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A muscle girl art commissioner
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I am not an artist. The works that are in my gallery are commissioned from other artists. I sometimes color or modify them. I like discovering new artwork on the interwebs and sharing my findings in my journal. I like receiving comments, it helps keep me motivated in my activities here.

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Tsukasa Jun
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Pumping Iron II: The Women
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Muscle girls

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Another milestone! Can't believe I've reached such a high number. I still remember the days when I was sub-100 watchers and just trying to share muscle girl art. Back then, I'd just share the stuff I found on the internet in my journal posts. A few years later, I started commissioning artists to draw Akiko Daimon. Then I started commissioning artists to draw She-Hulk. It just grew from there. Thank you, I appreciate you! Keep those comments and faves coming!
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Every year I like to put together a list of the top art by number of faves. This was frustratingly difficult to do in the new interface. The journal editor is slow and doesn't give me much flexibility in how I make entries. The new statistics feature doesn't appear to report the number of faves correctly. I had to restart this entry many times because the editor kept hanging on me when I was pasting things into it. Then it wouldn't save the draft after I had done all my editing. Hopefully, this will be easier the next time I have to write one of these. You can go to the sub-gallery if you prefer to see them in that style. Here are the numbers: 01) 1552 faves Tifa by @Speeh 02) 1324 faves Panda by @MW-Magister 03) 1307 faves Tifa by @devmgf 04) 1106 faves She-Hulk by @YiQiang 05) 1074 faves Noi by @devmgf 06) 0971 faves She-Hulk by @danusko 07) 0964 faves Nana Shimura by @speeh 08) 0928 faves Noi by Senya 09) 0925 faves Samus by HoujohA 10) 0891 faves Miku by @MW-Magister
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Are you a millionaire @c@

lol if I were, I'd be commissioning a lot more. I don't have any hobbies except for Muscle Girl commissions, so I spend all my spare money on it. I try to find affordable artists, and I stick to my budget. For example, for the 15 commissions I posted in March, I spent a total of $131 on them. I know people who spend that much on coffee in a month.

That's literally my food budget in a month :lol: E-Hplz

Danke sehr/Gracias/Grazie/Merci for the llama

hey dude, been a while, as you can see I've improved

favorite hero - tetsuko (hero of the light)

hope you like it

Nice work! you've improved a lot!