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I have found a lot of wonderful things and your patience and work are very impressed. I say thank you to all of you for your participation and you interest in our contest. It was a true pleasure to discover all new participation and it brings always in my day a new joy. You have found creativity and imagination in yourself and I'm very happy that you have shared that with us.
But I have to choose winners, so I have watched on the similarities with the original model (me :aww:) and/or the originality to create an universe in harmony with my conception of the fairy things in relation with the nature.


1st :iconcarolinsajur:

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: Pearly Dew :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

:iconblossom-lullabies:: This one is very special to me. The first thing that I have to say is the fact that she takes the time to see more pictures about me and... has discovered that I have a blue and a brown eyes (and was also inspired by another picture). So, I'm very touched by this little attention. She has drawn also my beauty spots and the curves of my foot. It's very realistic. In this way, I can regognize myself. And next, the universe is like a fairytale. All this fairy colours, flowers, delicacy and lightness are enchanting for my eyes and imagination. I can see that there is also a reflexion behind the drawing, she creates a little story to help us to immerge us in this wonderful universe... It's a real surprise for me ! And we can see an original idea : the cap's bottle like a mushroom and also the shirt of the dress like a corolla of flower, the light on the hair and wings, the leaf that wraps around my leg, the details in the ear, the dew in a bottle... all these things take something more in the composition. Thank you to her for this beautiful gift :huggle:

2nd :iconyanadhyana:

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: The Wood Fairy :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

:iconblossom-lullabies:: The style and colours are just breathtaking. All this purple and blue remember me the fairy things and the green, the nature. It's a good mix. The idea of the wings is very original and well done. Its a good idea to make them like the bark of a tree. I look like a peaceful soul in this place, all is in calm and it engages us to dream. The style is unique too. It's a wonderful picture that I would like to look many hours. Thank you so much to the artist for this realization. I love the fact that the fairy is hidden in high trees, she is alone and seems to be lost in her thoughts . I like  all this branches that mats too. The background is beautiful and in the same time mysterious with the moon and the soft and smooth sky. The face is well done and looks like the real stock's picture. The fingers are delicacy and the curves of body are realistic, not too accentuated or too reduced. Thank you to the artist for this beautiful painting :hug:

3rd :iconharpiya:

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: In Harmony :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

:iconblossom-lullabies:: It's one of my favorite work for different reasons.
First, the fact that she created a fairy universe with the integration of one idea that comes from my own universe : the little frog at my feet on the picture's stock. With this idea, I can recognize myself in this picture and it remember me my own universe. She has created a new story from that and it's original with the idea of an offering to the queen of frog :)
In second, the colours are just wonderful. She has played with the light, the reflect of this light on the belly of the frog, on my legs, my arms... it's just like a magical dream that comes true.
And it's the colours that I love, the colours that reflects the sweetness, the peace and she has made a good mix between these colours and the colours of the nature. It's a total harmony... like I want.
Thank you so much for this creation. It's a true piece of art and I'm so proud to be a part of that. Thank you to let my imagination flies with yours Harpiya. :hug:

...and a special attention for Mermaid - Contest entry for Eledhwen by FairyMela
:iconblossom-lullabies:: I was touched a lot with this one and it was difficult to choose between this one and another of the winners... Here I will tell what I love especially in this picture :
The artist has found my facial features without see me in the real life. I recognize myself so much in this face, I don't know why but there is something so special and she doesn't glorify me, it's just a face like we can see all the day in street. And when we make a close-up, we can see all the details... it's very impressing how she added the light on the glance like something deep in it. We can also feel the textures when we make a close up too : the glitter on the shirt, the transparency of the mermaid's tip tail, the texture of the black tail, the silky sheet... And good idea to transform my plush from a frog to a fish :giggle: I can see in this work that time and patience were necessary. Thank you so much :huggle:

And another to this crazy one Ladybug by Mirix : for the originality and fun :la: :dance:

... and a BIG thank you for all of you, I have seen others wonderful things and with a lot of creativity... I can't cite everybody but a lot deserve a special attention too ! :hug:

