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German for Getting Hammered

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Heh heh, i LUUUUUUV Jägermeister!! Can you tell? haha. I looked all over dA for some sort of jager stamp, and i found absolutely nothing...what a travesty ;;_;;

Spread the drunken german love from this drunken german girl :XD: WOO!

Feel free to add to your pages! Just copy and paste the thumb# to the right. Please link back to me, thanx! :D

Lemme know if ya actually used it, ja? :D I'd love to see it in action!! :boogie:

Other stamps made by me:
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Ich liebe Herr Jagermeister
German for getting Hammered
Scuba Divers like it Wet
Bite me, I'll Bite you Back

Image manipulated from jager.com. Though i don't think they'd care much that i used it. Free advertising, haha :)
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i had for the first time on my 21st birthday, but I gotta say... I don't remember what it was the barkeep put it in... ^^; I was OUT of it.
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Jäger means hunter & meister means master. Its the hunters choice of drink.
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Ok just making sure.
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Wait, were you being cute or actually trying to "correct". :confused: Obviously Jägermeißter doesn't translate to being hammered, if you were trying to point out something with an artwork piece title. I happen to be german, and it's one of the 5 languages i currently speak :| Artwork titles are artwork titles. Just like that old Foster's Beer commercial from the 90's where the tagline was "Foster's...Australian for beer." It's not literal. :| That'd be silly. But i didn't think it needed clarification that it's not literal :O
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Oh im sorry. I can some times be a little too literal. I didnt know if you knew the actual meaning or not.
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I'm most definitely aware of my german and my booze. :3
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lol well that is good
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A new stamp to add to my collection! :D I've been really fascinated by the German language... Even if it's on a bottle of beer...
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If you're strong on grammar it's a fairly easy language to learn :meow: I'm very rusty but can communicate my wants and needs fine lol
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^^ Does this help?

I'll see what I can do. :D
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That's the question: do you find it helpful? It you find it helpful, then it helps. If you're weak on grammar then you'll want to focus on that as it's grammar-heavy in a level 2 class. If your english grammar skills are fine and you're bright then you won't have too many issues :3 German was the 4th language i learned way back in '06, not too hard, but i think japanese this past year has been my favorite thus far :nod: :XD: WAAAAY easier than any of the western european languages :nod:
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Indeed, I need to keep up with my grammar... haven't had a good grammar book in a while... I'm also wanting to learn Russian and New Testament Greek... I hear that Russian grammar is tough... Greek may be even tougher...
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Very true... first and only time I've ever gotten sick from drinking. It was from this stuff! :giggle:

You know everyone says it tastes bad, but I must not have cared too much. ^^;
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i only have it now in root beer, but otherwise i only like sweet liquors now like rum and stuff haha :D
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Jägermeister. ;D
I have bad memories with that. xD
But I love your stamp. (:
But C´mon the best german is Schlumpfsaft. ;D
.. Think you don´t know it. ;DD
But whatevaaaa .. xD
I love your idea! ;D
Good job! ;D
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schlumpsaft? oh dear :rofl: XD hee hee hee Yeah good stuff XD
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Yes tastes like shit, but who cares? xD
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:aww: I love the taste and ja .. it's great stuff
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ein echt tolles bild. respekt.^^
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