Digiket and Webmoney
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Published: February 26, 2008
Digiket and WebMoney



I've recently discovered quite a bit of artwork on Digiket that I like, and found a way to purchase it.  Credit cards weren't going through becuase they decline non-Japanese cards.  I think if you have a JCB card, then you should be ok.  I didn't want to sign up for a credit card just to make these purchases, so I decided to look at some of the online PayPal-like processors that they use.  In the end, I've found that WebMoney ( not to be confused with WebMoney Transfer ) works best for me.

WebMoney, like BitCash, NetRideCash or Edy, are prepaid cash card services.  You walk into a shop in Japan, pay for your card, and there's a code on it which is redeemable at any online store that accepts their money.  There are a three reasons I like using WebMoney with Digiket.  Firstly, Digiket allows you to use a guest account to pay with WebMoney, so you don't have to set up an account at Digiket.  Secondly, the server is smart enough to prompt for a second WebMoney card when the first runs out of points.  And lastly, unlike some of the other services available, WebMoney cards can be purchased on eBay.

Digiket, unlike DLSite, allows you to purchase on their site anything via WebMoney.  Even though DLSite accepts WebMoney as payment, it seems some things are restricted from this type of purchase and I'm not sure why.  Since Digiket's site is all in Japanese, I've put together a step-by-step guide on how to order stuff through there.  My Japanese is limited, so please feel free to correct anything I say if it's wrong.  Once you've gotten your WebMoney card, go browse through the catalog at Digiket.  Digiket's guest checkout system doesn't allow the use of shopping carts as far as I can tell, so you'll have to repeat this process for each item you want to purchase.  My example here uses KENGOU's Medley as the item for purchase.

Step 1. Click on the Guest Checkout button (the second blue button at the bottom of each pag)


Step 2. Click on the WebMoney button as the method of payment


Step 3. Type in your e-mail address twice, then click the first button on the bottom.  This is for the Digiket receipt.


Step 4. Type the e-mail address where you'd like to receive the WebMoney receipt in the bottom field, then type your WebMoney code and click the first button next to the card field.


Step 5. The next page shows you what you've purchased, how much it's for, and the old and new balances in the WebMoney card.  Click the first button at the bottom to continue.


Step 6. This page shows the final receipt, click the button at the bottom to continue.


Step 7. The button in the middle will take you to the Download page.


Step 8. Click the button to begin your download.


Sometimes the download link doesn't work, and you have to sign into a URL with an ID and password that digiket sends you automatically as part of the transaction.  Even if you don't read Japanese, you should be easily able to identify the download link and ID/Password in the e-mail.  Downloads are usually .lzh files, and you'll need to extract them using something that understands this archive type.  If you don't have one, I recommend 7zip.   Happy shopping!

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Use bitcash instead of web money its the same steps
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Could you explain how to pay with Bitcash?

Thanks in advance
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elaborate? I tried using bitcash, but it's prompting me to make an account
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DrReverbHobbyist Artist
Would you know how to purchase from Digiket today? I've tried signing up for Bitcash but I need a Japanese postal code (even if I select foreigner -_- ) and when I tried to register on Digiket I'm always directed to a page that says forbidden. I rather not have to try all the digital money services lol.
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No sorry, haven't done it in awhile. 
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Darnell00Professional Writer
I am proud of your site, & interested.Raxcard is Connected with any Perfect Money Debit card account like Bitcoin,Perfect Money and Webmoney Account.
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can i still by with wedmoney, and how can i get it?
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I think webmoney still works for other sites. Digiket stopped taking it though...
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Step 4's photo is missing
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This is a really old post. I don't think you can even pay with Webmoney any more over at Digiket.
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I don't buy from Digiket any more...
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Now, if only you could tell me where, I can learn Japanese fast. :blush:
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The thing is that it cant translate images. And that is why, I asked where I could learn the language.
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WOW thanks a bunch been some art and comics I wanted to buy from that site for a longtime but never knew which account worked better to use from US, now that I know will give it a try sometime soon, thanks again!
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Digiket isn't as good anymore since it looks like they dropped Webmoney. At this point, I think DLSite is the way to go, since they accept US credit cards.
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i dont think it accept webmoney anymore
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I still see it as an option for guest purchases.
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Sanchi-SunpeltHobbyist Digital Artist
does he actually mail the codes or emaIL them?
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You get the electronically
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So you can't use a credit card with Digiket?
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Hmm, I haven't tried it in awhile, but I think Webmoney is the best way.
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