* Tell me if you want offer a prize for winners and/or participants of this contest (it can be Llamas, :points:, drawings, manip's, ... All that you want :)). I'll put your avatar on this journal entry if you offer at least one of these :heart: *

:winner: SEE THE RESULT OF THE LAST CONTEST Mermaid Contest (CLOSED)So ... You CAN'T imaginate how difficult it was to make a choice for the result ... All your creations touched me so much, and I really thank you for this and to have taken the time to participate. I'm happy to see you all have been really inspired by the photograph, your works are so creative !! :la:.
But, it's a contest, and in all contest there are winners (here 3, so).
Then, these are the winners, congratulations to all of them ! :iconclaplaplz: :

1st :iconjaded-ink:
:iconkawaiistarloveplz: From Behind the Rocks :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

Well, Jade ... You can't imaginate how much your photomanipulation touched me ... This looks like me so much ! It could be exactly the world I have in mind, and how I see me in ... I'm speechless, really, I can't say more than: I'M IN LOVE WITH IT !! :heart: And this fluorescent blue eye is really hypnotizing me :O.  As I alread

~ :frail: ~

Hi all,

Yes, I already start another contest ! I'm really happy of what you've done last time, and I wanted to celebrate my dear friend's birthday offering her a contest with one of her stock here :). So the contest theme and the stock you must use has been choosen by :iconblossom-lullabies:

~ :frail: ~

:star: CONTEST RULES :star:

~ Deadline: August 7th, 2012 ~

:bulletgreen: You must use the stock above, and don't cut the head to add it on another body/don't cute the head and add to the body another head.

:bulletgreen: You can create a traditional drawing, a digital one, or a photomanipulation.

:bulletgreen: 1 entry per member.

:bulletgreen: NO dA watermark ... This really spoils the pleasure to see the artwork. If you want sign your art, no problem, but something as discrete as possible, not in the middle of the image ... :) (and if you REALLY want to put a dA watermark, I'll ask you to send me the version without it by mail).

:bulletgreen: Laetitia wishes a fairy creation, where we can see harmony between her and the nature. So you can draw/photomanipulate her as a fairy, but also other creature if you have a lot of imagination :).

:bulletgreen: Copy/Past this in the description of your entry (without the 8 *):

This is my entry for the <*b>Fairy Contest<*/b> h*ttp://eledhwen-stock.deviantart.com/journal/Fairy-Contest-312941744 (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb312941744: ).

<*b>Model used<*/b> :*iconeledhwen-stock: h*ttp://eledhwen-stock.deviantart.com/art/Stock-50-307163719 (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb307163719: ).

:bulletgreen: Put this journal entry in your :+fav: to I know how many people participate.

:bulletgreen: When you have finished your artwork, please give a link to it in this journal that I can feature it in "Entries" ;).

:bulletgreen: I'll put back the deadline if there are less than 10 entries, so tell your friends about this ;).

:bulletgreen: Laetitia will personally choose the 3 winners.

:star: PRIZES :star:


:bulletpurple: :winner: 1st Place:

30 :points:

+ A Photomanipulation or a Drawing by :iconeledhwen-arts:

+ 5:iconbouncyllamaplz:

+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts::iconkalosysart::iconangelicterra::icondigital-wings-art:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


:bulletpurple: :trophy: 2nd Place:

20 :points:

+  5:iconbouncyllamaplz:

+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts::iconkalosysart::iconangelicterra::icondigital-wings-art:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


:bulletpurple: :damphyr: 3rd Place:

10 :points:

+ 5:iconbouncyllamaplz:

+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts::iconkalosysart::iconangelicterra::icondigital-wings-art:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


* :iconbouncyllamaplz: will be given by :iconeledhwen-stock::iconeledhwen-arts::icontite-nelfe::iconblossom-lullabies::iconkalosysart: *


~ :icondonatepointsplz: Don't hesitate to donate some :points: to :iconeledhwen-stock: for next contests ! :icondonatepointsplz: ~


:frail: ENTRIES :frail:

