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November 29, 2009
For all you dAmn chatroom users, SuperdAmn by `electricnet, consolidates and refines a bunch of javascript code to make for one nifty and powerful extension! This is definitely a must-have script if you think and speak in emotese (n. language of emotes)! Check it out and be wooed.
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SuperdAmn is a userscript that implements tons of fixes for dAmn, the deviantART Message Network. It replaces dAmn.extend by siebenzehn, the most popular userscript for dAmn in more than 4 years, and thus implements the same features, but at the same time adds a lot more to make your dAmn experience even more exciting.

What SuperdAmn implements: (the most notable parts, anyway)
:bulletblue: A new away system with customizable messages, more message variables and status display in the corner, reminding you that you're away.
:bulletblue: A new ignore system that makes ignoring visible by obscuring usernames in the members list when those users are ignored. Also included is retroactive ignore, which hides all of the user's previous posts, too.
:bulletblue: A new title/topic-editing system with dynamic editboxes, text-appending commands /topicadd & /titleadd and additionally, the ability to reload topic/title if they weren't loaded properly.
:bulletblue: An interactive emote picker that allows you to preview emotes and add them to your message. This includes integration with the brand new emote database system Emotecloud, and you can vote on emotes in the database. Another part of this is the possibility of having your own private emote list with just the codes to emotes you like. And it can also be used as general short hands for long strings of texts!
:bulletblue: Brand new amazing-looking formatting buttons designed by Kiwanji and Plizzo with additional functionality when you hold the alt button.
:bulletblue: Private chat enhancements: The chat is always highlighting you, and it also gives you an idea of whether the other user is in the private chat.
:bulletblue: "Fixing" of tab flashing by adding different colours corresponding to different events. Several colour styles available.
:bulletblue: Optimization of thumb behavior: Now no thumb should fail to display in dAmn. Additionally, SuperdAmn adds the support for literature thumbs!
:bulletblue: /clearall command that clears in all rooms.
:bulletblue: A beautiful Preferences panel that allows you to customize the script till you die of overcustomization.
:bulletblue: .. and tons of other small fixes and additions you won't discover until you stumble over them and think "… that's kinda cool!" :nod:

:pointr::pointr: Click here to install SuperdAmn! :pointl::pointl:
Requires Mozilla Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension.

:pointr::pointr: Install SuperdAmn for Chrome 4+ (Full Chrome installation guide) :pointl::pointl:
:pointr::pointr: Install SuperdAmn for Safari 5+ :pointl::pointl:

Then when you're done installing, read ..

:spotlight-left: The SuperdAmn Manual! :spotlight-right:

This script is my biggest JavaScript undertaking ever and is a product of several weeks of me programming, concepting and getting way behind on my favorite TV show so I could get as far on this as possible. It's got a lot of little fixes, additions and enhancements, in total creating a userscript that is over 2600 lines of code while still being well structured. But it is also a project that a lot of people have played a part in, and handful of people need particular credit for a part of the product or getting some of the ideas first in their own separate scripts. Significant portions of the script is made by or inspired by products made by: siebenzehn, zikes, zachriel, extrarius, realillusions, electricjonny, Kiwanji and Plizzo.

I also want to give many props to my 11 beta-testers who've tirelessly reported bugs and tested everything to the bitter end. :love:

SuperdAmn replaces the following scripts by including their functionality:
:bulletred: dAmn.extend by siebenzehn
:bulletred: The Zikes Custom Emote Script by zikes
:bulletred: dAxInterface by realillusions
:bulletred: dAmn TabColorFix by me!
:bulletred: No Stretch on a whois by electricjonny

Please join me in saluting all of these guys for their great userscripts above :salute:

Nothing left for me to say but .. Enjooooooy! :w00t:

This script is dual-licensed; either CC-BY (above) or the MIT License applies.

:note: Note that this userscript is merely a personal project and NOT a service of

:note: EDIT: Current known bugs:
:bulletyellow: dAmnColors currently breaks timestamps and ignores. I've talked to the script developer on this, it's being fixed asap. :pointl: EDIT: FIXED! As long as you have dAmnColors below SuperdAmn on the userscript list, this script should now work with SuperdAmn!
:bulletyellow: dAmnGoodies currently breaks tabbing more than one person with the same beginning letter of the username. :pointl: EDIT: Can be fixed by moving dAmn Goodies down below SuperdAmn in the Greasemonkey userscript list.
:bulletyellow: Some people are reporting that the preferences icon (wrench icon at top right) are not displaying, but almost all of them says a reload fixed the issue. Also, make sure you've disabled dAx.
:bulletyellow: People with the Firefox extension NoScript installed won't be able to get the script to work until they've enabled JavaScript for all of the following domains:, and

:bulletred::bulletred: :pointr: Got an idea or suggestion for SuperdAmn?
Add it to the list! (password: pieface) :eager:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :pointr: Get updates on new versions of SuperdAmn over at:


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Wow, this is a blast from the past! Shame the chats appear to have all but died