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[Just some little tidbits about Bakuga]

  • He hates the cold with a passion

  • Bakuga has a very deep fear of the Nercylla

  • Bakuga thinks that Alatreon is no more than a myth

  • He's set up numerous prank traps around his village

  • Is one of the only hunters in his guild willing to slay one of his guild mates

  • Bakuga has very sensitive hearing

  • Once tried to eat the flesh of Zinogre to get thunder abilities

  • Has his fathers hammer hidden somewhere in his home

  • Once tried to fight against a Disufiroa without anyone knowing





Trust Worthy:




Not Trustworthy:



1) This is a no-brainer. No GOD-MODDING. 

2) No drama, that clear?

3) No forced shipping's!

4) Don't annoy the crap out of me for a reply. I tend to be on and off on this account. You can be patient. Deal with it.

5) Don't place a sudden starter RP unless it's on the featured comment made for that.

6) (optional) Please read links I send for information on stuff for the monsters in the RP. I know bright as day that not everyone is familiar with Monster Hunter so please, take time to read them (primarily the Ecology section in the wiki links).

7) :iconwhatdidyoujustsayplz: Don't take the monsters in the RP lightly. I acknowledge many characters as very powerful (example: Goku) but even you can admit that some of your characters would have a hell of a time dealing with some of these creatures. Hell 2 of them have metal hides on their skin... and others can literally start a cataclysm. I'm not even joking on that.

8) FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES. You'll be given a 3 strike set up to which if you get all 3 strikes. I un-watch you proper. But wait! Repeat the cycle of 3 strikes again? You get blocked for a day. Repeat the issue again, and that's a perma-block right there sweet pea.

9) Main accounts are welcome to RP just so long as they abide by the rules here as well. OC's only though.

10) (optional) I know that many aren't familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise and many of its iterations... so all I ask is that you look up the wiki to at least be familiar with the series inside and outside the US game releases.

11) Rated R based stuff like smut and gore go to notes (I'm not OK with themes of raep and abuse).

12) (high priority) Enjoy the RP and have fun.

13) I am familiar with MANY different themes, be it a TV show, a video game, anime, live action etc. but I do ask if I don't have proper knowledge of a certain theme that you please provide info on said theme. It'll help a lot if we both know about the theme it self. Makes things less of a hassle to understand.



((This is just to reiterate what I said in the "RP Rules" journal I made.


Again, I acknowledge that many a character has the strength and power to easily 1 shot a few of these monsters from the game but that doesn't mean these monsters are weak.

>:T this is why I offer links to parts of the wiki pages on the game to help provide some sort of information for them.

These monsters are strong in their own right and have crazy abilities that can really ruin someones day AND can rip apart an ecosystem in mere seconds: 

Also as a side note for the most who dont know:

Rathalos: male…

Rathian: female…
Lunastra: female…

Teostra: male…
Nono: female…

Kamu: male…
Ray: female…

Lolo: male…
Jaggi: male…

Jaggia: female…
Forgive me for sounding like an arse but I feel I should at least give the info that's there. Besides, you can admit at least a handful of these monsters would give your character a challenge. Plus this is also to inform OTHER RPers that play as very powerful characters. No offense intended, just information given. That is all.))