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

In a quiet place by sweetangel1 Home by FantasyMuse Dream world by Korolevatumana:thumb316327873: How to Ride a Pegasus by misbeavin:thumb317448541: So you were saying..... by tash11 Fairy Laetitia by Pablo-Toledo:thumb318260428::thumb318184274::thumb317926254: Fairy by NaomiFan Se que volveras by MariaJoseHidalgo Fairy Contest by Roland-Harrison fee orange by roserika The Fairy by DiendHkz Fair(l)y enough by 20Tourniquet02

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: DIGITAL PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

Cyber Fairy by Starfighterace-421:thumb314637312: Mermaid - Contest entry for Eledhwen by FairyMela In Harmony by Harpiya The fairy and the snail - Krita by gregoo23 Pearly Dew by CarolinSajur Ladybug by Mirix

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

Laetitia by FallenFantasyArt Fairy Contest by ptitjo Queen Titania and her Pupils by Azalane:thumb319348400: Contest- Fairy by JackEmerald J'ai une fleur pour toi... by pinshae





:iconstarscoldnight: The Other Side of Me starscoldnight.deviantart.com/… (end on 31st August)

:iconforest-world: Mythical Forest World Contest forest-world.deviantart.com/jo… (end on 5th September)

:icondark-balkans: Black Magic Contest dark-balkans.deviantart.com/jo… (end on 7th September)

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Winners of the Dark-Balkans Contest: Black Magic [link]

Thank you for your support!
With respect,
~Admins of #Dark-Balkans

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The prizes just have been given ! :).

You're absolutly welcome :iconcocoglompplz:
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~Thank you!! :heart:
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Are you going to hold another contest and will by art fit into your rules! Thanks!!
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
Hi John ! :wave:

Yes, it will be regularly contests ;). There is one actually, but it will end soon: [link]

Check out this account regularly or watch me to keep you informed ;).
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Well thank you for the info, I truly appreciate it!
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That's normal ! :) Thank you so so much for the :points: :iconcocoglompplz:
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Thanks for the contest and congratulations to the winners!
It's a pity that the photo manipulation, no work has not won ... Perhaps it was a drawing contest :) But the work of Blacklight-candy really beautiful.
Blossom-Lullabies's avatar
First, I tought that I will choose at least one photomanipulation for winner but with the new drawings, I was more touched for some of this and I changed my mind to choose this drawings. I prefer to choose three drawings if they touch me more... But your work was very beautiful and I love him too, like I said to you in a comment :huggle:
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
We don't choose the winners because of the type of art ;).

Yes it could be cool to choose a winner per type of art, but if we are really touched by 2 drawings and 1 digital painting for example, why choose a photomanipulation if we are less touched ? ;).

It's not because there are not a photomanipulation in the winners that it's not touching and beautiful ! All work here was so excellent, yours too. :)
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I didn't win, but I'm sooooo happy you liked my work so much!!! :iconlinkinloveplz:
Thank you!!!

ps: the winning one is AMAZING :iconpinkheartplz:
Blossom-Lullabies's avatar
And your work is the favorite of my mother :love: She said that she recognizes me more than in others drawings :D So you have your fanclub :giggle:
FairyMela's avatar
This makes me really really happy *^*
Say "hello" to your mother from me! :iconhellothereplz:
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
Your work was really incredible :). As Laetitia said, the face really looks like her ;).
CarolinSajur's avatar
Woah, what a morning. Coffee is literally all over my desk now! First place? Thank you! Thank you so much! I simply have no words to describe just how happy I am! <3 :woohoo:
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
Sorry for your coffee :XD:

You really deserve it ! And you've nothing to say, it's us who want thank you for this real piece of work ! Thank you again :iconcocoglompplz:
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Congratulations :iconcheerplz: :party: Featured here [link]
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
Thank you to you both !! :iconcocoglompplz:
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Congratulations to everyone! Great contest!

I really love how you explain what you like about the winning pictures, shines a whole new light on them! I can look through your perspective and understand the choice :) I'm amazed how thoughtful you are both!! ^^ Real pleasure to be a part of it all :aww:
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
The choice was really hard, because you're all talented in your style. The challenge was not to choose the most beautiful ones only, but also the most touching ones ... Laetitia was really amazed to see your creativity and originality was a lot inspire from her gallery, so from her own universe of dreamland :).

Thank you again for your adorable creation, really ! :tighthug:
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