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Puck Character Guide

It has come to my attention that some new readers are curious yet totally baffled by this thing called Puck, and may find the prospect of reading through 100+ strips daunting. Therefore, I've created this handy character rundown for the cast.

The comic really only has a four-person (plus extras) cast, but the relationships between those four characters are complicated, so I'm hoping this clarifies some stuff for the confused people out there.

Some may note that I've finally nailed down ages and time frames after much waffling. Seven years have passed since Puck graduated; her degree was three years long. Because she was 621 at the beginning of the strip, she's now 631.

It all makes sense. I think.

EDIT: I bumped up all the characters' weights due to numerous complaints by people who insist that Puck cannot weigh 124 lbs and be 5'8". Even though my wife weighs 124 lbs. and is 5'8". Go fig.
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Is it possible Daphne may be part werewolf?