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This is my first Skin for Bumptop!!. You currently have to be a Beta Tester in order to Download the program. But if you are one. Enjoy this skin.

Another Electrik Jesus release.
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Finally they publish it !

Thanks for sharing !
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OMGSH-Ur a deviant too, i saw all ur themes and was amazed, i just got the beta notice today, so cool, im glad ur a DA user!
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How long did it take between you signing up to be a Beta Tester and actually being able to download BumpTop?
Nice work EJ! Love the shadowy effects on the walls. And in the new update coming out tmrw we'll have support for different textures on the walls, and proper theming support!

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The problem I am coming across is that I have to use the same pic for all four walls. I can't get a realistic enough effect if I have to use the same perspective for four different views.

I am working on a few more idea's though.
Please be patient.
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Wow this looks neat! I'm a Bumptop Beta Tester myself, and I'm glad to see some nice themes up for Bumptop at last!

Btw, how about making some cool "space" wall textures? I think that would look real good (giving it an infinite space effect)
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I just released another theme with a Space like look to it.

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