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Buy A Shotgun


"Buy A Shotgun" is a caricature study and political cartoon. The image is based off comments made by VP Joe Biden about his condoning of negligently discharging firearms. This was in the wake of the White House's push for another "'assault weapons" ban.

 A 45 second video of the comments by Biden can be seen here:

 The scene was modeled in Maya, sculpted in Mudbox and rendered with MentalRay for a final 8k x 4.5k image.

Copyright Justin Armstrong 2014
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© 2014 - 2022 electrofilms
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Great 3D work! but why are you hiding the other comments? Just curious!
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Thanks! The other comments belonged to a troll that kept telling me the Secret Service's ties were on top of their jackets.
And as common sense, shadows and clearly overlapping jackets will tell you, the ties are indeed under the jackets.
This guy was hell-bent on telling me different, so I just removed the comments.

And after all, I did model the scene :P
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Yep, I hear you, I've had to deal with trolls before, and it can get pretty insane sometimes. Nice 3D skills, man!

electrofilms's avatar
It certainly can. I welcome well-intentioned political debate at anytime with my work, but trolls aren't worth the time.

Thanks again! :)
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Nice!  Of course El Presidente gets his machine gun armed guards while trying to ban semi-automatic-only rifles, shotguns, and handguns for the rest of us.
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Exactly! Just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy and double standards.
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