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Hey all! After all this time I finally got off my ass and made a commissions sheet for myself. Please check it out and spread it if you can! Thank you so much!

I'll probably post it over here as well.
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Lord almighty, it's been more than a year and a half since I've made journal here. In fact if I left it much longer it would have been creeping up on two years!


As the title might suggest, I'm participating in Rainbow-Skybird's Secret Santa gift exchange this year! I've always wanted to do one of these so I thought I'd finally get off my butt and do it. Sky suggested that it wouldn't be a bad idea for people to make a journal post so that their exchange partner would have an idea of what to draw, and I thought that was a pretty decent idea, so here we are. Unfortunately I'm posting this crazy late so my partner has probably already started my gift lmao.

Things that I would probably love you for eternity for if you drew it:

  • any of my Kirby gijinkas, but with special reference to 02 or Sectonia, if you want to expend that much effort on me 
  • Lugia
  • anything regular Kirby-design, really, since my gallery has a pretty good reference of which characters I like
  • my gemsona
If none of those is convenient for you, please feel free to look through my gallery/favourites and decide for yourself! I want this to be easy on you, first and foremost.

Thank you for your time <3
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I'll just link you all to the post I made on my tumblr, but long story short, I'm opening sketch commissions!…
Please have a read and let me know what you think!
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A friend of mine is currently doing writing commissions, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to make a shameless plug for her. Her writing is awesome and being able to do commissions would be awesome for her, so please take a moment and have a squiz:…

Thank you for your time <3
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And this is entirely hypothetical, but anyway. What would you guys think if I started doing commissions? Right now I feel like I'm at a skill level where I can be comfortable enough with myself to offer commissions, so it's a thought that's been occurring to me recently. I'd only offer things like my recent Magolor picture - busts, mainly - because I feel that's something I can complete reliably in a decent timeframe.

I've hardly worked out pricing or details at all; this is still by all means a nebulous idea, but I'd really like some feedback on this. What would you guys do if I offered commissions? Would you buy some, or maybe even just tell people for me?

Thanks a bunch for reading, and I look forward to your responses.

P.S.: I'm not dead, I'm just painfully slow as ever. I've uploaded a lot of sketchy things, but that's been to tumblr.
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*pops head up* Oh hey dA, haven't been on you in awhile. It'll probably be no surprise when I say I've been creeping around tumblr alot. Everyone seems to be moving there; I am not immune, it would seem. Fear not, however! I'm only on tumblr for the roleplaying scene. You still have my undivided artistic attention, o deviantART.

Anyway, to the point of this journal:

I am going to Comic-Con this weekend! Yyyesssss Comic-Con. It came to Australia. Can you believe that? That's crazy, we have a grand total of like four cons, and then BAM Comic-Con. I am so psyched.

So yes, I will be gone tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. It's out-of-state so I get to fly there! Planes. :heart: I'll be sure to take lots and lots of photos! I'm going for both days; on day one I'm going as Fujiwara no Mokou (Touhou Project) and on day two I'll be Suwako Moriya (also Touhou Project). So I look forward to showing you guys!

Electrosa, out.

bitches best be jelly
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I just got Skyward Sword.

... Welp, it was nice knowing you guys!
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I'll be starting a stream in a couple of minutes (I'm just setting things up right now). You can come in now if you like, but the actual drawing won't start for a bit.
Ah, what am I saying? Come right in! ;D
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Alright, so I think tonight was the best night of the year.

Picture the scene: Crystal-The-Rayquaza and I are wandering around Spotlight, buying materials for her Princess Zelda cosplay. We're standing in line, waiting to get to the counter, and we're talking about what we're doing with the armour and the tiara. These two girls in front of us turn around and say, "Wait, armour? Are you--?" and then they see the picture of Zelda in Crystal's hand, and they just shout, "Oh my god, you're making a Zelda cosplay!"

It gets better. We strike up a chat and talk about our cosplays, and d'you know what? One of the girls (CrystalLeeArts on here) was shopping for a Zelda costume too. Holy shit. And her friend was shopping for a Saria cosplay! So here we have Crystal shopping for Twilight Princess Zelda, and Tsuki shopping for Ocarina of Time Zelda! What are the odds, seriously?

