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March 28, 2011
Harry Potter Expocomic09 Color by *ElectroCereal is an excellent linework and colour by *Lavah and texture by ¢greatLP! With most of the main characters and memorable objects and actions in the scene, the whole tightly packed work gives off sense of action and the final showdown that was meant to be! Be sure to fave the coloured work by *Lavah as well!
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by phoenixleo
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Harry Potter Expocomic09 Color

And here's the finished version!!

Our lovely :iconlavah: did a great job on colors (though she kinda got desesperate at the end :( we're a messy bunch and we add some pressure in order to get everything perfect...not everyone can handle that xD but it's ok) and improved a lot my lines. :icongreatlp: came at the end and did the coup de grace to the poster, adding some textures and fixing some things :3

I think it ended up well, aye?

Hope you like it, fellas! :D
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Fantastic!  It looks like the cover of a comic! :wow:
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I love how you drew from the movies' visuals without being slavish to them. You really put your own spin on the characters. Nice job!
ElectroCereal's avatar
Yeah! I like to give my own touch to everything i do, even fanart! Thanks a lot!
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The decision to put a magnificent moustache on Sirius Black seems an unorthodox one to me, but I have no complaints.
ElectroCereal's avatar
Haha yeah, i think i was influenced by the movies too much! 
Excalibur-T005's avatar
I don't recall Gary Oldman having a moustache like that in the movies - seemed more like stubble to my recollection. That's more like a young Mark Twain right there. You could hang ornaments on that moustache.
ElectroCereal's avatar
Yeah, that's true xD i maybe went overboard with the moustache thing haha
Excalibur-T005's avatar
Well, I think it's pretty dang magnificent, so there's that.
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you're very welcome.
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Wow. You're really incredible.
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Thank you very much!
Oh my god the COLORS!!!!!!!!!!
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