was he a wallowing ex-lover. Opium Tragedy had plenty of other interests. If that red soldier thought for a second that he’d miss him, well, he was only a quarter shot of whiskey right. He said nothing, drew no attention to himself. 

It was his turn to make a move. 

L: “You’re back?” he asked, and his jaw tensed as if the words weren’t supposed to have left his lips. Lance couldn’t look away, and he recoiled from the truth that he only just found in those silver eyes. Did he truly miss the Tragedy, or was it a specter of what was and what could have been that he mourned?

O: Silence had taken a liking to Opium; the usually boisterous king was oddly silent. He was being reformed during a revelation; peace had found all three of the nations. 
“I never left.” 

L: “Who said anything about leaving? No, you ran away, Opium,” he drawled quietly. “Don’t muddy the facts.” His voice was little less than scornful, a little more than provoking. Was that wanted he wanted from the stallion? Another fight?

O: “Ran from you, maybe. You have a habit of destroying everything you touch.” The insult left his tongue with absolutely no infliction. Rinse, repeat. 
So his outburst hadn’t been an overreaction. 

Opium knew a serpent when he saw one. 

His heart struck violently against his chest as he gazed on at the red horse. “I’m happy for you.” Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to say. “Happy that you’re finally with someone who’s as terrible as you.” He nodded. “Congratulations.” 

 After years of remaining hidden, Opium returned as a version of his old self. He was quieter, more observant, and less confrontational. The once-was was a definite has-been, and he felt very little poise and grace as he once did. He went through a handful of potential rebounds that all ended because his heart still belonged to another that he, ultimately, could never have. Opium hit the pinnacle of his sadness, and attempted to take his own life, only to be saved by none other than the antagonist of his story: his lost love, Lancenzio.

 The two entered into an incredibly unstable affair, unable to resist one another or the power of their love. It appeared that they would either come out alive, or end up dead by each other’s hands; either way, it wasn’t all that good. Their affair reached its breaking point, as it was doomed to, when Opium asked Lance to stay with him, and Lance responded with, “I wish I could.” From there, the two of them spent about a week apart before Lance made the decision to leave his lover in order to restore his relationship with Opium, heavily influenced by the fact that the two of them were due to have a child together as a result of their affair (yaaaaaaay mpreg!!!)

Skip ahead a few years, and Opium finally had it all: the boy of his dreams, the family he always wanted, and the respect and resignation of his family that he’d craved since boyhood.  He’s currently expecting another little one on the way, which will top his and Lance’s number off at five incredible, beautiful babies. They have two daughters, two twin boys, and will soon have another son to add to the mix!


Opium is based on a combination of things. The character most influential to his personality is Brian Kinney from Showtimes series Queer as Folk. Brian was a huge influence on how Opium would respond to relationships, love, and how his life goals would grow and change overtime. Now that’s he’s a little more refined, I base him off of French and English aristocracy. He still has a huge douche-bag side when it comes to people that are below him, but he’s polite enough about it where you won’t instantly label him an asshat.


your lies are bullets, your mouth’s a gun.


  Bella was created by the ever so lovely alimarije! She took an idea I had, and expanded on it so well that I just instantly fell in love with Bella. Bella also has some super cute outfit designs! See them here!


  Bella was born to a set of Roaring Twenties, classical Americans. As an only child, she was doted on by both her father and mother, but as seamless at the All American Dream seemed, the picture turned out to be quite the fake. Bella’s father, a man with a colorful mouth when angry, had a tendency to beat Bella’s mother to a bloody pulp, even on Sundays under the Lord’s glorified eye. Bella grew up learning how to be the perfect lady, and quickly realized that in order to survive, she had to conjure multiple version of herself to please any man that courted her into potential matrimony.

Bella discovered her magic by pure accident. As a young child, she realized that her hungry was never subsided until one day, in daddy’s good graces, she got so angry at a playmate that she happened to devour his soul in a pure fit of rage. Completely stunned but so evidently satisfied, Bella went home to tell her parents about her newfound glory. She discovered the two of them in quite the tangle, and after years of witnessing such abuse, she turned against her parents and devoured them, too. Her parents are now nobodies that reside in corner of an empty town, residual entities that relive the same day over and over again.

 An aspiring navigator, Bella took to traveling. She went where she was best entertained and most liked, consuming those she met and thought deserved to live a soulless life. She quickly figured she could make a profit from her talents, and began to offer her services to the grungier type of company that most would run away from, not invite them in for a comforting cup of tea.

 After a handful of years displaced across the world, Bella realized that she doesn’t have a single clue who she actually is. She has no set personality, and can tend to be quite the sociopath. She’s never had a stable relationship in her life, nor has she ever had a best friend she didn’t end up eating in the end. Bella’s appetite grows consistently with the fact that she can’t seem to fill herself no matter how hard she tries. Instead, she adapts particular traits from other beings that she finds entertaining, admirable, or challenging, and Bella makes it her purpose to be the best act of mimicry from here to the end of the world.


Bella has a wide variety of influences. Her initial design came from my love of the 1920s and all of the history surrounding not only that era, but the fascination of the era, as well. I wanted her to look so fancy and colorful yet well put together that she’d look like the complete piece of every young girl’s dream: a pretty spotted pony that a child would fall in love with despite the ill temper it harbored. Bella became that, all while looking so pretty and feminine that she literally embodied the basic character points I had arranged for her.

I wanted to pull from a ton of strong female rolls in film as well as history that were also a bit taboo in their lives/roles. A few of Bella’s influential characters include: Bonnie Parker, a slew of perfect ladies from Chicago: The Musical, and Bela Talbot from Supernatural.

Bella’s magic also came from Supernatural. I’m a huge fan of the show, and when they presented the Darkness and her huger for souls, I really liked the idea, and I wanted to use it in my own way all while making it a bit original while still fitting to my character.





rules for those tagged!

1. Post 8 facts about your character.

2. Tag 8 other Characters.

3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars.

alimarije for vouh (so pretty omg)!

owlunai for wagner!

tears-for-alibisx for lanceipoo <3

rawlziekins for sucker ~~

Laemiri for mahaziver!

melancholycoyote for yseulte!

Befera for nirvana yo

CarharttCreations for athelstian (I wanted that design so bad omg)



Wed May 13, 2015, 10:56 PM
eeep I'm looking to do some art trades. I have a ton of characters that are in desperate need of art! 80% of them require recoloring, so I'm looking to do some trades with artists that have experience with that c: 

- mini references 
- doodles 
- character sheets
- full manipulations (limited!)

- full manipulations 
- doodles/drawings 
- character sheets
- quality pixels!

note me if you're interested!