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A4 1.2.acs4

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Do not forget that the Help / Customization of the skin is triggered by the A4 SKIN button in the title bar of the main window. Enjoy!

Version changes from 1.0 to 1.2

   - button (closing exit vertical playlist)
   - in the settings of the skin - the item "placement of the list of playlists" (now you can only include when you open the vertical playlist)

   ~ The height of the lower bar of all windows is reduced
   ~ the texture of some buttons and their positioning
   ~ album cover / visualization window
   ~ positioning buttons in the "mini player"
   ~ texture buttons in the "mini player"
   ~ skin settings window
   ~ progress bar (alternative wave)

   Added by:
   + dark theme
   + 3 kinds of sliders
   + 2 kinds of mini-player animation
   + "cover-background" ability to add-reduce blur and blackout
   + window "album cover / visualization", the ability to change the proportions of the window (several presets)
   + "expand" button on all windows with this option
   + in the "file information" window the text label number of the current track / total number of tracks in the playlist
   + window with lyrics (called by clicking on the name of the playing composition)
   + the ability to show-hide information about the track with a deployed mini-player (pull the vertical strip-separator)

   = Edit text labels
   = container markup corrections
   = Reset adjustments to the original size of the main window when using vertical playlists
   = minor shortcomings ...
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Имхо, лучший скин для AIMP! Спасибо!
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спасибо за отзыв, правда тут старая версия, есть обновленная актуальная http://www.aimp.ru/forum/index.php?topic=54154.msg332209#msg332209

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Именно её позже нашёл и скачал)
Аккуратный, стильный и удобный интерфейс. Спасибо ещё раз)
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Единственное: было бы неплохо, если бы можно было выбирать светлую или тёмную тему интерфейса)
Знаю о существовании скина A4 Negative, однако в нём немного иное расположение элементов.
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burnsplayguitarHobbyist Interface Designer
The slider i mentioned is in this skin ^^'
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Is there any way to have the album art visible while the player is in mini-player mode?
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Love this! Top 3 all time best IMO!!
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BorisZaharyasHobbyist Interface Designer
hi ELECTRON1CK this skin great

can you upload project file

thank you...
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Untitled by leozaurus  Great skin. Thank you very much!
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Will you make HiDPI version of it?
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burnsplayguitarHobbyist Interface Designer
Fantastic skin. 
great work 
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