But wait, there's more. As I was chatting with the other girl, I said, "Awesome! I'm making a Midna cosplay." And she just looked at me and said, "True form?"
"YES." Turns out she'd made a true-form Midna cosplay as well. Cue highfives all round. So, naturally, I gave them my e-mail and deviantART account.

And the icing on top of all this? Tsuki's family runs a gaming store.

Holy shit.

So yeah: I had a rockin' night.
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I am wearing a hat.

It has eyes on it.

*This will make sense soon
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I'm Livestreaming again! Been awhile, hasn't it? Anyway, hop on in for cool tunes, neat drawings and lots of fun! ... We hope. XD
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... Alright so it's the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, right? And so people will be inclined to make homages to this brilliant series.
But this...  this just takes the word amazing and shoves it into the mud:…

Just... my god. My god. That... I just have no words. Look at it, and your eyes will witness true beauty!
Seriously, that picture is hanging in the abode of the goddesses, and even they will shed a tear.
I love the Legend of Zelda.
... I love Nintendo.
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Merry Christmas, everyone! Did you have a good day? Did you get what you wanted? I hope you did! :heart:

My day was really fun; we had a boatload of seafood (do you see what I did there?) and I got tons of presents. I goooootttt:

Three canvases
Watercolour Pencils
A sketchbook and some watercolour paint
A really pretty dress
A necklace (which I am still wearing haha)
A towel and a beachbag
And finally, THE COOL STUFF:
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!
Super Scribblenauts!
And Kirby Super Star Ultra. <3
Also, cadair bought me Left 4 Dead 2 a few days ago, and I totally flipped out, I was all, "WHA? YOU BOUGHT ME L4D2? HUGS FOREVER". Haha. So yeah, if you've got it, add me on Steam! Same name as here. :)

SO TELL ME, what did you get? :D
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So one of my friends said today that I should do a livestream again. And I thought, "Yeah I have some time on the computer now, why not?"

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Aaaaagh I can't draaaw ;v;

You know all those Kirbyjinkas (haha, Kirby, gijinka, I'm so smart) that you guys told me to draw? Well I AM DRAWING THEM, it's just it's taking way longer than I expected. Also, I've made up heaps more on my own and they keep getting in the way - stupid Blade Knight and your nineteen pieces of armour! How much is Meta Knight going to have...? :'c

ANYWAY, I was drawing them in photoshop but that is just going along at a snail's pace, so I think I'll go back to the original plan of doing them in paint. That works. Also, feel free to suggest any more, though please, not too many, I want to get it done this year <3

tl;dr I am drawing things please just bear with me.
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As the title says, I was little bored, but what really got me doing this was the fact that two of my friends have done this, plus of course some of my characters do need developing. :XD: I'm only doing one right now, I might add others later. Anyway, please enjoy the approaching wall o' text~!

Also, please keep in mind that this character is, quite literally, god-modded, as she is a god. I try to make her more of a force than a common character - also I never roleplay her.

a) Use as many characters as you please.
b) If you're a big freak about staying in character, I'd recommend that YOU answer. Not your character/s because, let's face it, not all characters would spill their beans.
c) You don't have to tag anyone, but it's highly expected.
d) Don't worry too much about grammar--this is development. Not an English test.

Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character's full name?
Godith Blackfire.

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who?
She kind of 'assumed' this name - she used to be called Gracks but had to change her name.

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?
Godith - she is the deity and creator of her universe. Blackfire because she encompasses everything dark and 'bad' - cold, the moon, evil, sadness, so and so forth.

2a. How old are they now?
As Gracksa she was 875 (that equates to about 24 in human age), but as the creator she is as old as eternity.

2b. When were they born?
She was 'born' when she became Godith; but I can't really say when Gracksa was born as I don't really have a timeline for my universe. ^^;

2c. Where were they born?
She hatched on a seaside cliff.

3a. What's their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?
She's a dragon; no specific species, but Gracksa was a Water Dragon.

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.)
She is the god of her universe. Everyone who knows of her holds her in high regard (or scorn, depending on their religion :P).

