Mazinger Angels / Iron Muscle

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Mazinger Angels / Iron Muscle
Manga Muscle Girls ( 漫画の筋肉娘 / Manga no Kinniku Musume )

It’s two-for-one day at Manga Muscle Girls!  Got a lead from a japanese blog entry which showed a nice image of another manga muscle girl.  I came across that link awhile ago, but couldn’t find anything back then.  After creating a guide to ebookjapan, I decided to try again and searched ebookjapan.  I was surprised to find the manga.  Encouraged by the success, I started hunting around for more information about the character.  

Sakurako Honou 「炎桜子」 is a character created by Go Nagai 「永井豪」, the author famous for creating Devilman and Cutey Honey among other works.  His characters frequently appear in multiple series.  Sakurako Honou first appeared as a love interest for the main character in a series called  Iron Muscle 「アイアンマッスル」, and reappeared as a trainer for the gals in Mazinger Angels 「マジンガーエンジェル」 drawn by Akihiko Niina 「新名昭彦」.  She appears in Mazinger Angels Vol 3 and there’s quite a few nice panels featuring her.  The pic from that original blog entry also comes from this volume.  Here’s a few samples for you:

001 by elee0228  008 by elee0228  009 by elee0228  015 by elee0228
034 by elee0228  045 by elee0228  069 by elee0228  125 by elee0228

She first shows up in Volume 3 of Iron Muscle, and that volume features a few naked shots of her.  She doesn’t show up that frequently in the series, unfortunately.  Here’s the few pages that she appears in from Volumes 4 & 5:

Iron Muscles - 4 -158 by elee0228  Iron Muscles - 4 -159 by elee0228  Iron Muscles - 5 -148 by elee0228  Iron Muscles - 5 -150 by elee0228

I hope that the character will show up in some more works in the future.  As always, if you found this post useful please leave a comment.  Hearing from the community, even if it’s just a word or two, helps keep me motivated to share my findings.  Have something that you think I should include in Manga Muscle Girls?  Just post a comment in that journal entry and I’ll add it to my list.  Thanks for reading.

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