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Alternate History: Deutschland Uber Alles (1925)



This timeline is the same until 1915: the year the Lusitania sank. In our timeline, the U.S. made a big deal out of the American passengers on board. However, in this timeline, the U.S. government is more reasonable and does not pressure Germany to stop unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany is able to slowly blockade the island of Great Britain. However, Germany cannot also blockade Ireland. After the German siege of Liverpool, it is discovered that the British government had planned to take back Northern Ireland after granting Ireland independence. Infuriated, the Irish people side with the Germans and take over the entire island. Not only this, but Italy and Ethiopia joined the war on the Central Powers' side, so Britain had to deal with that in the African Front. With France capitulated, Russia out of the war. and Britain blockaded, the Entente surrenders on July 17, 1916, after the Battle of Newcastle. The Treaty of Newcastle goes as follows:
-The Ottoman Empire shall annex Georgia from the Russian Empire.
-The Ottoman Empire shall annex Egypt from the British Empire.
-The Ottoman Empire shall establish a puppet state in Crimea run by the Crimean Turks.
-Bulgaria shall annex the lands promised to it in the First Balkan War.
-Bulgaria shall annex all of Macedonia.
-The Austro-Hungarian Empire shall annex northern Serbia.
-Kosovo will be released.
-What remains of Serbia shall be split approximately in half, into North and South Serbia.
-Austro-Hungaria shall annex Western Ukraine and Moldova from the Russian Empire.
-The rest of Ukraine shall become an Austro-Hungarian Puppet State.
-Austro-Hungaria shall adopt the Federalist Plan as proposed by Franz Ferdinand, and shall henceforth be renamed the United States of Greater Austria.
-Germany shall annex the whole of the region of Poland.
-The new state of Russia Minor shall be created as a buffer zone between the German Kaiserreich and the Russian Empire. The state shall be composed of Lithuania and western Belarus.
-Germany shall annex some borderlands with Belgium.
-Belgium shall become a puppet state of Germany.
-Germany shall annex some borderlands with France.
-The new state of Franco-Germany shall be created as a buffer zone between the German Kaiserreich and France.
-Italy shall annex Corsica and borderlands with France.
-Ireland shall be released as an independent state free from the British Sphere of Influence.
-France and Britain shall cede areas in Guinea to the German Colonial Empire.
-The U.S.G.A shall annex lands in Mauritania and western Mali into the Austrian Colonial Empire.
-Bulgaria shall annex Burkina Faso, southeastern Nigeria, and Eastern Mali into the Bulgarian Colonial Empire.
-The German Colonial Empire shall annex Belgian Congo and parts of British East Africa.
-The German Colonial Empire shall annex British Rhodesia.
-Ethiopia shall annex Southern Sudan and part of British East Africa, otherwise known as Kenya.
-Ethiopia shall annex French Djibouti.
-The Italian Colonial Empire shall annex the remainder of Kenya (British East Africa).
-Yemen and Oman shall be released.
-India shall be released as a free state.
-The Italian Colonial Empire shall annex the predominantly Islamic lands in the western British Raj.
-The German Colonial Empire shall annex Burma and the predominantly Islamic Lands in the Eastern British Raj (Bangladesh).
-The British Colonial Empire shall release Australia as an independent state.
-A new State, the Alash Autonomy, shall be created in the south of the Russian Empire.
-The Bolshevik Party shall not take control of Russia, but instead take control of Estonia, Latvia, Northeastern Belarus, and Far West Russia.
-Finland shall be released as an independent state.
-The former Central Powers, plus Finland and Germany's Puppet State of Belgium, shall form the Militaristic and Economic group Mitteleuropa, with its headquarters in Berlin.
-Franco-Germany, Franco-Italy, Russia Minor, and the Alash Autonomy shall form the alliance known as the Neutralist League, whose primary goal shall be to never be involved in conflict, neither militarily nor politically.
 This is the world in the wake of the war, in 1925. Since the end of the war, the Ottoman Empire has collapsed into many different states, including the rivaling Kingdom of North Arabia and United States of South Arabia, separated by the Neutralist Saudi Arabia.
Joseph Stalin has come to power in Georgia under his birth name, Ioseb Jughashvili. Jughashivism is similar to Stalinism, but more focused on Georgia, which has now been industrialized by the man. The fall of the Qing Dynasty has led to China looking for its place as a world power as it has been historically, and is a wildcard, possibly joining any alliance. Oman no longer exists, as it has been annexed by Yemen and the USSA. After Mussolini came to power, he withdrew Italy from Mitteleuropa, intending to form his own faction with Francoist Spain. Increased ethnic tensions forced the USGA to release Bohemia. The world is a place of uncertainty, not due to fear, but due to no one being able to predict the next big event.
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