Section 2: Lifestyle

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?
Running the universe and keeping things balanced.

1b. What motivates them to keep doing this job?
Well... if she were to stop, all that hard work would be undone!

1c. What job would they rather have?
Sometimes she thinks it would be nice to settle down somewhere, but then she thinks, "Wait, I have everything available to me. Bugger that."

2a. What are their religious views?
Um... herself? :D

3a. What have they accomplished? When?
Well, Godith created her universe. Gracksa though (her original personality) had defeated a very powerful Warrior Dragon, who was under the influence of a shade - and thusly causing havok.

4a. Are they a part of any organizations?
I suppose you could say she's in tandem with the other Godith - yep! There are two Godiths, but really they're the same entity, she just has two physical bodies. The other Godith is her polar opposite - white, light, the sun, warmth, happiness, etc. etc. They call each other White and Black Godith to avoid confusion, and refer to each other as sisters. xD

5a. What do they do in their free time?
Well she usually justs travels wherever she pleases, but she's usually to be found in snowy mountains or at the bottom of the sea - these are her favourite environments. If she's especially bored she goes around creating things. She also very much enjoys flying around the expanse of space.

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality.
Being the 'bad' half of Godith, Black can be a bit negative. On a good day she's actually a pretty friendly person, but most of the time she's kinda selfish and usually fairly depressed - you would be too if you could feel every bad emotion ever felt! She also has a huge sadistic streak, which is a dangerous thing in a god. On the upside though, to alleviate that she sometimes flies around helping people. Really, she has a split personality.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?
Her sadism. She can be extraordinarily spiteful and violent sometimes. Also, how her personality will occasionally just flip.

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?
Ostensibly she's a pessimist, but because she also has that connection to White Godith, that sort of balances it out. I'd say realist.

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?
She can almost always just rely on feeling - being a god, if things go pear-shaped she can just undo it; she controls time, after all (White Godith holds space).

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?
She does actually; it's fairly easy to make her laugh, but that's because she has a very black (lol) sense of humour. Someone gets hurt, she'll laugh.

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?
The fact that the whole universe relies on her; White Godith would not be able to keep it up without her.

7a. What do they desire from life?
Well, nothing really. Whatever she wants she could have immediately. She is very satisfied with what she has.

8a. What are they afraid of?
Light. White Godith is of course afraid of the dark. This is actually a trvial fear; they can both survive the opposite element, but their bodies of course carry a fundamental fear of their opposite.

9a. Are they superstitious about anything?
Funnily enough, despite being a deity, she still crosses her fingers for luck sometimes.

10a. What secrets do they keep, if any?
Probably her sadism. White Godith knows of it (of course), but almost no-one else does.

10b. How well are these secrets kept?
Pretty well-kept, the only people who find out are the victims of said sadism. :I

Section 3: Mental Abilities

1a. What can/cannot they do mentally? (e.i. IQ, certain school subjects, mental/emotional health)
As Gracksa she had a typical dragon education; what was and wasn't good to eat, how to use your abilities and so forth. As Godith, she knows everything. (Hey, she is the creator.)

1b. What are they strongest at?
She has especially honed flight skills and very acute hearing.

1c. What are they weakest at?
Probably listening to the advice of others; she'll do whatever White Godith suggests but otherwise she's a law unto herself. xD

2a. What do they like to do?
Travel. ... I said that already. xD

3a. What do they hate to do?
She hates being in hot places, and being ordered around (which is a rare occasion).

4a. Were they educated?
As Gracksa, yeah she was, but once she was "reincarnated" into Godith, the knowledge was pretty much inherent.

4b. If so, did they enjoy it?
Training is always fun for a chick!

4c. For how long?
Till she was about four in human age. Water Dragons take a while to become fully independent.

Section 4: History

1a. Did they have a good childhood? A bad one?
It started off rocky; she was nearly kidnapped by the Warrior Dragon (his name is Garthbark, pronounced Garth-buk) but otherwise her childhood was good.

1b. What do they remember the most about it?
Probably Garthbark.

