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This is a club for people who want to take their electronics (i.e. their MP3, Phone, Laptop etc) and personify them. Turn them into their own character and, later, use them for RP.

Please read ALL of the following information before you submit a join request or upload art to the club.

. . .


Please submit a join request. You don't have to ask through a comment to join. Just send a message with the request if you want to.

All join request have to go through me and me alone.

I will not tolerate any negative attitudes towards the group, members, characters etc. Any flaming will be taken as a matter of all seriousness and I reserve the right to ban you from the club and/or chatroom in that event.

Art Submissions:

:bulletblack: Please don't make anything too ridiculous like a car or something. Please keep it computery. If you're unsure then check with me.

:bulletred: Put in the description what your character is (E.g. Phone, Laptop, MP3...)

:bulletblack:When coming up with plot lines for your characters, check that they correspond with the current plot. If you have any concerns, just ask me for a summary.

:bulletred: Please submit your work into the correct gallery folders.

:bulletblack: You can submit anything related to the Electronic-Persona Series. A character, design sketches. Please try to keep it neat though. We want the gallery to look impressive. ;D

:bulletred: Anything such as phone wallpapers or unrelated works will be removed. I will warn you not to submit those things once. After that if you ignore my warnings, you're out.

:bulletblack: Submit only your own work. If I catch art theft, you're out.

:bulletred: Experiment and have fun!

Blog entries

:bulletwhite: All blog entries will be written by me.
If you wish to address the whole club, send me a note of what you wish to say and I will write it out for you.


:bulletwhite: You may suggest favourites to me but I will only accept them if they are related to any of the characters we have in the club. Anything unrelated will not be added to the collection.
Any fanart of your characters would be gladly accepted.

:bulletwhite: See below for rules and information on the chatroom.
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Group Focus

124 Members
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The Chatroom


And the Chatroom is located here.

Chatroom Rules

:bulletblack: You must have a character to RP in order for me to make you a member of the chatroom, seeing as I have made it private.
:bulletred: When you submit your character you are then added to the list of those allowed in the chatroom. HOWEVER you must wait until I have added you to the list. Please be patient as a lot of you live in different timezones than myself. I can't surf dA and sleep.
:bulletblack: If it has been a day or two and you still cannot access the chat, I may have missed your submission. Just send me a comment and I'll add you to the list.
:bulletblack: Stick to RPing your own characters unless someone says you may RP their character.
:bulletred: Normal rules of etiquette apply to the chatroom.
:bulletblack: Keep it clean, you guys |D No filth in my chatroom. Be considerate to your audience.

:bulletred: Please don't worry if you've never had a group chat session before. We don't bite. You'll enjoy it, I promise.

Any problems at all (Abuse, worried about a part of the rules, need a name suggestion etc etc) come see me Tsundernova.
Note me or note the club and I'll take care of it for you.
[EDIT: 6th Feb] Submissions are now closed but if you ask nicely, I will slide your work into the folder.


Thank you everyone who has submitted writing and artworks to the One Year Anniversary folder so far. This has been an amazing year, let's hope the years to come will bring more exciting RP's, new characters and new friendships.

I will be closing submissions to the Anniversary folder on the 6th of February, one week from today.

However if you have something planned and need a little more time tell me and I'll keep it open a bit longer. Either that or just submit it to another folder and I'll move it afterward as long as you alert my attention to it.

Much love.

More Journal Entries


Hello and welcome to the Electronic Persona club.

This is a club where you can take your electronics, such as ipods, phones, laptops, any of your beloved electronics, and make them into a characters.

There's pretty much no holds barred in designing. They can be absolutely anything, let your creativity go wild.

Once you have a character we have a chatroom where you can RP your character, integrate them with the other characters, create families and so on.

.: Please read the rules and regulations before submitting a request. Thank you :.






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