2a. What were/are their teen years like?
A whole lot of wandering around, but most of it was spent with Persue (White Godith) - they were born in the same second, and thus by dragon tradition are as close as sisters.

3a. What have they had to struggle to accomplish?
Defeating Garthbark was incredibly difficult, even with Persue's help they both ended up with permanent injuries. (These were of course healed once they became Godith)

4a. What do they regret the most, if anything?
Probably the fact that because she is god, she can't really have a mate.

5a. How did they end up on their current path? Was it their choice?
Gracksa had no idea she would assume the role of Godith; one day it just happened. She was very lonely, until she found out that Persue was with her.

6a. Did anything serious happen that changed them forever?
Becoming Godith. :U

Section 5: Family

1a. Who are their parents?
Her father's name is Gourrha (pronounced Gor-uh) and he is a Chinese Fisher dragon. Her mother is Tianlong (tsiaan-loong) and she is a Celestial Dragon. Celestial Dragons guard the gods - so Tianlong is pretty much the only person in the whole universe who is of a 'higher' position than Godith.

1b. What are their parents' races?
Both dragons.

1c. Are they still alive?
Yep, they're both alive and kickin'.

2a. Do/did they have any siblings? How many?
Gracksa has an older brother named Parlen; Parlen is a Sand Monster. Sand Monsters are a species of dragon that live in deserts (duh).

2b. Are they still alive?
Godith hasn't seen him for a very long time, but yes, he's still alive.

3a. Where did the family originate?
Under water; Chinese dragons live in lakes and seas.

3b. How has it changed from the last generation to the current?
Tianlong is regarded with respect akin to a god whereas Gourrha is middling lower class, so Tianlong's family was shocked when she took him as a mate. None of this carried over to Gracksa though, she was treated as a typical Water Dragon - they're common as anything so they tend to be ignored. XD Much of Tianlong's reputation was restored however when Gracksa became Godith.

Section 6: Relationships

1a. What do other people think of them?
Well let's say they believe and follow her. She is treated with utmost awe and respect, and worshipped of course. There are those who don't believe in her, and those who actively oppose her.

2a. What is their sexual orientation?
Well, she sort of swings any way, but being a god she can't really take a mate.

3a. Are they involved with anyone romantically? Who?
The most romance Godith would have is her fierce love for White Godith; they are inseparable. c:

3b. What do they like/love about this person? What do they dislike/hate?
She's essentially spent her whole life with Persue; you come to appreciate someone's mere presence after a relationship like that.

4a. Do they have a best friend? Who?
Persue (White Godith) and a Shadow Dragon by the name of Crystal.

4b. Why are they best friends?
Gracksa met Crystal when she was out foraging; Crystal is much younger than Gracksa so she helped her hunt. They became fast friends.

4b. Any other friends?
A few, mostly childhood friends.

5a. Do they hate anyone? Does anyone hate them? Who?
She hated Garthbark, but that's about it.

Section 7: Extra

1a. Is there anything else important that you have to share about this character?
I must stress that Gracksa sort of 'inherited' the role of Godith; as I said, one day she just became her! Black and White are as close as you can be; they are just one mind and they share everything with each other.

... Man, that was long. Anyway, if you read all that, please tell me what you think of Black Godith!
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no I won't finish that meme

Anyway! I was only grounded, you guys were so concerned for me, it was so sweet <3 Thanks anyway! I'm back now, so you may resume annoying me, haha.
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Alright so

I'm in the mood to do a buttload of scribbles in Paint cuz it's fun and easy, so I want your suggestions.
BUT because I am a picky bastard, I'm only doing Kirby gijinkas. Yeah I know that's pretty leftfield but oh well!
So yeah, if you have a Kirby helper/boss/miniboss you'd like to see me gijinka-fy, just tell me here and I'll do my best. Also please specify if you want portrait, fullbody etc etc

Go  to it!
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I'm streaming now, so head on over if you'd like. It's right there -> Yeah. That link. The one that's getting further away as you continue reading this sentence.

... Anyway! Come along and have some fun. c: It might be a bit laggy, so bear with me please~
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Only streaming for a little while, SO GET YO' ASSES IN THERE.

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